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Archive of Previous LIVE Events:

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Candida: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments


  •  in the small and/or big intestine
  •  skin (esp feet and toes)
  •  reproductive organs
  •  nipples


General Health

  •  Constantly craving sugar or carbs
  •  Chronic fatigue
  •  Brain fogginess
  •  Exhaustion
  •  Insomnia
  •  Dizziness
  •  Aches
  •  Constant colds

Women’s Symptoms

  •  Recurring vaginal discharge, itching, stinging or thrush infections
  •  Recurring cystitis or urinary infections


  • Bloating
  • Flatulance
  • White film in the stool


  • Fungal nail infections
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Psoriasis
  • Hives
  • Mouth

White coating on the tongue

Bad breath

Cracked tongue

Cracks at the corners of the mouth


Chronic sinusitis or nasal congestion

Post-nasal drip




  • Fluid retention
  • Weight gain
  • Inability to lose weight

Other Symptoms

  • Itchy ears, eyes or anus
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Body odor
  • Sensitivity to smells such as chemicals and perfumes
  • Feeling tired, slightly drunk or bloated after drinking kombucha
  • Stuffy nose or itchy ears after a glass of wine
  • Dinner does not feel complete without “something sweet”


  • history of rounds of antibiotics
  • diet (past or present)
  • birth control pills
  • digestive issues like SIBO, parasites
  • compromised immune system
  • presence of heavy metals
  • estrogen dominance


  • blood (not reliable)
  • stool test (depends on the lab, better ones: GI Map, Doctor’s Data, Cyrex Array 12)
  • spit test – I like it the best!


4 weeks restricted diet, including no grains, legumes, starches, dairy, fermented foods, zero sugar (max a handful of berries, 1/2 green apple)

Supplement support: berberine, grapefruit seed extract, Pau D’arco, caprylic acid

Rx might be needed; such as Nystatin or Fluconazole

4 weeks introductory diet; slowly bring in legumes, grains, low GI fruit, fermented fruit

Are you Sensitive to Oxalates?

– vulvodenia
– painful urination
– kidney stones
– sharp body pain
– burning sensation (anywhere in the body)
– stubborn candida
– UTIs
– thyroid issues
– anything with inflammation: fatigue, poor sleep, enhanced AI
– autism

Food high in oxalates:
– chocolate and carob
– beets
– spinach
– swiss chard
– nuts incl almond, cashews
– some seeds like sesame
– some grains like gluten, buckwheat, but rice or millet are ok
– some fruit: kiwi, apricots, blackberries

– OAT (organic acid test) from Great Plains
– gut tests

– Genetics
– vitamin B6 deficiency
– Diet high in oxalates
– Antibiotics
– Not enough of good bacteria esp Oxalobacter formigenes
– Leaky gut
– Poor fat digestion and absorption

– Vit B6 deficiency or its active form – P5P Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate
– Calcium / Mag citrate before meals
– Taurine
– Digestive enzymes
– Ox bile
– Probiotics VSL #3

How to Reverse Adrenal Fatigue

Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

Hormonal causes:
– thyroid
– estrogen dominance
– adrenal fatigue

Nutritional and vitamin deficiencies
– B12
– biotin
– protein
– iron
– silica

– heavy metals
– sluggish liver

How to Use Seed Rotation to Rebalance Your Hormones

How to Use Food to Rebalance Your Hormones

How to get more Oxytocin to Rebalance Your Hormones

Low Stomach Acid and H.Pylori and Q&As

Supporting and Detoxing the Liver for Hormone Balance with Dr. Izabella Wentz

Video notes:
1) 3 liver-supporting recipes: Green Liver Juice, Virgin Mojito and Turmeric Tea.
2) Get the Hashimoto’s Protocol book here (great protocols for any hormonal imbalance, incl estrogen dominance, low estrogen, menopause -> all need liver support!)
3) Lots of great Q&As follow

Should You Get On or Off Bio-Identical Hormones?

