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How to Use Seed Rotation to Rebalance Your Hormones

Whether you are still menstruating (regularly or not), or you are in perimenopause or menopause, the simple method called “seed rotation” can help.

What Is Seed Rotation?

When a naturopath first told me about the seed rotation method (also referred to as “seed cycling”), I was skeptical that such a simple method could be that transformative for so many women. Even though naturopathic schools teach this method in their curriculum, to my surprise, I had not heard of many women using it.

I still remember the first client I tried it with—she had heavy 20-day periods that would completely deplete her. She was anemic, miserable, helpless and paralyzed in her life. She didn’t want to get on birth control pills (which her doctor told her was her only option).  She was looking for more natural ways to normalize her cycles.

The other big surprise came when I started using seed rotation with women going through perimenopause and menopause. Many started reporting the reduction of hot flashes, night sweats, and better sleep.

This is when I knew that seed rotation was more than just an innocent use of random seeds.

Here is the key idea: Seed rotation can be used to boost estrogen levels in the first part of your cycle (called the follicular phase) and progesterone levels in the second part (called the luteal phase).

Women in perimenopause and menopause will also benefit from this method—more on that below.

You can download the free Seed Rotation Starter Kit for a full breakdown of this method so that you can apply it right away. 

What Conditions Can It Help?

Seed rotation can be used by anyone experiencing symptoms of estrogen dominance (can be menopausal women, too):

  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy flows
  • Terrible PMS (bloating, moods, pain, energy, headaches)
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Breast lumps
  • Thyroid Nodules
  • Fibrocystic and painful breasts
  • Low thyroid issues
  • Hair loss and brittle hair
  • Weight gain around the hip and thighs
  • Water retention
  • Cellulite

It can also help women in peri-menopause and menopause experiencing:  

  • Hot flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings

Who Is This For?

Seed rotation is great for any woman experiencing symptoms of estrogen dominance as well as low estrogen.

The symptoms of estrogen dominance can manifest as any of the symptoms said above. It is also the leading cause of estrogenic cancers such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancers.

Thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer have also been linked to estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance occurs in two scenarios:

The first is when estrogen is broken off into too many “dirty” estrogens (also known as “antagonistic estrogenic metabolites”).

The second scenario is If you have too little progesterone to oppose estrogen levels.

The seed rotation method can also help women low in estrogens such as in the case of perimenopause and menopause. This method can help by gently raising estrogen levels through seeds containing phytoestrogens, which are gentle, naturally-occurring estrogens. This is why many women who experience hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and memory loss also report significant improvements from using the seed rotation method. You can download my free guide to get started with seed rotation right away. 

It is also worth noting that women experiencing menopause and perimenopause can also experience symptoms of estrogen dominance. It might sound odd because this is the time when estrogen levels drastically drop (and this is why so many new, unexpected symptoms occur). This is also the time when most women are diagnosed with ER+ (estrogen-receptor positive) breast cancers—which is caused by estrogen dominance.

So how can you be in menopause (with low estrogen levels) and still experience estrogen “dominance?”

Two scenarios:

  1. Even though you are low in estrogen, the way your body breaks down those available estrogens is unfavorable and you are producing too much of the “dirty” estrogens that are responsible for the growth of malignant tissue.
  2. You have insufficient levels of progesterone to oppose estrogens.

The good news is the seed rotation method can help with both estrogen metabolism and progesterone production.

If you’re looking for an easy way to introduce seed cycling into your life, our team loves Beeya. They offer two convenient, pre-mixed, all-organic seed blends for both phases of your cycle.

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What Does A Balanced Cycle Look Like?

Of course, being regular is one important factor, but there is much more to a balanced cycle. So many of us are so accustomed to feeling terrible before our period (and some women in the mid-cycle or during ovulation as well) that we assume it is normal.

It is not.

High estrogen (or estrogen metabolites) can be the cause of tender breasts, mood swings, hair loss, weight gain, fibroids, endometriosis, breast and ovarian cysts, and even breast and ovarian cancer.

