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10 Natural Ways to Boost Progesterone

Levels of this important hormone peak in the second half of a woman’s cycle after ovulation (the reason for progesterone’s name, which literally means “promoting gestation”).

Progesterone is a very helpful ally. Yet, many women with signs of hormone imbalance have chronically low progesterone, without realizing this is undermining their health. Could you be one of them?

Levels of this important hormone peak in the second half of a woman’s cycle after ovulation (the reason for progesterone’s name, which literally means “promoting gestation”). If you enjoy natural hormone balance, then estrogen and progesterone work a little like yin and yang in your body. But hormonal imbalance in women is such a common modern world problem, that many women are getting by on the minimal amount of progesterone. And because of this, they are struggling emotionally and physically.

Low Progesterone Symptoms as a Hormonal Imbalance in Women

When progesterone drops too low you can experience a range of unpleasant symptoms of hormone imbalance. These may include:

Estrogen Dominance (ED)

This is one of the main causes of low progesterone. Here is an analogy that will help you understand the relationship between estrogen and progesterone: Estrogen is what makes the grass grow and progesterone is like the mower that cuts the grass.

When estrogen is way too high (making the grass high), and progesterone is too low (cutting off the grass), the lawn goes out of control – this is how a condition like estrogen dominance develops.

Symptoms of ED include cellulite, breast or ovarian fibroids, varicose veins, weight gain around your hips, and issues like painful periods, bloating and mood swings. ED can occur due to a number of triggers – you can learn more about estrogen dominance causes and natural cures here.

When estrogen dominates there is also a strong breast cancer risk, so it’s important to protect yourself if you suspect you have low progesterone. I talk about the breast cancer and estrogen link more here in this post.

It’s not surprising then, that research from the University of Adelaide in Australia has confirmed that progesterone may be beneficial in treating breast cancer.

Note: If you’re experiencing symptoms estrogen dominance, you can find out more by taking my Free Estrogen Quiz here.

Fertility or menstrual problems

Estrogen grows the lining of your uterus to prepare it for conception (remember that grass analogy above?). But progesterone also has an important role – to ensure that the lining remains there for roughly 14 days after ovulation (the luteal phase) in case you become pregnant. If you conceive, progesterone rises. If not, progesterone levels drop again causing the shedding of the uterine lining which we know as menstruation.

However, when progesterone is chronically low, this process malfunctions and the progesterone peak may not occur. Then you may have irregular or very heavy periods or trouble conceiving. You may also experience pre-menstrual migraines and more intense symptoms of PMS.

High anxiety and low mood

Progesterone has both antidepressant and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) actions, courtesy of its metabolites – 5α- and 5β-allopregnanolone. These help to increase levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter which has calming affects on the brain.


Low progesterone levels have been linked to poor sleep, especially problems in falling asleep.

Weight gain and cellulite

If you’re low on progesterone, your body won’t burn fat stores for energy. In addition, you lose progesterone’s anti-catabolic benefits, which help to protect your muscle tissue, particularly when you’ve had a rough week.

Your body will not burn fat. Instead, you will pull glucose into your bloodstream, which often means your body starts breaking down your muscle tissue to provide this quick source of energy. This can, in turn, lead to the production of cellulite.

Fluid retention

Progesterone is a natural diuretic – it prevents your cells from taking up excess sodium and water, so it can help reduce fluid retention. When it drops too low women complain that they retain fluid during the day (particularly in the legs, ankles, and tummy), find their rings feel too tight for their fingers, look puffy in the face and often have swollen heavy (and often sore) breasts.

Brain fog

Brain functions benefit from progesterone. It is also is involved in the production of the myelin sheath, which protects your nerve cells. It is so important to brain health that research from Emory University indicates benefits from giving progesterone to help people recover from traumatic brain injury and stroke.

Sagging skin

Skin stays supple when there is enough progesterone, which helps to stimulate the production of collagen.

Thyroid issues

As I mentioned, low progesterone leads to estrogen dominance, which can interfere with the conversion of the inactive T4 thyroid hormone to the active T3 thyroid hormone.

Interested in learning more about how to find hormonal balance with proper nutrition? Check out my book, Cooking For Hormone Balance.

Bone problems

Progesterone affects new bone formation by stimulating special bone-building cells called osteoblasts.

More intense hot flashes and night sweats

Progesterone may be a secret weapon in helping to treat frustrating common signs of peri-menopause and menopause, shows recent research from the University of British Columbia.

Memory lapses

Progesterone levels play a vital role in memory recall. If a woman has low progesterone, it may result in memory lapses.

Progesterone Production

Progesterone is produced mainly in the corpus luteum and the ovaries but small amounts are also made in your adrenal glands. It is involved in the following important cascade, which is critical to female hormone balance:

  • Your body uses cholesterol to make pregnenolone, which is often called the “mother of all hormones.”
  • Pregnenolone is then converted into progesterone.
  • Pregnenolone, is also the precursor hormone for estrogen and testosterone.

Stress Is the Major Progesterone Robber

Doing everything at warp speed is a major downside of modern living. You race the clock and feel you never have enough hours in your day. Often you feel you can’t cope because you have no control over your life.

Don’t underestimate the fallout.

Progesterone is a big casualty of stress. Every time you’re anxious or wound up due to that traffic jam, huge in-tray, an argument with your partner, or car repair bill, your body responds as though your life is in danger. Hello, adrenaline and cortisol.

These fight-or-flight hormones have enormous impacts and lead to chronic symptoms of hormone imbalance. This happens because your body thinks you’re in an unsafe environment and drops progesterone levels to ensure the lining of your uterus is not-conception-friendly. This makes sense, given that your brain signals are saying your life is under threat. As a result, you may develop Luteal Phase Insufficiency.

Here’s why: each month when an egg is released causing you to ovulate, it leaves behind a crater on the surface of your ovaries. This is called a corpus luteum and it’s like a little pop-up factory where most of your progesterone is made. When you ovulate, your body produces around 25mg of progesterone daily all through the fertile phase of your menstrual cycle.

Or, it should produce this amount. But I constantly see a hormonal imbalance in women that leads them to have:

Estrogen Dominance + Luteal Phase Insufficiency = Progesterone Deficiency.

The end result? Many women fail to reach this progesterone peak in the second half of their menstrual cycle. This means a huge drop in the very hormone that helps promote calm and is important for fertility and a stable menstrual cycle.

How Cortisol (stress) Steals Progesterone: Both these hormones are produced from pregnenolone. When you are in chronic stress, the body will always divert the available pregnenolone to produce higher amounts of cortisol to help you get through stress. This means there might not be enough to produce sufficient levels of progesterone. This is called “pregnenolone steal” and it’s the leading cause of low progesterone problems. I discuss this in more detail in this adrenal fatigue post.

Measuring Low Progesterone

Keeping track of certain changes in your menstrual cycle can help to indicate if you have low progesterone. Telltale signs include:

  • Low temperature during the luteal phase (roughly 11 – 14 days from ovulation mid-cycle, to menstruation).
  • Spotting for several days before menstruation starts.
  • The luteal phase of your cycle (from ovulation to period) is shorter than the follicular phase.
  • Persistence in the clear, stretchy, fertile mucus of ovulation during those last few weeks of your cycle – this can be a sign of Estrogen Dominance. If progesterone levels are sufficient, your mucous should change to a tackier, drier consistency in the lead-up to your menstrual period.
  • Of course, you can get lab tests. The most accurate is a urine test. I like the DUTCH test but you need to find a practitioner to help you interpret the results. (You can email my team to ask for recommendations). To find a doctor in your area, here is a list of directories for you. Blood is utterly useless when it comes to steroid hormones such as progesterone.

Bioidentical Progesterone To Balance Hormones Naturally

Though progesterone can be given as a cream or oil to help boost low levels, many women find this causes side effects that may include issues like heart palpitations, sleepiness, or nausea. If you overdo the dose and have too much progesterone, it can build up in the fat tissue of the body and can then take three to six months to clear the excess.