How To Detox & Reduce Detox Symptoms

1). Liver Flush juice recipe: ½ bunch of dandelion, 1 apple, ½ bunch of parsley, 1 inch ginger. Supports liver detox pathways, kidneys, bile production (to get rid of metabolized hormones), rich in probiotics and stimulates digestion.
2). FREE Thyroid Detox workshop (actually, not only for thyroid patients, anyone will benefit)
3). Ready to join the full program?

What Tests Can Help You With Restoring Your Hormone Balance

Referenced resources:
1) Get the Thyroid Secret DVD collection if you missed the free screening (so worth it)
2) Support Denise to fight Lyme (every $10 helps, we can do it!):
3) “How to Use Food to Rebalance Hormones” FREE workshop
4) Tests and labs I mentioned:
-> Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• sugar (glucose) level
• electrolyte and fluid balance
• kidney function
• liver function
• cholesterol
-> Vitamins and minerals: vit D, B12, B6, ferritin and zinc
-> Thyroid panel: TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO and anti-TG antibodies
-> Nutritional deficiencies – Spectracell ($390)
-> Organic Acid Test (OAT) ($397)
Offers a snapshot of a patient’s overall health with over 70 markers, including:
intestinal yeast and bacteria -> can cause or worsen behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, fatigue and immune function.

Many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete several abnormal organic acids in their urine. The cause of these high levels could include oral antibiotic use, high sugar diets, immune deficiencies, acquired infections, as well as genetic factors.

Also measures vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels, and is the only OAT to include markers for oxalates, which are highly correlated with many chronic illnesses.
-> Sex hormones – DUTCH on

-> Labrix (physician), ZRT Labs (physican) or (online)
-> 23andme – genetic testing but needs interpretation

20 Superfoods to Rebalance Hormones and Live Q & As with Magdalena

Don’t forget to check out the Thyroid Secret

Live Q & A with Magdalena - Behind the Scenes of Shooting My New Cookbook

Facebook LIVE with Magdalena: 30% of Women Experience THIS Hormonal Issue

30% of women can’t eat EGGS and have THIS hormonal problem.

What you will learn:
1. Low Thyroid symptoms (please hear them first before assuming you don’t have a thyroid issue)
2. “Thyroid Secret” documentary (#mustwatch)
3. What COMPLETE thyroid tests to ask for (TSH, Free T4, Free T3, reverse T3, TPO antibodies and anti-TG antibodies)
4. Why so many doctors miss thyroid conditions
5. Learn about treatment options from the 9-part documentary
6. How to do the Elimination Diet: I teach it at the Cooking For Balance FREE Workshop.

Facebook LIVE with Magdalena: Magnesium Deficiency (Way Too Common!) & Hormones

1. Movie “Stronger Than You Think” – airing until Feb 20th. Very inspiring on many levels. Get the book as well!
2. “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND – every woman should read it because 80% of us are deficient.
3. “How to Use Food to Rebalance Your Hormones” – free online workshop:

Facebook LIVE with Magdalena: Cooking Demo - Nori Wraps with 5 Superfood Ingredients

Brands and links I mentioned:
1. Emerald Cove and Eden – nori sheets
2. Wild Planet – canned sardines
3. Cooking for Hormone – learn to sprout and ferment, as well as how to make other quick lunches like this one.

Q & A with Magdalena: Is Your Partner Supportive of Your Health Journey? Are You in an Abusive Relationship? Or, Are You the Abuser?

Links referenced:
1. “The Emotionally Abusive Relationship” by Beverly Engel.
2. Library of previous Q&As, where we covered testing.
3. How to do the Elimination Diet: FREE Workshop.

Q & A with Magdalena Special Topic: Hormone Labs - Which Ones To Order and Why Your Labs Looks Normal When You Feel Unbalanced

Links referenced:
1. Library of previous Q&As, including about weight gain and hot flashes.
2. Urine hormone test I recommend.
3. Find a functional practitioner.