Low progesterone levels can manifest in ways similar to the above, along with infertility, miscarriages, feeling anxious, not being able to fall or stay asleep, mid-cycle spotting and menstrual headaches.

Rebalancing your cycle using a simple food-based technique like seed rotation can help alleviate many of the symptoms in as little as one or two months.

In a perfectly healthy woman, the menstrual cycle and the estrogen/progesterone production will happen naturally with no help or intervention. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many women today.

The key culprits? Excessive stress leading to excessive cortisol release, environmental toxins, poor diet, food sensitivities, digestive issues, and high coffee or alcohol consumption can all contribute to irregular or painful periods and even infertility.

Supporting the body with food that will help produce sufficient amounts of estrogen and progesterone is not only easy and cheap, but also non-invasive. This is why this form of healing is preferred by practitioners who work with food as medicine—this method works simply, while still being gentle on the body.

Why Add More Estrogens To Our Diet?

Many women worry that they are already experiencing estrogen dominance, so why add more estrogen in the form of phytoestrogens found in some of the seeds in the seed rotation method?

For this to be fully understood, we first need to establish that not all estrogens are “dirty,” and the one that tends to be high in estrogen-dominant women is estradiol, also known as E2. Excessive levels of E2 have been linked to breast and prostate cancer. The seed rotation method does not only suppress estradiol production, but it also nudges estradiol metabolism in a positive direction by generating a higher ratio of the “clean” metabolite 2-hydroxy-estrone versus the more harmful 16-hydroxy-estrone.

How Seed Rotation Can Help The Thyroid

Our hormones work like an orchestra—they all need to be in sync for us to feel and look good. Estrogen dominance can raise thyroid binding globulin (as the name implies: it “binds the thyroid hormone”), making less thyroid hormone available for the body to utilize.

As mentioned above, estrogen dominance is cited as the potential cause of thyroid nodules and even thyroid cancer development.

In closing…

The seed rotation method can be an easy and inexpensive way to rebalance our estrogen levels.

I invite you to download the Seed Rotation Starter Kit to fully understand this method and apply it right away.

Seed Rotation Starter Kit Social Proof

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  1. Hi Cev!
    Both the pumpkin and sunflower seeds should be shelled & presoaked.

    We love all questions – please never hesitate to ask. 🙂

  2. Yes, absolutely, it is such an non-invasive and safe way to help your body produce sufficient Pg and Est (which you are deficient in, this is why your cycle is so long).

    • Hi Magdalena, If my cycle has been running longer than 30 days, should I do the seed rotation by the number of days in my cycle cut in half, or should I do 15 days of each? Also, can you recommend a good substitute for sesame which I’m sensitive to? Thanks!

  3. 1. How does one rotate if one is post-menopausal, please? thx! (haven’t even read most of your article–when this question is answered, it will make sense) 2. how about seed butters? eg. sunflower butter, tahini, etc–i get them raw and/or make them myself from soaked seeds (organic ones, of course!)

    • In post-menopause you can rotate them every week or two. Seed butters are great, too. Great question!

      • Hi Magdalena,

        In response to this question, I wanted to make sure. Would it be okay for me to replace using the grounded seeds with pumpkin seed butter in the first phase and then sesame seed butter / tahini in the second?

        My best,


        • Hi Erin,

          Not really, no. For best results, it should be done as directed. ~Deanna HB Team

      • I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago. They took everything but one ovary. So since I don’t have a period, I’m a little nervous about how to do the seed rotation. I still have all the monthly hormonal feelings. Should I just read the chart and go off of how I feel??

    • I am post menopausal as well and I follow the new moon cycle. It helps to keep me on track as to where I am.