I also feel that by relying solely on bio-identical hormones, you are turning a deaf ear to all the causes of low progesterone such as emotional stress, physical stress from bacterial, viral or parasitic infections, toxicity issues, excess alcohol, etc.

No doubt, some women who, for example, lost their uterus or who live in stressful circumstances that won’t go away any time soon, will benefit from bioidentical progesterone to get on with their lives.

Try this: ProgestPure Cream

My preference where possible is to adopt a diet that supports hormone balance.

Next, it helps to include more progesterone-boosting food in your daily meals.

How to Increase Progesterone Naturally

Though no foods contain progesterone, the following micro-nutrients can provide the environment needed to support your body to boost progesterone levels:

Vitamin C

Research shows that vitamin C can help boost progesterone levels and correct luteal phase issues.

Good sources: Camu camu (Peruvian berry), sweet potato, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, papaya, and pumpkin. Many other veggies also boost vitamin C too, including broccoli, mustard greens, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and lemons.

Try this: Add ½ teaspoon of camu camu to any of these hormone-balancing smoothie recipes.

Try this brand: Wellena


This important mineral is not just a must-have for your immunity and skin. Zinc also helps the pituitary gland to release follicle-stimulating hormones. These encourage ovulation and they also tell your ovaries to produce more progesterone, just in case you become pregnant each month.

Good sources: Oysters, shrimp (prawns), beef, lamb, liver, shellfish, red meat, pumpkin, and cashew nuts.

Try this brand: Wellena


This important mineral not only helps to preserve progesterone levels by keeping you calmer, but it also assists in the breakdown of the antagonistic estrogen metabolites, reducing estrogen dominance.

Other good sources: Cashews, leafy greens such as kale and Swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, black beans, lentils and other legumes, cacao, mackerel fish, and whole grain brown rice.

Try this: Massaged Kale Salad

Try this brand: Wellena

Vitamin E

Research shows that vitamin E can help to improve luteal bloodflow and raise progesterone levels in some women.

Sources: Sunflower seeds, almonds, and hazelnuts. In smaller amounts: avocado, sunflower seeds, red peppers, collard greens, pumpkin, asparagus, butternut squash, broccoli, and mango.

Try this: Pure Encapsulations

Vitamin B6

The B vitamins help combat stress and also help your liver break down estrogen byproducts, reducing estrogen dominance.

Taking vitamin supplements of B6, can also help reduce levels of estrogen while boosting progesterone production.

Good sources: Russet potatoes, salmon, tuna, bananas, spinach, walnuts, beef, chicken, sweet potato, beans and prunes.

Try this: Easy Thai Salmon

Try this brandPure Encapsulations (P5P form, best absorption)

To learn more about how to balance your hormones with supplements (and which to take), you can download our FREE Supplement Guide here.

Good cholesterol

Cholesterol is needed in your body to make pregnenolone, which as I’ve said, is the “mother hormone.” Pregnenolone then goes on to help make progesterone, which is a precursor for other hormones, like testosterone and estrogen.

Good sources: Coconut oil, coconut butter, turkey and red meat, eggs and yogurt (if you can tolerate them), olives and olive oil.

Try this: Cauliflower and Coconut Red Lentils


Cruciferous vegetables are a great way to reduce Estrogen Dominance. They are rich in glucosinolates, which activate phase 2 detoxification in the liver, helping to filter estrogen metabolites from your body. This is good news for your hormone balance because it prevents estrogen byproducts circulating for too long, which can raise estrogen levels and cause hormonal havoc.

Other good sources: Broccoli, collard greens, kale, Swiss chard, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Try my: Creamy Asparagus Broccoli Salad

Try this brandWellena (Brocco Power)


Fiber is essential for good hormonal balance; it helps with bowel movement and the evacuation of metabolized hormones, including the harmful estrogens which antagonize progesterone from doing its work.

Good sources: Flaxseed, quinoa, millet, amaranth, teff, gluten-free oats.

Try this: Flaxseed


This amino acid is found in high-protein foods and it helps your body make nitric oxide. In turn, the nitric oxide relaxes your blood vessels so that circulation increases. This then ensures that your corpus luteum and other organs such as your ovaries enjoy improved blood flow to help them produce more progesterone.

Other good sources: Lentils and chickpeas, fish, such as salmon, tuna, and trout, turkey, chicken, pork, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and dairy foods (if well tolerated).

Try this: Sausage, Bean and Sauerkraut Soup

Try this brand: Designs for Health

Learn more with Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

Find more hormone-balancing recipes in Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

“The body has an amazing ability to heal. We just need to give it the right resources.”

In Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, my goal is to empower and give you the tools to take control of your hormones and health.

More than 70% of women experience estrogen dominance. The symptoms range from lumpy and fibrocystic breasts to thyroid nodules, hot flashes, fibroids, uterine polyps, painful, heavy or irregular periods to infertility and miscarriages, from mood swings to insomnia, weight gain to fatigue.

So many women have experienced the pain and frustration that comes when they feel their symptoms and complaints are dismissed or minimized. This is particularly true for women who are experiencing the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Even when doctors do offer treatment, it’s typically in the form of prescription medication or invasive surgical procedures.

In Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, I hope to show that those extreme interventions are often unnecessary and to give women a roadmap to reverse estrogen dominance using food, herbs, supplements, and natural protocols to rebalance hormones.

To get your copy of Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, go here.

237 Comments to 10 Natural Ways to Boost Progesterone

  1. You still have progesterone even after a hysterectomy but not is the same amounts. The body will find balance if it gets the right nutrients.

    • Recall that the adrenal glands take over hormone production so reducing all forms that put the body into stress is important to optimise the production of progesterone. Think of stressfrom worry , upset , stress from poor nutrition , too much coffee , medication or injury n pain, rushing and always busy , not enough nature n too much electronics etc

      • HI Cath,

        You are correct about the adrenals. We are hoping you have been able to slow things down and work on the other tricky areas.

      • Thank you for this article! That’s true. The low levels of progesterone can be due to various reasons. Some of them include menopause, excess stress, ovarian problems, and previous miscarriage, among others. I’ve been taking Prometrium (progesterone) for about 4 months now, & for the most part have no side effects.
        Ive got Prometrium online from
        * GET365PRG * (Please search on Google, I don’t remember the link). Ive got great results with it. 👍
        Prometrium works like its suppose to and keeps my progesterone to where it needs to be. 😀

  2. I think it important to suppplement with zinc glycinate and magnesium glycinate to get the strengths required as well as a colloidal plant mineral liquid

  3. Hello,
    I’m 25 years old and have been battling cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) for the last 3 years. The treatments never ceases my periods. Last August I had a stem cell transplant and ever since then I have not had a period and from a blood test have gone into menopause. My hormones are very low and it has been a rough year. I’ve been put on a birth control pill – but it seems to not be the best option.
    Is it possible to restore my hormones to their proper levels and even consider having a child?

    • HI Tanya,
      Thank you for sharing your story here. I can’t give you a definite answer but eating a diet designed for hormone balance might give you a chance at a healthier life. Magdalena’s cooking for balance program focuses on repairing digestion, restoring the liver and ridding the body of sugar. I wish you all the best.

    • Hi Tanya, thank you for sharing your story. This does sound challenging and Magdalena’s Cooking for Balance Program can heal your body and when organ health is restored there is no telling what could happen. I believe that with time and healing food you could balance your gut and hormonal health.

    • Stop the Birth Control Pill asap!!! Read the book “Beyond the pill” by Dr. Jolene Brighten. BCP are poison! Given in the U.S. like candy

    • Hi Tanya,
      I wish you a really quick recovery.
      can you make an appointment with Dr Robert Morse; google him and fix an appointment with his office. at this point you need more than internet information and guidance. you need an expert on nutrition working directly with you.
      All the best.

  4. Similar to the seed rotation, would you want to make sure you eat extra of these foods during the last half of your cycle? Or all the time?

