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“Magdalena, the truth is… when I signed up for Cooking for Balance December 1st, I really didn’t think that there was anything I would get out of the course that I didn’t already know. I have an extensive background in “clean living” and even grew up with two nutritionists in my family.

I really love the layout and presentation. It gave me motivation to go through with such an intense elimination diet. I decided to give the program a 100% for three months to see if I would see a shift in some areas of my life that were causing me a lot of pain and dis-ease.

I have been eating “clean” for a long time but never eliminated this many foods from my diet, been this strict or aware of what I’m eating. And I have very rarely cheated in the last two months. This is how my life has changed. OMGeeeeee!! INCREDIBLE! 😀

My cycle normalized: I had always had a 24-26 day cycle. This last month was my first 28 day cycle! YES!
I am (virtually) pain free: I have had extremely painful, debilitating cramps for the last 15 years. Waking up in the middle of the night, dry heaving, missing work, cancelling plans, doubled over, passing out… etc. I was diagnosed endometriosis by various MDs but refused the surgery or hormone treatments. For the last 15 years I have been in moderate to severe abdominal/menstrual pain on and off every month. This last month, I had some cramping only on day 14 and day 28 but that was it! YES!

My acne is clearing up: I have had uncontrollable acne since my miscarriage last September… even eating well and (because of my work) having access to every trick in the book, tool and product at my fingertips. My face is about 75% clear and getting better every day. YES!

I lost 10 pounds: This was a nice bonus. 🙂

I stopped clearing my throat: For the last few years, I would constantly clear my throat from phlegm after every meal. It would get worse when I would go out to eat. I couldn’t pin point what was triggering it but it disappeared. YES!

A bump on my lip vanished: I had a mysterious bump on my lip for the last two years that looked like a large broken blood vessel. It vanished within the first 40 days. YES!

Bikini-line cysts disappeared: I was getting very painful cysts on my bikini-line. The two I had went away within the first three weeks. No more have appeared. YES!

My hair’s growing faster. YES!

My lips aren’t chapped any more. YES!

It was very time consuming at first to buy a new set of ingredients and cook so many new recipes but I have a system and my favorites now.

I am so thrilled Magdalena Wszelaki! Thank you for creating this course and doing such a beautiful job on those videos! So happy I followed my intuition to sign up and take action. I just turned 40 yesterday. What a wonderful gift this has been. Grateful for you!! 🙂 ”

Kristin Adams

Business Owner/CEO


Didn’t know what to eat • Digestive problems • Bloating
Gluten and dairy sensitivity • Irregular periods

Her story:
“I’ve learned to eat savory breakfasts and I’m never hungry now.

“The chocolate hazelnut smoothie fixes all my cravings.”

“This is really empowering.”

“I love the Done-for-You Guides; they show how you can make simple food so nutritious.”

“There are so many great recipes here using gelatin.”

“This program is not just about recipes but about hormonal education and information.”

Jocelyn has done the Cooking for Balance program.

Jocelyn Dunstan Escudero

Ph.D Physicist and Researcher


No time to cook • Adrenal fatigue • Food sensitivities
PCOS • Fear of getting off birth control pills

Her story:
“The program teaches you the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ to eat.”

“I love to cook but I’m a lazy chef. The Done-for-you Guides make it a no-brainer.”

“This program gave me the tools to get off birth control pills and I feel great.”

“The Cravings Guide helped you understand what my body really needed from me.”

“I learned how to make proper smoothies, not the ones I used to make, full of sugar.”

“My favorite recipe: nut cheeses!”

Lisa has done the Cooking for Balance program.

Lisa Bentovoglio

Health Advocate and Smoothie Queen


Doesn’t like to spend time in the kitchen • Ate well but wasn’t feeling great
Hashimoto’s antibodies • Ovarian cancer • Menopause

Her story:

“I’m in menopause and today even though I stopped taking bio-identical hormones and I had a hysterectomy, I feel better than ever. I attribute it to food.”

“I stopped taking bio-identicals as they were not addressing the root causes of my menopause symptoms. I feel great now.”

“As a ovarian cancer survivor, I’ve been on a health journey for a long time so this program was all about filling in the gaps.”

“By eating right for my body, my Hashimoto’s antibodies came down.”

“As a person who is always on the go, I really loved the On-the-Go Guides – of wraps and salads.”

Sandy has done the Cooking for Balance and Thyroid Detox program.

Sandy Cardy

Author, Speaker and Transformational Educator

“Reversed my insulin resistance after finding it impossible to shift any if much weight at all.”