  4. This means in the second phase of the cycle I should not be taking Flax seeds and Sunflower seeds and visa versa.

    • Hi Shalini,
      Please look at it again. 1st phase please take Flax & Pumpkin…2nd phase please take sesame & sunflower. We would love to hear how it went for you.~Deanna HB Team

  5. During pregnancy, would you suggest to stop rotating and focus on progesterone boosters?

    • Hi Amie,
      Magdalena does not advise anyone during pregnancy. Please come back and give it a try after pregnancy and breastfeeding. ~Deanna HB Team

  6. Hi Megan,
    We are TTC and hoping this is our month. I’ve been seed cycling for a couple months now and would like to know what is recommended during pregnancy. Should I continue with the progesterone boosters?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Megan,

      Unfortunately, Magdalena does not make recommendations during pregnancy. It is a very customized time.

  7. I had to have breast reduction earlier this year and am so afraid my breasts are growing again 5 months after the surgery. Have not gained or lost any weight but this must be hormonal imbalance. Also have no thyroid since 2001 and take Nature-throid for it.

  8. This sounds interesting I am 61 and diagnosed with Hashimotos 2 years ago. I believe it was hormones that eventually kicked off the disease. I am sensitive to sunflower and sesame seeds, but eat pumpkin seeds almost every day and flax seeds 3-4 times per week. Is there anything I can eat in place of the sesame and sunflower?.

  9. How do you prepare your seeds. I understand they are more easily digested if they are soaked and dehydrated again or sprouted. Let me know. Thanks, Jan

  10. I take dim plus and bio-identical progesterone. I am peri menopausal. She I go off those if I start the seed rotation diet. If I don’t take them I have super heavy periods and irritability.

  11. Would chia seeds work in place of flax seeds?

    Also, for women like me and my sister who have strong mood shifts on the first drop in estrogen just after ovulation, would taking all the seeds for a couple of days help to bridge the gap? I’m worried that stopping the estrogen supporting foods, right at the time when estrogen is about to plunge and cause problems, will just make it worse. It’s the days in the estrogen valley that we are affected by the most.

    Again in the second drop in estrogen, coupled with drop in progesterone, during the PMS time (last 3 days of cycle) we also get very moody/emotional. During that time seed rotation would have us eating Pg enhancing seeds. But it seems like having some estrogen foods at that time would also be helpful, due to the drop in estrogen.

    • Hi Rachel,

      We have 3 kinds of estrogen. This is intended to boost the good estrogen and suppress the toxic aggressive one. So this may be very helpful for stabilizing mood swings. ~Deanna HB Team

  12. I”m post menapausal and blood tests show 0 progesterone in my system. I ‘m allergic to flax seeds pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Any suggestions of alternative foods that might help? Had a hysterectomy due to fibroids at age 34 left one ovary and tube at that time.

  13. I was diagnosed with breast cancer this Feb. that is both 90 percent estrogen AND progesterone sensitive . . . even though I’m in menopause. I read your response on the theory of bad estrogen. What about progesterone? Also, I always thought estrogen and progesterone had a see-saw effect on one another. What’s the deal with someone like me who is sensitive to BOTH?

    • I know this is an old post but I was curious if you’d ever gotten a reply? I had a complete hysterectomy even years ago (removed it all) and would love some balance. Thanks!

      • Hi Wendy: thanks for your question. Yes, the rotation works the same for you.

        Customer Support

      • Im alergic to flaxseed or at least I think I am as it causes spotting, nausea and chronic dizziness. Will the pumpkin seeds still be of benefit without the flax? Tia x

  14. so during days 15-30 do you continue to use the estrogen sides while adding the ones for progesterone balance???? thanks!

    • This technique can be used by anyone who is experiencing irregular periods, heavy flows, substantial PMS, and even women going through peri-menopause and menopause. Yes 62 year olds fit this too 🙂

  15. How much of the crackers do you need every day. Also Do you use whole seeds or do you grind them. If so do you grind them before or after soaking? Also do you have a recipe for the sunflower sesame seeds or do you just switch the seeds out with the pumpkin and flax seeds. Thank you! 🙂

    • It makes 20 crackers and you can eat one 1-2 a day. They will keep in an air-tight container for up to 2 weeks. You do not need to grind and yes you can.
      soak them. There is a slight variation for the progesterone crackers.