    • Hi Jaime, if you are perimenopausal I would say to eat them as much as possible as progesterone will low more often than not. If you are not at that age then you could focus on eating them more so during the last half of your cycle. Hope that helps clarify.

  5. Kathy, I’m sorry you are having some issues with insomnia. You could look into a couple of things, magnesium supplements and essential oils at bedtime to aid with sleep. Creating a bedtime routine that is consistent also helps.

  6. Hi Amy, post partum time is always tricky as having a new born and then toddler does wear on the adrenals. I would use the foods in the article to try and boost your progesterone naturally. Progesterone is the hormone responsible for holding the pregnancy so if you are not conceiving it could be for other reasons. Give your body time to recover and try not to get too stressed out about it because stress contributes to fertility issues. Please let us know if you have more questions.

  7. Hi Kathy, Are you doing topical cream or taking the progesterone internally?

  8. Hi Terry, with a full hysterectomy you may still need support from bio identical hormones and eating foods can help support your hormones too.

  9. Hi Laura,
    If you are having a hard time eating healing foods sometimes supplements can be useful for raising levels.

  10. About the time My periods started getting wonky from the beginnings of menopause, I developed chronic diarrhea.. can this be caused from low hormones? Could boosting progesterone possibly help?

      • Where’s my Breast Cancer Survivors? I have a question-
        I’m 4 yr survivor- stage 1, estrogen positive HER2 negative-
        Let’s talk hormones/menopause……

        Did you or are you doing any hormone replacement therapy???

        My oncologist is like nope never and a doctor we see in Austin says she’s wrong that it is safe and I would greatly benefit from compounded progesterone-

        everything I read is BEYOND confusing ….

    • if you have low progesterone is there cure for it . and how soon can she get pregnant .

      • Hi Grace,
        The information in the article give you ideas on how to boost it. There is no way we can say how soon anyone would conceive. ~Deanna HB Team

      • Hi, my child is diagnosed with precocious puberty, may I know what can she take and cannot take to try to slow down puberty and delay menses from happening too soon and to hopefully regress the breast buds? Thanks.

        • Hi Li, we would encourage you to consult with an integrative or functional practitioner to explore some options. If you are in need of one, this link can help get you connected to someone is your local area:

          I hope this helps. ~HB Support

  11. Hi.
    I am 63 an suffer from severe hot flashes can find no relief nor can I get my family Dr to help .can u recommend anything

    • Hi Peggy,

      I have asked Magdalena and she said “Hot flashes are often due to low estrogen levels. As much as maca and black cohosh can offer some relief, they often do not address the underlying reasons why our ovaries (or adrenals in the case of someone who lost her ovaries) are struggling with producing adequate amounts of estrogen. Or, why is our body not metabolizing and using whatever estrogen there is, efficiently. This is where food and striving for a balanced body come in. On one hand, we can add foods like flax seed to help boost estrogen levels and the metabolism of estrogen. This can help but if your body is imbalanced, then flax seed alone might not help. This is where restoring the health of the gut, liver and sugar levels play a big role even though most of us do not connect these three body systems to our hormonal balance and symptoms such as the hot flashes. I have seen women’s hot flashes going away by just stopping to eat gluten, drinking too much coffee and stopping sugar/carbohydrate binges. When the body is in a state of a relative balance, wonderful healing can start happening. I hope this gives you a sense of perspective – to add foods like flaxseed while restoring the health of your gut, detoxing your liver and rebalancing your sugar levels.” Here is her workshop on that

    • Hi Peggy,
      “Hot flashes are often due to low estrogen levels. As much as maca and black cohosh can offer some relief, they often do not address the underlying reasons why our ovaries (or adrenals in the case of someone who lost her ovaries) are struggling with producing adequate amounts of estrogen. Or, why is our body not metabolizing and using whatever estrogen there is, efficiently. This is where food and striving for a balanced body come in. On one hand, we can add foods like flax seed to help boost estrogen levels and the metabolism of estrogen. This can help but if your body is imbalanced, then flax seed alone might not help. This is where restoring the health of the gut, liver and sugar levels play a big role even though most of us do not connect these three body systems to our hormonal balance and symptoms such as the hot flashes. I have seen women’s hot flashes going away by just stopping to eat gluten, drinking too much coffee and stopping sugar/carbohydrate binges. When the body is in a state of a relative balance, wonderful healing can start happening. I hope this gives you a sense of perspective – to add foods like flaxseed while restoring the health of your gut, detoxing your liver and rebalancing your sugar levels.”

  12. Hi,
    I have premature ovarian failure (now 35 years old) and have been on bioidentical hormones for 8 years now. I am using estrogen cream everyday (Biest) and for 2 weeks out of every month, I take a 200 mg compounded progesterone troche and my progesterone level is only 2.5! I have tried every imaginable combo of bioidentical progesterones (both oral and troches) and can’t get my level up. I used to have higher progesterone levels and would have a period after taking the progesterone, but now absolutely nothing. Would you think something has changed in adrenal health or gut health for my body to just stop responding to my hormones? It used to work and just doesn’t any longer. Any tips???? Thank you very much.

  13. Hi! I am 49. I’ve never taken any kind of hormonal birth control my whole life. I’ve always had easy routine periods. I’ve had three healthy children with very easy pregnancies. Suddenly about a year ago I’m experiencing horrible heavy period as with lots of blood clotting and cramping that go on for 2-3 weeks at a time. I may go 1-2 weeks without bleeding and it all starts all over again! I’m also having just about every premenopausal symptom there is! I’ve been trying lots of different herbal remedies that just don’t seem helpful much. Ugh!!! I’m really at whits end here.

  14. I had what I called “spells” going through puberty, just a little offness and only I new it if I did not tell somebody. Did not have them again until perimenopause. Had them for a few years and then started with full blown nocturnal grand mal seizures. only at night around the time of my cycling. I no longer have periods, have not for many years, but the seizures are getting worse. I know these are hormone related. Any advice other than the above for balancing?

    • HI Joyce,
      I’m sorry you are experiencing some health issues. We cannot give medical advice here but hopefully you have a good functional medicine doctor to partner with. You could benefit from the cooking for balance program to get your health back on track. Here is the link to a free workshop. We wish you well.

    • Hello..I’m having the same symptoms as you since perimenopause which is about 5 yrs. Did you get any treatment for it and has it helped?

  15. I’m having spotting problem for 5 to 6 days everytime before period come. Any recommendations or solution for the imbalance?

  16. I have prolonged heavy period as well. Try to check your uterus lining! Must be too thick.

  17. Hi everyone,
    Has anybody tried Vitex to balance progesterone? Any recommendations on this?


    • Hi Lesley,
      Yes, I do use vitex and depending on your levels and how old you are there are a few ways to use it. If you are perimenpausal or menopausal you can use 1 full dropperful of tincture 2 times a day. If you are younger and cycling regularly and have estrogen dominance issues take 1 dropperful 2 times a day from ovulation through day 28. Then get you cycle and do not start again until ovulation. You can use capsules in place of tincture but I like the tincture because you can adjust dosages more easily to find that perfect dose. Hope this helps.

    • Yes, I take Vitex because it helps my migraines, but it also made me gain 20 pounds. I backed off on the amount to lose the weight but then it isn’t enough to stop migraines. You just have to try it. Start slow like 1/16 teaspoon a day.

  18. It’s funny whenever I read the suggestions for this issue it’s like yes, yes, yes. I’m doing all of it and have been for a long time and yet I still have major breast tenderness, insomnia moodiness and migraines starting two weeks before my period.
    I am wondering if progesterone bio-identical hormone is then necessary at this point.
    I’m losing my mind with this. It’s been years! A Dutch test revealed excess estrogen but progesterone levels were normal atvthst point in my cycle.

    • Hi Chantal, that does sound challenging. Perhaps also consider taking DIM for estrogen metabolism and perhaps even adding evening primrose oil in a softgel. These may help with those symptoms.