“I joined Cooking for Balance as I had previously worked with Magdalena and loved her meticulous approach, her recipes and most of all her vast knowledge. I have taken my health to a new level by learning things that I would never have found anywhere else. I am now confident in making bone broth and fermented foods and I have a much better understanding of gut health. A few months after starting the two programmes I was told I had reversed my insulin resistance after finding it impossible to shift any if much weight at all. There is not a day now where I do not make something from the programme my favourites being salmon dip, kale and avocado breakfast, and my own smoothies from the smoothie builder. It really is all done for you. Thank you Magdalena!

Joanna has done the Cooking for Balance program.

Joanna Maclean

“I am grateful for Magdalena’s extensive experience and knowledge with different approaches rather than to stick with one diet, as well as flexibility, understanding, and support.”

Magdalena has helped me to come to a deeper understanding about bio-individuality – everyone has a unique blueprint in relationship with food, understanding how leaky gut syndrome affects health, and how to improve the quality of life with an autoimmune condition.

I never made the connection I was at risk for autoimmune diseases while two of my family members were diagnosed at very early age. Since I was younger, I have been sick frequently and progressively got worse over the years with numerous visits to doctors. I was told there’s no cure to one of the symptoms I was experiencing, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) accompanying with intensive stabbing pains that come and go. One of the doctors said I was simply depressed and needed to be on medication. By my mid-30’s I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was told to remain on synthroid medication for life.

Over the years being on medication, my health was declining with continuing digestive issues, constipation, rapid aging in skin & hormones, hair loss, shooting nerve pains in arm & hand, cold intolerance, brain fog, and adrenal fatigue. I saw an integrative doctor specializing in thyroid imbalance and was told I had Hashimoto’s disease, which could have been diagnosed earlier. My doctor changed my thyroid medication, started me on hormones treatment, gave a lot of supplements, and strongly advised to get off gluten, soy, and corn.

Simultaneously this led me to do research online about Hashimoto’s. That’s how I came across Magdalena’s website and was inspired by her journey to remission from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s. At that time, I was a vegetarian, Magdalena gently turned around my life with an introduction of good fats, meat, and minimizing supplements to receive nutrients directly from food.

After five months of a lot of investigative work together to try different approaches to pinpoint what is causing some of the symptoms, Magdalena gave me back my confidence in managing my health and being a healthy person.

I no longer experience digestive pain & discomfort, felt a boost in my energy level, significant reduce in hair loss, my medication dosage was reduced, and receive compliments that I look healthier and happier!

What makes me happiest is realizing that how the high and fast paced society is making me sick. I have slowed down, simplified my life, and let go of things that no longer serve me in order to minimize the stress. I am grateful for Magdalena’s extensive experience and knowledge with different approaches rather than to stick with one diet as well as her flexibility, understanding, and support to accommodating my needs as a deaf person.

With boundless gratitude!

Ingrid Tidblom

“I have been following the suggestions and using no drugs, my anemia is gone and B12 is back to normal.”

Hormones Balance Testimonial

Adaina Potter Watson

“I feel better than I have in a very, very long time.”

Janice lost her thyroid to cancer and was experiencing fatigue, foggy brain, digestive issues and insulin resistance. She was confused how to eat and thought planning and cooking were too much for her to handle.

She talks about how planning and diet have turned her health around in just 2 weeks.

Janice Simcoe

“I was told I could not get pregnant without a hormonal therapy.”

Rachel talks about her history of polycystic ovaries, getting pregnant (finally!), getting rid of acne, losing a few pounds, beating food cravings, re-thinking her knowledge of food and regaining her self-confidence.

Rachel Fleishman Manni

“I was afraid to eat. In just 4 weeks, everything has changed. It’s a big deal.”
Elisabetta has Celiac’s and Hashimoto’s Disease and was feeling a constant intestinal pain, feared eating, was exhausted and confused what to eat after many doctor visits. This was filmed just 4 weeks after transitioning her to a tailored diet, focused on restoring her digestive health.

She talks about being free of pain and bloating, regaining her energy, feeling happy and reconnected with her family and herself.

Elisabetta Berghold

“This is so huge.”
Amanda’s journey – on lifting of depression, anxiety, foggy brain, hair loss and reclaiming her life with joy and new confidence.

Amanda Harvey-Schwartz

“Best decision I’ve ever made. Thankful and blessed.”

“I lost my thyroid to cancer and accepted the fact that I will be on Synthroid for the rest of my life. In spite of my numbers “looking perfect”, I felt severely fatigued, my knees hurt, I carried extra 30 lbs, I had frequent migraines, dry hands and lips, problems falling asleep and would wake up 2-3 times every night.