Q & A with Magdalena Special Topic: How to navigate stressful conversations (like your diet) at the dinner table this season

Referenced links:
1. “Betrayal” movie about treating AUTOIMMUNE conditions, replay extended till the end of the WE. Send this link to friends/family who suffer from Autoimmune (AI) conditions.
2. Thyroid Detox Program
3. “Don’t Apologize at the Dinner Table This Season” article
4. Gallbladder article

Q & A with Magdalena: CONSTIPATION and HORMONES & How to Get Going Again

Links I referenced:
1. Berkey water filters (get the fluoride remover add-on)
2. Probiotics I recommend:
-> with lactobacilus and bifidobacteria: Ther-biotic (Klaire Labs), VSL#3
-> Spore-based (great with ppl with histamine, to reverse food sensivities and get BM)
-> Soil-based probiotic: Prescript-Assist
3. Thyroid, get started here:
4. How to Start an Elimiation Diet (part of the Food and Hormones workshop)
5. Gallbladder article I recommend
6. Paleo friendly and gluten free Thanksgiving recipe collection

Q & A with Magdalena: How to Get CALM and RELAX with abdominal breathing, EOs, tulsi tea and tapping

Links I referenced:
1. Thyroid Detox
2. Thyroid Diet Starter Kit
3. EO-infused jewelry from Dr. Anne Meyer
4. Get tulsi tea in bulk

Q & A with Magdalena: Why We Gain Weight

I talk about 4 keys areas:
1. Hormonal (thyroid, adrenals aka stress response, insulin resistance, estrogen)
2. Food intolerances and gut issues
3. Infections (yeast, bacterial, viral and parasitic)
4. Sluggish liver.

Resources I referenced:
1. How to do the Elimination Diet
2. SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) resources
3. The tea I’m drinking (tulsi, rose petals and raspberry leaves)
4. How to detox your liver

Q & A with Magdalena: Why Are You Not Getting Better With a Clean Diet?

You will learn:

  • how healthy foods can be messing with you
  • what is histamine intolerance and why sauerkraut is not for everyone
  • what are FODMAP-high foods and why onion are making you gassy
  • watch “How to Use Food to Rebalance Your Hormones” FREE online workshop on to learn more about foods for hormones.
Q & A with Magdalena: How to reduce and get rid of Hot Flashes. Hint: PFF breakfasts + mushroom "coffee." Who will be doing the Hot Flash Experiment with us?!

Links I’ve referenced:
1. Brown Butter (it’s actually ghee) from Tin Star. Get it on Thrive Market (cheaper than from Amazon).
2. Mushroom Coffees: Four Sigmatic (chaga, reishi and lion’s mane are so great). Get it on Thrive Market (cheaper than from Amazon).
3. Matcha Latte recipe (in lieu of coffee but it still contains caffeine).
4. To learn “How to Use Food to Rebalance Your Hormones” FREE online workshop:

Who will be doing the Hot Flash Experiment with us?!

Q & A with Magdalena: Adding SEAWEED and BROCCOLI SPROUTS to your diet. Answering questions about reducing hot flashes, flaxseed for estrogen, iodine for thyroid and more.
Q & A with Magdalena: A SURPRISE Giveaway - 20 FREE seats to my flagship online program for women with breast cancer (past or present)

Tell us about yourself to get the free access:, or pass it on to women who want to learn how to reverse estrogen dominance (leading cause of breast cancers).

Plus, the free online cooking workshop I referenced: – sign up to listen in how to eat to reverse estrogen dominance.

Links to the mushroom coffee I mentioned:
-> the mushroom site
-> Thrive Market

Q & A with Magdalena: Estrogen + Breast Cancer Connection

Links I promised:
1. New article on Estrogen and Cancer connection (and 15 ways to reduce risk)
2. Hormone testing
3. “How to Use Food to Rebalance Hormones” Free Online Workshop

If you think this information is important, please help us get the word out. 1 in 7 women will get breast cancer and we are still rambling on about “awareness” and not nearly enough about PREVENTION (which is totally doable). Send friends to to join the community.

Q & A with Magdalena: Intro to New Facebook Live Video Series

Links I’ve referenced:
2. Hormone quiz
3. Thyroid Detox, get $10 off until Sept 20th. URL is: (workshop) and (to join the program), coupon code: SUMMEREND.
4. Get the chaga and reishi mushrooms coffee here (great immune support), and use coupon “hormonebalance” to get 10% off.