    • If you have breast pain, you have unopposed an estrogen dominance issue even if tests show “normal” level of progesterone. I had the same issues with estrogen dominance breast pain. I read about and tried topical iodine therapy along with prometrrium (bio identical progesterone) prescribed by my gyno….this worked great for all my pms and then peri menopause symptoms. Whenever I have a flare up of breast pain, I generously coat the iodine evenly over breasts and it works within hours! I was amazed it actually worked! Studies show your body will only absorb the amount of iodine it needs so no risk of overdosing on it. I buy the individually wrapped iodine pads and keep some with me at all times. Also I have tried over the counter progesterone creams and only had intolerable side effects. Ask your doctor if you can give Prometrium a try. In fact don’t ask TELL your doc you want to try it and if they won’t find a new gyno who is more up to date!

      Also please stay away from all scented lotions and laundry detergents, air fresheners, cleaners etc….The chemicals can can caus estrogen dominance flare ups! I love unscented micellar water wipes to moisturize with. Or an unscented oil in the shower works well for especially dry areas but don’t slater from head to toe…your skin needs to breath. These fragrenced products are proven to cause endocrine disruption and once I cut them all out as much as possible I noticed a HUGE difference.

      Good luck to you!

  19. Hi- I’m 32 and my husband and I have been trying for our first baby- 11 months without luck. I was on birth control for 15 years and since being off, I start spotting a week after ovulation until I get my period which I’m sure is contributing to our issue. My 3rd day hormone check came back normal but I can’t imagine this is normal. I’m assuming I have a progesterone deficiency… thoughts?

    • Hi Jillian, spotting is sign you have progesterone deficiency and using the suggestions in this article may help. You could also consider using Chasteberry tincture or capsule and take days 14 through 28. Hope that helps!

  20. I have a 16 year old daughter who has horrible PMs… she gets lots of anxiety, sad and cry’s easily, very moody. It’s getting very debilitating for her. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated .

  21. Hi there. My periods stopped 2 years ago. I’m 55, so post menopause. My mom had a stroke so i doubt my Doctor would consider giving me HRT. I look and feel hypothyroid (i’m told hypothyroidism and low progesterone after the menopause can go hand in hand). I’m doing everything right ‘diet wise’ and ‘supplement wise’ to give progesterone a helping hand. Also using Serenity progesterone cream am and pm. That’s stopped the flush’s and the feelings like i’m having a heart attack in the night. But my weight just won’t shift and i ‘still’ look like a hypothyroid person. Do you think i should go to the Doctor asking for a thyroid test or a hormone level test? I mean what comes first, sorting out your thyroid or sorting out your hormones? Thanks, Karoline

    • Hi Karoline, thank you for sharing your story. Your hormone panel being menopausal won’t be a surprise, low estrogen, low progesterone and testosterone, so you may want to get your thyroid panel done just to check on things. One of things that happens when we get low estrogen is weight gain. No matter what women do the weight just stays in an effort to keep estrogen stored. There are bio identical hormones available that don’t have the same health issues the synthetic one cause and are good support for this time. I don’t think it would hurt to have a thyroid panel done to ease your mind but we just have to support our bodies with herbs and progesterone cream in an effort to balance to things out. Be sure to have testosterone tested too.

  22. Hi, I’m 44 and 3 years ago I went through a terribly stressful time, I lost my 25 year old brother, then lost my dad, whilst also separating from my husband….. I started having terrible mood swings, depression, anxiety and hot flushes and my periods stopped…. the doctor told me according to blood tests I was menopausal !
    I have tried everything in the last 3 years, diet, essential oils, supplements and more recently serenity progesterone cream…. sometimes the flushes will go for a few weeks and always come back real bad…. sometimes I’m suidicidal and feel like I could literally kill my children, I just can’t cope with his this imbalance makes me feel most of the time and I’m so close to going to the doctor and resorting to hrt…. I really don’t want to do this as I’m follow a natural lifestyle……. the serenity cream worked on day 2 I felt amazing and all the flushes and moods went but it was only for 2 weeks when they slowly came back again and are now every 30 mins again night and day….. I cannot cope with my children and at my wits end…. please, is there anything I can do ? How do I find out whether it’s oestrogen or progesterone deficiency or both ? I’m also taking phytoestrogen supplements but not sure if I should be ? Thanks for any advice ! X

    • Hi Jasmin,
      Please take the hormone quiz to see what might be going on If you feel really our of control emotionally it is important to seek the help of a counselor as well as looking at natural ways to balance hormones. You have been through alot emotionally. If you want to try to balance your hormones naturally watch the free workshop here: I hope this is helpful.
      Angela, HB Team

  23. I’m 67 currently taking HRT for the last 10 years, my OB is telling me it is time to go off of them, Estradiol and Progestron because of cancer scare at my age I have had two D& C’s in the last year removing suspecting tissue it was benign but she says my tissue is getting thick on my uterus and it should be thin. Anyway I know that I have to go off HRT but nervous because I had a very deep depression anxiety panic for almost 2 yrs and never went out of my house. I’m currently taking anti depressant 0.5 of Klonopin & mirtazipine at night which has stopped my depression and now back to normal life. My concern with going off HRT is i’m worried it will throw me into a depression or make me feel low and sad, which I can’t bare to have to go back there and feel bad again. I have read many articles about women who go off HRT and they feel depressed and sad no energy. What would be your advice to someone with my condition how I should go about moving on with my need to go off HRT ? Thank You sincerely, Lynn

    • Lynn,
      I’m sorry you are having difficulties with the thought of getting off HRT. I know this may sound new to you but healing your digestive system will help with anxiety and depression. Please watch Magdalena’s free workshop on cooking for balance on how to balance hormones with food. You will learn so much and getting off HRT won’t seem so scary anymore.
      Warmly, Angela, HB Team

  24. Hi,
    Just stumbled across your site after googling things for hours. What a godsend.
    Im 24, and till about 4 yeas ago I never experienced any PMS symptoms. Then all of a sudden, BAM! I had always had perfect skin, rarely even a blemish, and now like clock work. Right at about 14 days since the end of my last period I begin to get these super painful cystic blemishes that last till the first day of my period. It’s been really hard on my self esteem. Unfortunately, I also now have insane mood swings leading up to my period. Anything can throw me into a intense rage. I also get migraines that are really debilitating. I feel like overnight I gain 20lbs, that only disappears once I get my period. I feel like a completely different person for half the month, every month. I don’t really know what to do. Also once my period does start, it’s extremely heavy with lots of clotting. It stays like that for the duration of my period. I also have extreme exhaustion the first 3 days of my period.
    The last few months I feel like I feel like I have put on weight on my hips, even though my weight hasn’t changed.
    I’m a vegan and I don’t eat any refined flour or sugar.
    Any suggestions you may have will be much appreciate!
    Thank you

  25. Hi,
    this id Ms gamzay(35years old)..not married yet…my menstrual cycle has been changed before it was of 30 days now it is 21 days..high libido..painful breast every time ..facing heavy bleeding of 8 days…with blood clotts..thick blackish coloured blood….I am loosing wieght fastly too….m sick of too much bleeding…that my daily life activities and health are disturbed…

  26. I have hashimotos and hypothyroid. My cycle is clock work every 26 days, no biggie…. wrong! I bleed for 7-10 days and my iron levels won’t come up!!! I have been reading a lot of magnesium with my thyroid. Any suggestions on test? I was put on a progestrone cream based on my symptoms but I swear it was making me anxious unless it’s these winter months. So I’m going to hold off for now. But I wasn’t tested!?!?!

  27. Hi, I am 29yrs old struggling to conceive for d past 3yrs. My doctor did some test and found my progesterone level is low which is why I have an irregular period. Though she(doctor) place me on progesterone injection and drugs but am still not satisfy because after the injections, I had my period once and it never came back in preceding months. Pls what did I do?