  16. I haven’t received instructions for my starter kit yet. I’ve submitted my email address twice.

    • Hi Cheryl, I ordered it for you. However, you need to confirm your email address. Check your spam/junk mail just in case. Let us know if you do not receive it. today.

  17. Thank you for the article because I had a hysterectomy and I have gained so much weight and I’m going to use this to see if it helps with my diet and taking off some of the weight thanks

  18. Thank you for this information! I’ve wondered for a few years what alternative is available for balancing hormones. This is enlightening and so very helpful….and doable!

  19. I am allergic to tree nuts, is there an acceptable substitute for the almonds in the cracker recipes?

  20. Does baking with these seeds change their hormone balancing properties? I sometimes use ground sunflower seeds instead of almond ‘flour’.

    • No, she does recommend to keep the temp low as not to burn. The healing properties are still present.

  21. Hi Rachel, my cycles are similar to yours. Clarification for seed rotation in this case would be great.

    • Hi Rachel,
      Start at spotting and switch at day 13…next month switch at day 14. When the spotting starts again…switch back, even if it is early. See how that goes for you.

      • Thanks! I am more like 21 days. Sometimes go 25 so I was curious on this as well. Sounds like cutting it in half and hopefully eventually getting to the 28 day normal cycle?

  22. How much Evening Primrose Oil should be taken along with sunflower and sesame seeds?

    • Hi Julie,
      Follow the directions on the bottle of primrose oil and that will be good.

  23. Pardon my ignorance, as I’m new to this whole “seed” thing. I LOVE the idea of seed rotation for hormone balance… I’ll try anything to curb the “crazies”. Do ALL seeds in this rotation need to be raw and soaked/sprouted? Also, can chia seed be used in place of flaxseed?

  24. May I suggest that dates of publications be included with your resources/ bibliography to give your article validity and professional form? You have done such great work.

  25. I had no period for 2 months I started seed cycling and had 2 within a month. I just started seeds with the moon cycle but should I follow my latest period which came on the new moon? It was a perfect period no symptoms whatsoever!!!

  26. Ok. I am confused… so if I start with seed rotation 1-15 and then start 2nd half of seed rotation and get my cycle on day 22. Do I continue with second half of seed rotation or do I go back to first seed rotation again? I have always been on a 22 to 24 day cycle. I am still pretty consistent even though I am almost 47.

    • You sound like me. I am more like 21 days. Sometimes go 25 so I was curious on this as well. Sounds like cutting it in half and hopefully eventually getting to the 28 day normal cycle? From other posts it seems like if you start you should go back to the beginning seeds.

  27. Hi Linda: I suggest you divide your 22 day cycle in half. The first half, take the appropriate rotation seeds and the last half, the appropriate seeds. I hope this helps!

    Customer Support

  28. hello,
    thank you for the excellent article. I always had my cycle 30 days apart but for the last 6 months. in the last 6 months, my cycles have become shorter with only 20 days apart. i have realized this is due to hormonal imbalance since i have started getting cystic acne which worsens after about 10-12 days of my first day of the cycle. my acne fully clears off by the 3rd or 4th day of the cycle and starts again by the 12th day or so. i have also been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and not sure if that is causing the hormonal imbalance. but would like to get your opinion on fixing such hormonal imbalances. is this symptom of high estrogen or is this due to high progesterone? Will seed rotation help for regulating the cycles from 20 to 30 days?

  29. With I believe flax seeds and sesame seeds I see choices of brown and golden. Does it matter?

  30. In the Cycle diagram, it describes all of the seeds as ground (w/ the exception of Evening Primrose Oil) but in the text she really only talks about grinding the flax seed. Is it necessary to consume all of these in ground form in order to get the full potency or can we consume pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame as whole seeds?

    • HI Allison, grind the flax, as it needs to be for digestion, the other seeds you can eat whole, or grind and put in something like a smoothie. ~ Jen HB Support

    • Hi,I am premenopausal and my periods went on for a how do I do seed rotation

  31. I am allergic to almonds. Is there anything that I can use in place of the almonds in the crackers?

    • Hello Carol,
      Thanks for this comment – please can you send a link to further info on this as we (my daughter esp) eats tons of tahini and so she might need to hear about any issues with too much sesame and hormone balancing.