What can I say… they are all gone now. I’m always on the go with a full day, so I feel tired at the end of the day but never fatigued.

My cravings are gone, I feel energized and it’s just so easy to adopt this new lifestyle.  My knees stopped hurting, I sleep soundly. I just got back from my doctor and to my disbelief (and his!), my bad cholesterol went down, the good one went up, my blood pressure dropped and glucose went down too. My doctor was amazed.

The biggest “miracle” for me though was my attitude about my weight. I’ve been dieting since I was a teen and I tried the whole gamut of diets with little or no results. I lost weight with Magdalena and I’m committed to continuing doing so; slowly and healthily by nourishing my body with what it needs.

However, letting go, not obsessing about food and not fearing food is HUGE for me. I’m still amazed how just eating whole foods and healthy fats has changed my life. This is life-changing. This is the best decision I’ve ever made (don’t tell my husband!).”

Joy Rice

“How fats and meat turned my health around. So grateful.”

Magdalena introduced me, a vegetarian since 20, to the idea that our bodies need good fats. She suggested eating coconut butter and avocados. With her gentle guidance she suggested I try some meat – sausage, chicken, liver pate.

I had been told to eat meat 4 or 5 years before but was unwilling. The last two or so years I had felt lethargic and a bit off in subtle ways. My regular GP said I was fine.

I was taking a self-prescribed herbal thyroid supplement but the thyroid specialist said I was fine too. This spring I saw an acupuncturist who also understood that my health issues were coming from my gut and she told me I was anemic. My blood pressure was very low as well.

With all that information I began to eat high grade, grass-fed meat. I feel really good. I stopped taking the thyroid supplement. My energy is back.

I have had a long journey and I am so grateful I have worked with Magdalena who understands that the gut needs to be healed with excellent nutritious food.

I write this in gratitude.

Lucille Nurkse


“This diet has helped me more than any doctor or medicine.”

“I’ve been struggling with Hashimoto’s disease/ hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis and rosacea (all are autoimmune diseases); I have suffered from extreme joint pains and skin flare ups while feeling very sluggish and fatigued.

4 months ago Magdalena and I began an elimination diet, starting with the most harmful foods (to me) such as dairy, wheat, gluten and sugars. I pretty quickly began to realize that my sluggishness started to diminish and I was feeling less joint pain. I also have less rosacea flare ups.

The major improvement I’ve seen is in the boost of my immune system. The past three years I’ve had severe cases of the flu. Since my new diet, I haven’t had the flu till today! I didn’t see it possible that certain food was that damaging to my health.

Magdalena’s guidance makes the struggle of introducing new foods into your life brighter and manageable. Foods that not only help but actually heal you! I’m still currently recovering but can tell you that working with Magdalena has made this challenge easier than I expected.

I’ve compared her knowledge and experience to doctors and feel that she has helped me more. When I think that she has experienced the same struggles and healed herself through foods, gives me great hope. I believe with great hope you too will see results. Magdalena’s insight will be a healing experience you will carry with you forever. Wishing every one of you good luck and health!”

Dianela R

“I feel in control again.”

You are brilliant and are making a big difference in this world! Not only do I feel much better in terms of having more energy and feeling more optimistic, but this program also brought me so much closer to my sister (we did the program together). The content is very relevant and helpful; explained in practical easy to follow steps, very thorough and comprehensive. You pulled together many studies and nutritional knowledge and delivered it in 4 easy-to-follow sessions. I feel in control now that I know what specific tests to ask my endocrinologist and why, how to do an Elimination Diet, what are my detox options. I also appreciate you debunking much of the confusion about the supplements and pointing us in the stress reduction direction. Awesome!”

Sara Alcoff

School Counselor

“After 20 years of thyroid and hormonal issues, I’m finally on track to solving my health mystery.”

I met Magdalena at the Healthy Thyroid Meetup she organizes each month in NYC and I had a feeling that she might give me a new direction to restore my health. I’ve been suffering from thyroid and adrenal issues for the past 20 years but no doctor, naturopath or healer was truly able to help me.

I already have a deep knowledge of the thyroid and the lifestyle that goes with it so this tele seminar re-emphasized on what my next steps should be. The Fire Up My Thyroid tele seminar content was great; not too much and not too little. It pulled all the most important pieces for me and most importantly: it made me take action in the right direction.

I’m so much closer now to solving my health mystery and I thank you for that, Magdalena.

Stacy Dilieto

Physical Therapist

“If you had any doubts before, this sudden transformation made me a total believer.”