    • Hi Dammy,

      Most times for the progesterone to come up, the aggressive estrogen needs to come down. This workshop explains what happens and the receptors for the progesterone may not even be available- This will make sense to you ~Deanna HB Team

  28. Thanks for the great article! I had some postpartum issues after my first baby (mainly anxiety). My son is now a year and a half and I’ve been struggling with irregular periods since his birth. My functional medicine dr put me on bioidentical progesterone cream but my levels are still not very high. I will be regular for months and then have two periods within the same month. I take the cream throughout the entire month. I also take vitex and holy basil. Any other suggestions or thoughts? I’ve thought too about only taking the cream after ovulation and until my period but not sure! I’m 29 and prior to pregnancy never had any issues with my periods. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Holly,

      That sounds frustrating. It is good that you have found Magdalena. When the body is out of balance, sometimes the hormone receptors (as for progesterone) are not available. This workshop talks about what one can do with gut healing, liver support and sugar balancing ~Deanna HB Team

  29. Hello. I just found your site and feel hopeful in regards to what I am reading so far. I i’m 57 years old and had a total hysterectomy when I was only 34 and have been on Estrace pill all this time. I’m putting the pieces of the puzzle together regarding some health issues and I am wondering that not taking progesterone all this time is at the root of those problems. Would adding a progesterone cream to what I am presently taking (2mg milligrams of Estrace) be all I needed to balance things out?

  30. Hi I have pcos and estrogen dominance but I am trying to conceive i have a herbal all natural progesteronic hormonal tonic do u think that can help ? What would u suggest?

  31. I recently did am ultrasound which stated that I have a cyst on my right ovary. The doctor is suggesting that it could be pcos but not confirmed just yet. I was pregnant in 2016 but lost the baby in Jan 2017. I have been trying to conceive from since then with no luck. The doctor was saying that pcos can also be the reason for not conceiving . She has said that we would try some hormone treatment. My next appointment is the 26th Feb. Are there any suggestions that you can give that I can bring up in the docs appointment? Great article btw…

  32. Hi there,
    I’ve read this with great interest after feeling really alive with what’s happening to me. I’m 39 and for ten years have had night sweats for a week leaving up to my period and the the week of my period, therefore every two weeks out of four and it’s really getting me down. How do I know if it’s my progesterone OR oestrogen levels which are dipping too low? I’ve had blood tests that show that I am not menopausal, I am a normal weight and don’t suffer from endometriosis.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Zoe,

      Sometimes, the tests are not done in the best way to show the clearest picture. Magdalena has this talk about testing Also, you will want to catch this workshop to learn more When we have too much of the toxic aggressive estrogen it “pushes down” the progesterone. So, the trick can often mean resolving the estrogen dominance. ~Deanna HB Team

  33. hello

    I spot bleed 7 days before my period, could this be due to low Progesterone. I have had smears and scans and all sorts of tests all came back normal, doctor seems to think that was just it. I’ve been ttc for over 2 years now and I’m going to go down the fertility route this year as I’m 38 but was wondering if it might be a hormonal imbalance as this was initial why they had me on Yasmin. I would have liked to try and sort it out naturally then by putting more chemicals into my system.
    Many thanks for any help or advice that can be offered

    • Hi Charity,

      Yes, it can be. It sounds confusing for you. It is a good thing you are on this page. Have you seen Magdalena’s new protocol cook book? It is here This can help you sort it out. ~Deanna HB Team

  34. hey! i used to have very cold hands and feet and body aches and heavy periods. i didnt really have a lot of strength and i was usually moody. then i got married and moved in with my husband. i started feeling a lot better, my aches were gone but now my period has become much shorter, the blood is pinkish and i hardly see any tissue on my pad. its also gotten more painful. i looked up online and i think it might be because of low progesterone. i was so happy because i thought i ws getting healthier but im scared now as i want to concieve. i have always been a little underweight with high blood cholesterol but that has always been that way. please help

      • Hi,
        I am 55 and having very i frequent periods. I am gluten and mostly dairy free and have mild MS for 26 years. I eat very well, mostly plant bases with fish and seafood. My big problem is my hair has been falling out for the past 2 years like crazy. It is very distressing. I also have constipation. I take O.N.E. MVI, ALA, Probiotics, and sometimes mag glycine. Any suggestions?

        • Hi Marla,

          I think you would really enjoy our blog articles “Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Potential Treatments”, “How Constipation Causes Hormonal Imbalances and Ways To Get Going Again:” and “How to Use The Magnesium Rotation Method to Balance Your Hormones”.

          For further support, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

          Healthy Regards,
          HB Team

  35. This is a wonderful , God sent article. I started reading it and I knew this information would be so helpful for me. All my unanswered questions started to unfold, just by reading this article. Once I check some things out and do some real research on my own body, I will come back on this site for an update, thanks so much. And Please don’t stop putting info like this out there for people that are at ends wit with health issues.. Again this is an amazing article..

    • Hi Theresa,
      We are so happy that you are finding this all helpful. Magdalena will not stop sharing what she is learning. This is her passion to help women find healthy balance. ~Deanna HB Team

    • Article recommends olive oil for raising cholesterol. Olive oil however does not contain cholesterol.

  36. Any increase in progesterone immediately is a HORRIBLE experience for me, instant weight gain, terrible in every single way. Been to many excellent doctors and done research for years, Something about my metabolism of it goes terribly wrong, and I’m not the only one who cannot tolerate birth control pills or progesterone supplementation. These opinions to raise progesterone need to be qualified with the words “for some people” it’s not horrible to raise progesterone, but it’s absolute POISON for others.

    • Hi Alison,
      Yes, Magdalena is writing an article about the issues around negative reactions. It will be out soon. Thank you for your feedback.
      ~Deanna HB Team

  37. Hi
    Thanks for this information. How do I stop spotting in pregnancy due to low progesterone.

  38. Please can you help. I was on depo provera for 2.5 years I came off a month ago and I am suffering nausea everyday and struggling to eat. Is there anything I can do to increase my progesterone and balance my hormones quicker to bring on a period and regulate my body. It’s horrible please help.

  39. While flaxseed is good for bowel regularity I’ve read that it’s very high in phytoestrogens when taking a urine test for estrogen levels. It specifically said not to eat sesame or flax seeds prior to the test as these will alter the test.

  40. Hello,
    I started to get pain in my ovaries last September, and started trying to conceive in Feb. In April I had a miscarriage and the scans showed I had a cyst on each ovary. I keep going back to get help from doctors as I am constantly in pain from persistent cysts but they say it’s natural and send me on my way still in pain. It’s nearly been a year worth of pain and I just want rid of these recurring cysts.
    I am starting to think I have a hormonal imbalance, high estrogen causing cysts and low pregestrone causing the miscarriage.
    Is there anything you can recommend to get rid of these cysts.
    All this doesn’t help stress but I am trying to control it with yoga and meditation. Look forward to hearing from you.

  41. I was put on progesterone cream for 5 months and it caused severe anxiety. I stopped it two months ago and still feel the effects. When will I feel normal again? Has it permanently messed up my hormones. My cycles used to be 27-29 days now are 31-33 days

    • I have read that it can take from 3-6 months to clear from your body. There is some conflicting information about the best place to apply the cream. Sometimes it can build up in the fat in your skin. I haven’t tried it yet, still doing research, but putting it on the mucosal tissues outside of your vagina is supposed to be a better place to let it enter your bloodstream in a natural way. Thanks for your comment about the anxiety, this is the kind of stuff I’m reading about to see if it is a good choice for me.

    • Hi Emma,
      Magdalena is writing an article on negative reactions to progesterone and it will be out soon. She will shed more light on this.
      ~Deanna HB Team

  42. I have been on a keto diet for 3 weeks and i am not losing any weight. I am 42 andi am exploring the idea of an hormonal problem of which matches up to the symtoms of high estrogen low progesterone. My question is is the keto diet the way to do? Are there are pills to help the issue without losing more hair? What other options are there?


    • HI Sara, I know these imbalances can really be frustrating. Keto is not necessarily the way to eat for hormone balance, I think there are many nuances that Magdalena teaches that are much more effective than a straight up Keto. Take a look at her Cooking for Balance program, here is a link.