  32. As long as the seeds are soaked and dried, is it necessary to grind them all – or can I just grind the flax and sesame seeds?
    Thanks so much!

  33. Hi! Thank you for sharing this. I am exactly backwards from the moon cycle. I start around the full moon. Should I reverse the seed rotation and or if I follow the moon cycle the way you have it listed now, flax and pumpkin starting tomorrow on the new moon, will it regulate my period to the moon cycle?

    • Hi Maggie, My suggestion is to take the estrogen boosters on the 1st day of your period. Then, switch after the 14th day to the progesterone boosters. Most of the time, your body will naturally coordinate with the lunar pattern within a few cycles.

    • hi dear my period cycle is irregular and my prolactin level is high whould should i do so my both things would b normal

  34. Hi there! I snack on almonds every day and I was wondering whether I need to stop snacking on them during the progesterone boosting phase? Thanks!

  35. Hello! I’m enjoying your blog very much thank-you! Query, I started the seed rotation (I am in Peri) having skipped periods … I started when I had a cycle 2 weeks of the flax and pumpkin then started the sesame and sunflower (Luteal) However i guess because of peri I ‘m having a cycle mid cycle! Only at 19 days … do we continue our rotation if this happens? (a first for me!)

    • Hi Michelle,
      Whatever day you get your cycle go back and start and day 1 again.

  36. Hi Michelle, Yes continue the seed rotation in hopes that your body will “get with the program” and follow your lead.

  37. Hi! thank you very much for your blog!
    Please, I have large uterine fibroids (the biggest is 13cm). It is ok to consume the estrogenic seeds in my case?
    thanks again!

  38. Hey!
    Love the info!
    How can I add this to my diet of I have 7 day period then like 5 off then get my period again? It seems like I ALWAYS have it.
    I am seeing a Dr and got testing done but won’t get the results for another few weeks. So I would love to start trying this!

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Julie,
      Thank you for sharing . Follow the seed rotation as if you have a regular cycle with day one and continue the plan. After that we suggest diving deeper into the Cooking for Balance Program to work on your hormone balance further.

    • Julie,
      Thank you for sharing. That must be frustrating to have such an irregular cycle. Begin the seed rotation on the first day of your period and keep following it for a 28 day cycle, switching seeds at day 14 even if you start your period before then. Keep a regular seed cycle to setoff you body begins to follow the seed cycle with you. Be patient with yourself and give yourself plenty of time for rest and relaxation like epsom salt baths and a regular bedtime schedule. I’m glad you are getting additional testing with your doctor too. All the best to you!

  39. You can try using the seeds on your next cycle and see how it goes. When you get your tests results back from your doctor you can dial in a new plan. It will be important to see what your test results are.

      • Can you start seed cycling on full moon using flax and pumpkin? I dont get a period.

        • Hey Kate,

          The best way to use the seeds for women with irregular cycles or no longer menstruating is by the moon phases, starting the flax and pumpkin seeds on the new moon, and the others on the full moon. This is explained in the Complete Guide e-book.

          Healthy Regards,
          HB Team

  40. I’m 47 and haven’t had a period in 4 months. I don’t have any symptoms but concerned I’m going through menopause too early. I take hemp oil and mix with kefir and stevia and drink. It’s not too bad.

    • Hi Tonya,
      The seed rotation could be helpful in balancing your hormones and perhaps getting you back on track. It is hard to say what is occurring with your cycles but is normal to experience changes in the perimenopausal phase.

    • Tonya, Navigating perimenopause can be tricky. You can try using the seed rotation during this time to help your body through it. Let us know how it goes. Thank you for sharing.

  41. Hi, I appreciate this info. My cycle was regular for years until about a year and a half ago when it shortened from 28-30 to 25 days. Then I had a month of almost daily bleeding then about a year back to normal then fir the last three months it’s been put of whack again. I had no true period last month only bleeding. Then had a real one two weeks ago with three days of no bleeding then started a light period. Since I’m so out of whack, when should I start the seed rotation? Thanks!