As a person with juvenile diabetes, I am acutely aware of how food affects my body. In recent years, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Then in the last six months, I began to have issues with my thyroid. To further my frustration with my health, I still had trouble digesting food – and I’ve been on a gluten and wheat free diet for years!

A month ago, I started working with Magdalena. She is knowledgeable and friendly, and genuinely feels for my health conditions and concerns. The best part: within two weeks of starting her detox program I wasn’t bloated, my mood and mental clarity improved, sinus allergies disappeared, my energy increased, my creative juices started flowing again, I can concentrate for much longer and even my adult acne began to clear. If I had any doubts before, this sudden transformation of improved health made me a total believer.

Magdalena also introduced me to different foods and recipes that were not only healthy, but tasty. She accompanied me to the supermarket and explained what to eat and the reasons why it was a better nutritional choice. She also explained what tests my doctor should run, and the technical reasons behind my health issues. All in all, if you’re questioning whether to work with Magdalena, realize she is not only an educated and passionate diet coach, but also a former thyroid patient. Let her work her magic, and you’ll wake up feeling healthy again.

Kristin Creighton Asaro

Graphic Designer

“Magda was there for me when I felt like I was out of my depth.”

For years I have had doctors try and explain to me why I was so tired, and why I was getting sick, all the time. Finally, a naturopath diagnosed me with hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue and sensitivity to 8 foods (most were my favorite). I came home that day feeling REALLY daunted; “Oh my god, what do I eat now!?”

Enter Magdalena. She taught me about my blood tests, pointed me to the best online resources, showed me how to cook yummy allergy-friendly meals, took me grocery shopping and opened my eyes to all of the amazing foods I didn’t know even existed!

Six months later, I am in the best shape of my life (I lost 10 pounds), feeling the best I have EVER felt, and eating some of the yummiest food – with new dishes inspiring me every day. Thank you, Magdalena. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Blair Fillingham

Senior PR Manager, Microsoft

“Reduced medication for the first time in 10 years.”

Without a doubt, I would recommend investing in your health with Magdalena. I started the six-month 1:1 Coaching plan and for the first time in 10 years I’ve seen a drop in my medication dosage!

I feel way better, my thyroid nodules are gone, the goiter is almost invisible now and have more energy than ever.

Your health is your life and I am very happy I have made that investment and commitment. I have learned a lot about my thyroid and how good nutrition plays a critical role in getting my health back. I vote you as one of the most influential women in my life. Thank you, Magdalena!

Lillian Hilliard

Special Education Teacher

“Years of acne, creams, antibiotics, countless doctors visits – no more.”

After years of battling adult acne, with numerous doctor visits, antibiotics, magic creams, body cleansers…you name it… I thought I exhausted all the options and was ready to resign to what mother nature has given me… or so I thought, until I met Magda.

Since I had nothing to lose, I agreed to try Magda’s holistic approach to resolving my issue. It’s been a month now, and I cannot be happier with the overall experience and the results. Magda is extremely passionate about the interaction between foods and health, and has been selflessly sharing all of her knowledge and rich experience in order to ensure knowledge and rich experience in order to ensure positive results.

She has a very methodological approach, including detailed evaluation, which she then uses to provide customized plan. She gives tons of personal attention, with frequent calls and e-mails to ensure that I am staying on track or to address any concerns that I may have.

As a result, not only has my face stayed clean for over 3 weeks (for the first time in years), but my energy level has increased significantly (no more daily early afternoon crashes!).

I learned a ton about foods I never knew existed (doing a store tour with Magda is a must!), and am excited about discovering more of Magda’s healthy recipes every day. Not to mention breathing and meditation exercises she taught me, which help me ground myself and eliminate stress. This has been the best thing I’ve done for myself and my health in years!”

Rossana Mozina

“Years of bloating and feeling tired are gone.”

When Magdalena and I met in NY, I happened to mention a problem that I’ve had for a while now…after some meals I would experience bloating and gas from indigestion , which would linger for days. And another symptom, (that I didn’t really relate to food) – just feeling tired and low on energy for no reason.

The goal was to get to the root of the problem & find out what was keeping me from feeling 100%. We did a process of elimination starting with wheat, then dairy and egg.

Clearly, I was intolerant to gluten! That meant a gluten-free diet without all the bread and desserts and pastas I love…but Mag introduced me to several food alternatives and some healthy, energizing recipes too.

Fortunately there is life after gluten, and I’m so relieved to be free of the recurring woes of indigestion. Thank you Mag for helping find what was bugging my system, sharing some valuable nutritional and food shopping information, and making me more aware and much better informed. Health and fitness is now my new yatra!

Sudeshna Srivastava