      This online course is a deep dive into balancing blood sugar, sussing out food intolerances, healing digestion, and optimizing liver function. All of these things are paramount to balancing our hormone health. I hope this helps ~ Jen HB Support

  43. Thanks for all this info. I’m currently in perimenopause and experiencing hot flushes.

    I started taking peuraria mirifica tablets and they disappeared, but recently over the past week they’ve come back once or twice a day, though not as intensely as they were before I started taking the herb.

    Usually a cup of red clover tea helps when the hot flush comes on but they take time to go down and are very unsightly because they are patchy and look like I’ve been sunburnt or scalded with hot water. I don’t feel hot through my body, just on the skin itself which is hot to the touch and then only on my elbows, which sometimes migrates to the backs of my hands, and patchy uneven red on my face. It’s quite unusual, from what I can gather.

    My question is, is the flushing or reddening of the skin caused by a drop in estrogen, progesterone, or just a drop in both of these hormones? It’s hard to say where I am in my cycle because they’re now irregular, but if they were regular, I would be in the second half of the cycle.

    I also tend to have high cortisol problems and have suffered from adrenal fatigue in the past which isn’t helping matters, so I wonder if this is also part of it.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide me with an answer or further information.

    • HI Paula, here is what Magdalena says about Hot Flashes/Flushes. “”Hot flashes are often due to low estrogen levels. As much as maca and black cohosh can offer some relief, they often do not address the underlying reasons why our ovaries (or adrenals in the case of someone who lost her ovaries) are struggling with producing adequate amounts of estrogen. Or, why is our body not metabolizing and using whatever estrogen there is, efficiently. This is where food and striving for a balanced body come in. On one hand, we can add foods like flax seed to help boost estrogen levels and the metabolism of estrogen. This can help but if your body is imbalanced, then flax seed alone might not help. This is where restoring the health of the gut, liver and sugar levels play a big role even though most of us do not connect these three body systems to our hormonal balance and symptoms such as the hot flashes. I have seen women’s hot flashes going away by just stopping to eat gluten, drinking too much coffee and stopping sugar/carbohydrate binges. When the body is in a state of a relative balance, wonderful healing can start happening. I hope this gives you a sense of perspective – to add foods like flaxseed while restoring the health of your gut, detoxing your liver and rebalancing your sugar levels.”

      I would recommend Cooking for Balance, here is a link to the program.
      ~ Jen Hb Support

  44. Hi – I have short, light periods and an ovulation cycle of 26 days (24 when I’m really stressed). In the 9 days leading up to my period, I get dark brownish discharge (no more than usual, just brown). My OB/GYN said this means I’m not producing enough progesterone, but every time I’ve gone on a progesterone pill, it didn’t do anything about the spotting and only made me gain weight. The only thing that’s helped regulate my cycle and get rid of the luteal phase spotting was going back on birth control, but I’m trying to get pregnant so that’s not an option. I’m trying to get enough sleep, keep my stress minimal, eat healthy (fruits, veggies whole grains, fish, etc), and exercise regularly – but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Should I try DIM? Are there any other suggestions that might help? Apparently this luteal phase spotting is really common and it seems like doctors know shockingly little about how to solve it. Thanks in advance.

    • HI Liz, Please look into eating for hormone balance. It’s not commonly taught, but food does WONDERS to balance our hormones. Look into Magdalena’s program Cooking for Balance. Here is a link to the free info session.
      ~ Jennifer HB Support

  45. I have heavy dark clots painful periods and a week before and of the period Iam super hot at nite and have 1 nite I’m actually sweating
    And I’m loosing tons of hair all the time and feel cold all the time
    My doc keeps saying all the blood work is normal
    I take a b complex and vitd and c
    Started taking iron
    And I take magnesium

    • What does your intuition tell you Danielle? Have you looked into DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate? ~ Jen HB Support

  46. Hi

    I’m interested in trying trying seed rotation method. I’ve suspected it for a while having read other articles but your article has convinced my that I’m not producing enough progesterone. I have a child who’s just turned two, but having suffered a miscarriage 4 months ago I’m struggling to conceive. One issue is that I’m getting spotting for about 7 days before my period, then a normal period. So frustrating!

    My question is, if I use the seed rotation method, what do I do if I then become pregnant? Presumably I wouldn’t want to be promoting estrogen for 14 days then progesterone for 14 days, once I’m pregnant? Perhaps a lack of progesterone contributed to my miscarriage so should I just promote progesterone once I’m pregnant?

    Thank you X

    • HI Becky, I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Spotting before your cycle is commonly a symptom of low progesterone. Keep in mind the estrogen cycle is not promoting estrogen so much as balancing. It helps us clear toxic estrogens, and balance the clean estrogens. In answer to your question, google seed rotation & postpartum, and you will find your answer. ~ Jen HB Support

  47. Allvia Progrsterone cream. 1-2 pumps before bed.
    There are also capsules on market.
    Might help with the symptoms. Found at Whole Foods or Natural products store. Rec by my Functional medicine colleague. We are both in nutrition and integrative medicine. Good luck! 😊

  48. Hi I’m 32 and I was on the mirena for 8 yrs and now I’m on month 4 ttc #2 My cycles have been 33 days since Sept w/11 day lp
    Is it possible I have any deficiencies? Thank you!

  49. I am 29 years old, I have been struggling with irregular period (every two weeks or 1 month of period) for over 5 years. Luckily I was able to have a child. Now my days a full with me having periods, bruises without injury, weight gain, mood swings and constant fatigue. I have been to numerous doctors with no solution or slight ease. I am 29 with acne(horrible) covering my lower jaw, fatigue is taking ahold of my life. Please help

    • Hi Philli, Bioidentical hormones have their place but they can also temporarily mask the underlying root causes of hormonal imbalances (such as poor diet, stress, toxicity). When these root causes remain unaddressed (because you temporarily feel better on the bioidenticals), many, often more serious conditions can develop over time. For example, Magdalena has seen many women develop autoimmune conditions after years of unaddressed digestive problems who also had hormonal issues with their thyroids. Because they were “managed” with bioidentical hormones, they let their guard down, never addressed the autoimmune element which eventually backfired resulting in an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s or others. Therefore, we advocate balancing your hormones in this order of priorities:

      1. Dial in your diet (anti-inflammatory foods, good gut health, healthy liver, and stable sugar levels).
      2. Add natural tools such as the seed rotation.
      3. Only then, add the supplements.
      4. If that’s not enough, consider bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are not the same as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

      Here is a little quiz to give you an idea of possible hormonal imbalances

      And, if you want to learn about how food can balance hormones, here is our workshop

      ~ Jeanne HB Team

  50. I have had one miscarriage recently and am pregnant again (2 weeks). I have gained weight from my last pregnancy and am 39 years old with only one child.
    What preventative measures should I be pursuing to help promote a a healthy pregnancy to at least make it past first trimester? Meaning, do you recommend any plan I could benefit from? I plan on seeing my OBGYN in one week as well.

    • Hi Celyxo,

      So Magdalena has structured her programs and cookbook by first focusing on the three fundamental foundations: gut healing, sugar balancing, and liver support. It is amazing what kind of healing can occur when we take care of these critical areas first!

      If you want to learn about how food can balance hormones, here is her free workshop

      Here is a little quiz to give you an idea of possible hormonal imbalances

      I hope this helps!

      Jeanne HB Team

  51. This did not help me. I am a person that has had a total hysterectomy. I don’t get hot flashes, sweats or the normal stuff that most women get. I get physically sick; I can’t take a generic form of the meds that I use which is a hormone patch. I am looking for a way to get estrogen and whatever else is missing since menaplase. Is that a natural way to get it without pay for medication? Can I find what I need in nature (i.e. food)? Thank you!