    • Michelle,
      I’m sorry you are experiencing such difficulty with your cycle. I know that can be really frustrating. If it is that out of whack start the seed rotation on the new moon and begin to cycle it with a natural rotation of the moon. Lucky for you the new moon is coming up soon. I hope this is helpful.

  42. I’m 61 yrs old, still having hot flushes and several other menopausal issues.
    I want to start the seed rotation.
    So 2 weeks flax seed ground and pumpkin seed and then 2 weeks sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

    1 spoon of each every day.

    How do I use the seeds, do I have to soak them, I have unshelled seeds, do I ground them

    • Hi Monique, Yes, grind the seeds and that is easier to do with raw seeds rather than soaked.

  43. I tried to scan for the answer but didn’t see it. Is there another seed in place of sesame seeds, because of allergies? Thanks

    • Hi Robin, there is not another seed for sesame so just don’t use that one.

  44. HI, I started the seed rotation plan and I am entering my second month. I am allergic to flax and sesame so I am using pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

    When I take the pumkin seeds…3 days in I feel great…no hot flashes and I sleep straight through the night.

    When I take the sunflower seeds I have hot flases that are off the charts and up most of the night.

    Should I just use the pumpkin seeds or do I need more time on the plan?

    Not sure which way to go here….but those heat flashes and not sleeping are driving me crazy! lol!!!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sherri,
      I’m sorry you are still having some issues with hot flashes. Seed rotation is one way to help the body find balance. Keep giving it a try and work on some other aspects at the same time. Restoring the liver will help with the hot flashes too. Managing stress and keeping a good bedtime schedule is key for good sleep. If you are not doing it already, look into the cooking for balance program.
      Kindly, Angela – Hormones Balance Team

      • Hi I am 51 and perimenopause but still having periods. Which catergory do I come into please as starting the cycling? Should I start the first 2 weeks or on any day? I have very tender breasts. Chronic fatigue syndrome/very sensitive to light and sound/headaches/nausea/brain fog/anxiety


        • HI Linda, you can start the seed rotation with the first day of your cycle. If your cycles are highly irregular, you can just choose a day to start, or, start with the new moon. ~ Jen HB Support

  45. I am allergic to sunflower seeds. Is there something else
    That can be used in place
    Of it?

    • Hi Angela,
      You can avoid the sunflower seeds and just use the sesame seeds if you have an intolerance to them.
      Kindly, Angela HB Team

  46. For the pumpkin and sunflower seeds, might we simply eat them as a snack, instead of grinding them? I’m thinking of traveling for work and carrying snacks and such. Or in cases where I can’t soak or bake when out of town.

    • Yes! You can, and you don’t have to soak them, that is just preference. ~ Jen HB Support

  47. What do you recommend for women with continuous (literally) menstrual bleeding who are trying to regulate their cycle? …Right now, my bleeding is pretty heavy. I eat a “perfect”, clean, healthy, organic, local diet but don’t know what else I can do to help fix it asap.

    Thank you

    • Brittany,

      I had this as well and I was also eating healthy. My lining was too thick and my body was not ovulating. The bleeding was my body’s way of trying to flush out the continual build up of lining. A prolonged, thickened lining is not a good thing to have, and I would talk to a doctor who will listen. I had to see several myself and I’m glad I did. I hope this helps and that you start to feel better. I really understand how hard it is. If you were like me and you feel stressed, please try to relax as the stress does not help either.

    • Hi, Did you ever find anything to help this? Starting this seed cycling and other dietary measures this week, but I have the exact same thing. So frustrating!

  48. Hi there,

    I am curious about two things:

    1. I have heard the seeds need to be ground up. Does it matter?
    2. If I have a problem with higher estrogen, should I skip the estrogen booster seeds?

    Thank you so much.