    • Hi Clara,

      Bioidentical hormones have their place but they can also temporarily mask the underlying root causes of hormonal imbalances (such as poor diet, stress, toxicity). When these root causes remain unaddressed (because you temporarily feel better on the bioidenticals), many, often more serious conditions can develop over time. For example, Magdalena has seen many women develop autoimmune conditions after years of unaddressed digestive problems who also had hormonal issues with their thyroids. Because they were “managed” with bioidentical hormones, they let their guard down, never addressed the autoimmune element which eventually backfired resulting in an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s or others. Therefore, we advocate balancing your hormones in this order of priorities:

      1. Dial in your diet (anti-inflammatory foods, good gut health, healthy liver, and stable sugar levels).
      2. Add natural tools such as the seed rotation.
      3. Only then, add the supplements.
      4. If that’s not enough, consider bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are not the same as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

      Please consult your doctor or work with a bioidentical specialist to get clearance on using any bioidentical, if you or your family has a history of breast, uterine or ovarian cancers, Also, women who do not break down estrogens, DHEA or progesterone the right way (producing more of the antagonistic metabolites) are at a risk.

      Here is a little quiz to give you an idea of possible hormonal imbalances

      And, if you want to learn about how food can balance hormones, here is our workshop

      I hope this helps!

      ~ Jeanne HB Team

      • Soaking Fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drinking the water helps in many ways. It’s also an anti inflammatory.

  52. I am Francisca and I am 36 years. I gave birth to my first child on may 2017 and I stop breastfeeding him when he was one year and two month but my breast milk is still coming out .my period changes from 28 to 30 31 32 33 34. There is acens in my tongue and it pains me when I eat pepperish food. my sex drive is low and my virginal is always dry. and I can’t get pregnant since then. plus what is it and what can I do

  53. Hi I am 28 year unmarried girl with heavy periods + clots issue. clots are like jelly-type and i usually get stressed. I feel bloated and see mood swings also. In december in a test, i am daigonised with 2 ovarian cyst -30mm and 20 mm. please suggest what should i do. my stress is enhancing badly

  54. Hi,
    When making additions to the diet to naturally increase progesterone (as mentioned in the article) can you advise if these need to be taken at specific times of your cycle to increase benefits?

    • I’m guessing “No”. Your body will just use the nutrients to make it’s own progesterone and will know when to release it and when not to, just as it does normally.

      • Hello. Yes, I agree with everyone, this article was very informative. I was identified with Stage 0 breast cancer which came back as ER+. Agree my lumpectomy I realized I have low progesterone. Might your diet help me balance my levels?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      These natural suggestions discussed in the article are not dependent on a specific time of the cycle. Have you tried any of these yet?
      ~HB Team

      • Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the levels of progesterone? I have really high levels of it.

  55. This article was just what I needed. Thank you! So comprehensive. Every woman should have this info.

    • Hi Bella, Thank you for your support! We are glad to hear you enjoyed reading this article 🙂 ~ Jeanne HB Team

  56. You are doing amazing work! 👍 Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts! Progesterone (Prometrium) saved my baby. I was showing signs of miscarrying because of my hormone levels (due to insufficient progesterone levels). So happy I found “Get365prg” in Google and got Prometrium, ❤️ I took Prometrium (progesterone) for 12 weeks. The bleeding stopped the next day and I now have a healthy little boy! It is pretty commonly prescribed for low progesterone levels to help avoid miscarriage until the placenta takes over progesterone production.

      • Dear Team HB,
        Currently suffering from bleeding after d&c.
        Started progesterone by doctor and responding well. But bleeding has not stopped completely.
        Please advise

          • Please I’ve had my hormones checked almost two years ago and discovered that my estrogen was high and my progesterone was very low…I was given a supplement then to boost my progesterone but didn’t go back to check their levels…
            Could it still be a problem to look at while trying to conceive?

  57. I do not have a cycle since last six months, have high FSH and LH levels. can these foods help to bring on a period. I am 40 and weight is increasing

  58. I have gained more weight lately and more cellulite. I have changed to 200 mg bio identical progesterone morning/night. Before I had a cream. I also still use Estradiol gel but I am trying to lower the dose. I am post menopause. How do I know if the weight gain and cellulite is from taking oral progesterone or from estrogen dominance without do a lab test? Hope to hear from you. Warm Regards, Kitty

    • 200 is ALOT to take everyday. if you gain weight you may need to lower your estrogen to balance out, since fat cells contain estrogen. If you just lower your does of the gell, and see what happens, I bet taht you will feel better. Eat alot of crucerferous veggies, too to get rid of some of the estrogen NOT increase progesterone! If you take it daily you should only take the 100 mg, 1 time a day and decrease the estrogen with foods that block it and use less gel. I am surprised your doctor is allowing you to take that much P per day,thats nuts! Go find a better doctor

    • John R. Lee M.D. wrote a book about natural progesterone. The reason you have to take such a high dosage is that a lot is lost when taking it by mouth. His advice is to use a cream so that it is absorbed through the skin and not passed through the liver where most of it is lost. He says in his book that oral doses must be 100-200 milligrams per day in order to have enough stay in the body.

  59. A great reminder to eat a variety of whole foods! I constantly think I have low progesterone but I know I work out too much sometimes and it’s most likely that I am not ovulating. I have been focusing on a 2500k/d diet for a few months now and my cycles are much better. Food really can cure! Stress is another project…

  60. I am in a perimenaupause state and my prolactin is also high and the blood is going on and on what do I do for stopping it

    • Hi Aliya, Thank you for reaching out. Please connect with your medical practitioner to help you with your question. Best, HB Support

      • Hello,

        I’m 55 and have been struggling with hormone imbalance for quite a long time. I have super high Estrogen and very low Progesterone. My doctor put me on 100mg bioidentical Progesterone 1.5 years ago, but then moved. I’m having trouble finding a practitioner that can help me balance my hormones. I’m trying to balance this with diet and supplements, but with no real guidance I feel I have no idea where I am with this situation. I need help.

  61. Thanks for the great article. It’s very informative. My body was no longer producing progesterone which caused headaches at the same time every day, hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. Progesterone (prometrium) has fixed all of these issues! Amazing 😊 I googled “Get365prg” ❤️ and got Prometrium a way cheaper, So thankful for this! With the Prometrium I feel happy, more energy, and able to function. This is awesome. I have felt awful for so long and have my life back.

    • How long did it take for you to notice your insomnia and fatigue were getting much better on the Prometrium? We’re you on 200mg?

      • If I’m taking a compounded estrogen/progesterone troche, can I use your topical progesterone oil in addition?

        • Hi Beth, it would be best to consult with your health practitioner to determine your progesterone needs. We do encourage bio-identical hormones instead of HRT based on their derivatives. Here is a link to get connected with an integrative or functional practitioner in your local area: ~HB Support.

  62. I went for hormonal test and my progesterone and estrogen level are low but the doctor prescribed palodel , clomid and vitamin E supplement could all these work

    • Hi Adachi,
      It depends on what your test results said and were and what you’re experiencing. We aren’t medical professionals and are unable to say for certain but we can offer to help support you on how to rebalance your hormones. If you’d like further information, please send us an email at [email protected]. We can help you with identifying resources that would be helpful.
      Healthy Regards,
      HB team

      • Hello I’m a 40 year old and I was on a progesterone only pill for 5 years. I stopped last year and have got my period which usually last about 5 days max.. this month I got my period right on time but it’s a longgg one. It’s been 10 days light flow no pain cramps etc just a consistent light flow and hasn’t stopped yet. My dr did a CBC & thyroid check and everything is normal. Can you advise me from here? I’m tired of being on my period.. it’s the first time this has ever happened.. my dr is saying perimenpause.. but after reading your posts I seem to have more of the symptoms you’re describing!!

        • I heard raspberry leaf tea/capsules helps with this issue. Consume it everyday until your symptoms stop.

    • I had a total hysterectomy and I asked my Dr if I needed progesterone and she said no. But I’m having issues sleeping and anxiety, but she was adamant that I did not need any. What is your advice on surgical total hysterectomy?