    • HI Kimberly, Flax does need to be ground, the others do not, but sometimes it’s easier to grind the two you are taking together and throw them over a salad, top a soup, or put in a smoothie. High Estrogen, no don’t skip, you actually want to take them, as they will help to clear the toxic estrogens, and balance the clean. If you begin to feel overly estrogenic on the seeds (some of us have an adverse reaction, but it’s more rare) then back off the flax. ~ Jen HB Support

  49. I’m 53 and in perimenopause. Last year a doctor told me to take progesterone to help me sleep on the grounds that my progesterone was very low. A different doctor said it was supposed to be low at this age. But when I took the progesterone, I started getting my period often and it would last a long time. So I stopped. (I didn’t like the idea of taking it anyway.)

    Now I’m getting my period less often (the last time was over 2 and a half months), and that’s fine with me. I don’t want artificial monthly periods for years to come, which I get the impression might happen if I keep creating artificial hormone cycles by eating the seeds. So when should I take each kind of seed and for how long?

    • Need advice, you can start the seeds on any day, or with the new moon. Then rotate them in a 28 day cycle, as described in the article. ~ Jen HB Support

  50. Hi, do the seeds need to be soaked or just ground? also, I have fairly regular cycles but use an OvaCue to monitor ovulation. Should I switch the seeds at day 14 no matter what, or should I wait and switch after the device confirms ovulation. Thank you!

    • HI Michele, They do not have to be soaked, that is to your preference. You can switch when the OvaCue confirms if you like. The other way to do it, is to take the number of days of your cycle, and split it in half, and then split the seeds accordingly. So if you have a 30 day cycle, you would do 15 days on each rotation. ~ Jen HB Support

  51. Hi there, this might be a silly question, but can you bake the seeds into a muffin? Or do they loose their nutritional healing qualities once they’re cooked/baked? The reason I asked is because I noticed you say to ‘dehydrate the crackers’ rather than bake them in your recipe.

    Thanks, and looking forward to your response.

    • Hi Mercedes, we don’t want to cook or bake the seeds, as they will loose there nutrient value. You can top a soup with them, but don’t want to cook it into the soup. ~ Jen HB Support

  52. Hi, I menstruate regularly and sometimes d flow is very heavy and I’ve also stopped ovulating for about 2 years now, the doctors said it’s called anovulation. Can I take these seeds?

    • Yes, Edis, you can use the seed rotation. It may be helpful with your heavy flow.

  53. It doesn’t mention if you should soak the seeds first before grinding if so how long to soak? Also, this chart doesn’t include evening primrose oil should this be used with the sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds (3) seeds on days 14-28?

    • Magdalena doesn’t insist that you soak the seeds. If you wanted to do that you can simply leave them overnight in filtered water. Yes, do use the Evening Primrose oil with the Sesame and Sunflower seeds. (It’s hiding in the cycles chart). – Lori HB team

      • Hi,I was wondering how much evening primrose oil should I use? Also, should I have the ground sesame seeds, sunflower seeds & Evening primrose oil together at night or can I have all 3 in my morning smoothie or have the ground seeds in morning smoothie and evening prim rose at night ?

        • Hi Diane,
          Evening primrose oil comes in capsule.. While there is no standard dosage you can take what the bottle says…it’s standard to take 500 to 2000 milligrams daily. If you choose to use EPO, always start with very low doses. You can take in am or pm. ~Deanna HB Team

        • Hello I have pcos and I was advised to have soaked pumpkin seeds daily throughout my cycle. Will this affect progesterone levels in the second phase? Also similarly if I consume sesame seeds in the day 1-15 phase will it harm my cycle ?

  54. Hi,

    I’m 39 and am experiencing heavy prolonged periods with extremely large clots (to the point of needed blood transfusions and irons injections etc). It looks like my body has adjusted to having periods around the same time of each month now but the heavy prolonged bleeding still remains. I’m on day 2 of the cycle and plan to try the seed rotation tomorrow (day 3).

    Could you please clarify that if my cycles goes beyond 30 days, do I simply stop taking the seeds at day 30 and then wait for the next cycle then start the seed rotation again?