  63. I am in menopause, I have not had my period for 2 years. I am getting my IUD (Mirena) removed and have read I will need to help my body produce progesterone on its own again.
    Is this true? Can I do this through food/nutrients/vitamins alone?

    • Hi Deb, we have many women in our community who naturally support hormone production through proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and supplementation when needed. We provide many resources on how to do this naturally. Let us know if you’d like additional resources to get started off at [email protected] ~ HB Support

  64. Hi! I have had 2 failed pregnancies – the first one ectopic (internally bleeding, emergency surgery at 7 weeks) the second one exactly a year later at 4 weeks – progestrone was at 2.2 – they weren’t sure if it was a miscarriage or another ectopic, so they went with the shots of methotrexate.. I am having a regular period almost to the day and ovulating but I do believe that my progestrone is still way too low. We are currently still trying to get pregnant and I just need to be pointed in the right direction, please. I never imagined this for my life, ever, always wanted to be pregnant and have lots of babies, now I only have one tube left and really don’t know what else to do because the doc just want me to take medicine and I want nothing to do with that. I don’t want a Band-Aid, I want to balance my body.

  65. Hi Kim, fertility can be a difficult road to travel, but we’re here to support you in any way we can. We know how hard it is to make peace with our body, and we hope that you are filling yourself up with love and patience during this time. If you are interested in working with a board-certified integrative practitioner who is also an OB-GYN, Magdalena recommends Dr. Felice Gersh: She does offer telemedicine after the first office visit. We also include a protocol in our book, Overcoming Estrogen Dominance which can help lower inflammation and support you in the process of rebalancing your hormones. Here is the link,

    I hope this helps. Wishing you well on your journey ahead. ~HB Support

  66. Hell Magdalena:
    I thank you for sharing all these wonderful information here on your website. Being a Strategic Health Recovery Specialist, l know that men’s and women’s hormone health is a very crucial aspect of human health that is mostly overlooked, yet it holds the key to healthy or unhealthy living status to everyone of us at all times.

    Please keep up the good work you are rendering to humanity. Always keep me on your mailing list.


  67. Hi! I’m 41 and have a 4 month old. I had a C-section birth and a hysterectomy to stop postpartum hemorrhage. I have one ovary remaining but suspect my hormones are off due to sudden high blood pressure. I’m having trouble keeping a good milk supply as well. Any suggestions for hormone support that won’t decrease milk production?

  68. Hi Shayvon, you may want to look into magnesium glycinate or an ayurvedic herb called shatavari. Both are gentle hormone supporting ingredients.
    Healthy regards,
    HB Team

  69. Hi, I am 29 years old. I just had my first very early miscarriage at 5 weeks. I believe it is due to low progesterone since I’ve had my numbers done and it is very low. The doctors now tell me that if I get pregnant (because I am trying) I will automatically be put on progesterone. I am wondering if there is something I can do now to help balance my progesterone since it is always low. I was on birth control for years which is why I think my body does not produce the correct amounts of progesterone. My estrogen is in normal range.. for the most part I am healthy, exercise a couple times a week, do not have a problem with weight, and take prenatal vitamins. Is there anything else I can do?

  70. Hi Christie, in addition to the above suggestions, working on supporting liver detoxification function and adrenal function can also play a role in naturally supporting proper hormone production. Issues with cortisol and stress can steal from your progesterone pathway so that may be something else to look into. Check into things such as more sulforaphane for liver pathways. In addition, another really great support could be trying the Seed Rotation method. (We have an article on how to do that) Seed rotation can be a powerful yet simple tool to helping balance out hormones and support progesterone. ~HB Team

  71. I am 40 and have stopped having periods. At 35 I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, and was encouraged to have a baby if I wanted to before ran out of time- as I was not a candidate for egg harvesting. Thankfully I did it at age 36! Postpartum my period never came back, and after finishing breastfeeding for 2.5 years, something shifted— with sudden weight gain through my hips and abdomen for the first time in my life- like ten pounds or more, and muscle tone disappearing. I am having trouble sleeping. I have no desire, and I’m a little fearful that I’m going to ruin my relationship because frankly I just don’t like anybody. 🙁 It’s like I’m in a constant state of PMS/not caring/ general discomfort.

    . I took a hormone test with the spit that showed that my progesterone it’s almost nonexistent, and though my estrogen is low it’s not below the margin. I’m not really sure where to start with this. My doctor recommended taking a progesterone pill. I strongly prefer trying to do some thing more natural. I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years, and keep a healthy diet. I saw some people talk about the seed rotation, i’m curious to know what that is, and how to apply it for someone who is not menstruating.

    I would so appreciate your advice. Thank you!

    • Hi Katie, thanks for sharing your story. In addition to natural progesterone supports, you may want to look into bioidentical topical progesterone like our ProgestPure at This is closer to our natural production without the side-effects that can come from other forms of progesterone. In addition, the seed cycling can be a great way to support your hormones. If you are not menstruating, you can pick any day to start the seed cycling and rotate the seeds every two weeks. ~HB Team

  72. Hi. I’m 37 yrs old and I’ve been trying to conceive for the last 5 years. Having needed to use IVF to try fall pregnant, it was discovered that I have an extremely low FSH (egg reserve) and as such I am not able to fall pregnant with my own eggs.

    I was put onto progesterone and pregnenolone in the last year and my hormone levels have not improved. In fact I have also gone into peri menopause and have been struggling with weight gain, depression, anxiety, hot flashes night sweats, palpitations, cystic acne and so much more I am literally agony.

    In the last month I threw my hormone medications away because I started to have deep dark thoughts about suicide because I no longer recognise who I am. Since stopping I feel a lot more mentally stable and my bloating is better, depression is alleviating as is my anxiety BUT I am concerned about my estrogen dominance and low progesterone. I don’t know what to do because I can’t function on that medication and I’m told it’s my only option. I still want to try have a child but honestly this whole process only adds to my stress. Is my situation as hopeless as it feels?? Any advice would be much appreciated 🤍

    • Hi Natalie, we are so sorry to hear what you have been going through and recommend speaking with a mental health professional who could guide you through what you are feeling and help support a more relaxed and empowered feeling approach. We recommend looking into our article on estrogen dominance and what supplements can be helpful for that as well as dietary changes which can be very powerful in helping the body rebalance. We don’t believe any situation is hopeless, and we think with the right support you can have some very positive changes. In addition, you may want to work with a naturopathic endocrinologist or other functional medicine doctor who can guide you through natural hormone support too. If you need help or resources finding someone, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help. ~HB Support Estrogen Dominance article-

  73. Hello,

    This is a great article. I am a 42 year old female that was put on 100 mg of bioidentical progesterone torches due to post menopausal progesterone levels which I discovered through the Dutch test. I did really well on the torches for about 6 months. In the past four months I have noticed some unwanted pms symptoms like bloating, cramping, and weight gain during the entire luteal phase. I have gained 4 lbs in past 4 months without changing diet. I exercise regularly and eat a healthy clean diet. Is it possible that progesterone levels could now be too high in ratio to estrogen? Any information or advice on this would be wonderful. I also am also experiencing flu like symptoms and body aches from around day 11-26. Any advise or tips would be very appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Sam, this may very well be worth having your hormone levels looked at now that you’ve been on the bioidentical progesterone . If your levels become too high in ratio to estrogen, you can feel symptomatic. Talk to your doctor or functional medicine doctor about looking at your levels again and the possibility of your progesterone dose being higher than you need. ~HB Support

  74. Hi what to do if someone have prolonged periods due to pcos …weight is normal but have fatigue and hairs on chin

  75. Hi, I live in Belize. I saw a plant based cream progesterone by Now in my health food store. Does that work well? I got your book and appreciate it. Everyone told me I have fibroids but never said what to do. Any suggestions for someone living in Belize?

    • Hi Ana, not typically, because yam needs to be synthesized in a lab to work with the body, so in our experience the natural wild crafter versions do not work. I hope that helps! HB Support

  76. The question and answers are very fascinating and would like to read more on this subject.


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