    Thanks so much, Tiffany

    • Hi Tiffany, use the length of your cycle divided in half for each rotation please. – Lori HB team

  55. hey i have a question: is it the same if i take one tablespoon of flax seeds oil instead of one tablespoon of grinded flaxseeds? thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Irene, no it’s not the same. The Lignans in flaxseed oil are not nearly as high, and the oil goes rancid easily. We prefer raw flax seeds, that you grind fresh. ~ Jen HB Support

  56. I am trying to understand Because I have Hormone inbalance
    1st phase take Flax & Pumpkin…2nd phase take sesame & sunflower.
    KK I need to understand is the first phase the first of the month to the 14th and the second phase the 14 to the 28th of the month.
    So they for I am asking is full moon the 14 of each month and new moon the first of each month.
    I am just trying to understand. Thank you

    • Hello Dion, no Day 1 of your cycle/period. Divide your cycle in half, says it’s 30days, then do 15 days on Flax and pumpkin, and 15 days on sesame and sunflower, and keep rotating. If you don’t have cycles, then you can start any day, or start with the new moon. ~ Jen HB Support

    • HI Monica, no seeds are best. The tahini would be heat processed (most likely), which would change the nutrient value of the seeds. Raw is best. ~ Jen HB Support

  57. Hi,

    I’ve been seed cycling since just before ovulation this cycle.

    I’m now at day 28 and there is a tiny bit of blood. (This is really exciting as my cycle has been 36 days or longer since the birth of my second child, and I’d love for it to be a 28 day cycle, and to eventually be tied in with the moon cycles).

    It doesn’t appear as though my period is properly coming… I have pain (unusual) and sporting, but that’s it…. so I’m wondering what I should do now? Will taking flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds (estrogen) today help my body to know it’s time to menstruate? Or should I continue with the sesame and sunflower seeds (progesterone) until my period is properly here?

    Thank you so much for any help you can offer 🙂


    • Hi Carissa, That is exciting! thanks for sharing with us. When your cycle starts, then you can switch to Flax and pumpkin seeds again. ~ Jen HB Support

  58. Is there any recommendation for the various types of sesame seeds available? White or black?

    • HI Dida, Either is great! I personally love the black ones. 🙂 ~ Jen HB Support

    • Hi Lea, it works for us, please try clearing your cache and history, and try again. Thank you! ~ Jen HB Support

    • Hi Betty, yes grind the seeds, you do not have to soak, but you can if you feel it would be better for your digestion. ~ Jen HB Support

  59. Hi,i had my periods on 11th August n started the Seed Cycling on 16th,i have irregular menses, should I follow the moon cycle n start the second seed taking?. Thanks in advance

    • HI Njisi, start seed rotation with the 1st day of your period, or with the new moon. ~ Jen HB Support

  60. Hi ~ I’m trying to prevent an ER+ stage one breast cancer and about to start hormone therapy (probably an aromatase inhibitor) but I would rather find a natural solution to reducing my strong estrogen/weak progesterone situation. Does the seed rotation work for a post-menapausal woman who no longer has a cycle? Thanks!

    • HI Carolyn, YES! It does, just start when it is convenient to you, or with the new moon, and you follow the 28 day cycle. ~ Jen HB Support

  61. Thank you so much for this info. I am potentially perimenopausal and haven’t had a period in 6 months. I have been seed cycling for the past 3-4 months and I JUST GOT MY PERIOD!! I do attribute this to seed cycling. Last month I had cramps like I was going to start but didn’t. And now here I am, hopefully more regular! The only question I have is now that I have a cycle, do I go by the 15 days or my cycle now? Thank you!!!!

  62. If I started my period three days early should I change seeds on the moon cycle or according to my period?

    • Do the seeds all have to be ground? Also, I bought ground flax seeds, is that ok or do we need to be buying them whole?

  63. My cycles are always regular (28 days) but I have severe endometriosis. Should I still use the seed rotation method?

  64. I am very interested in the seed cycling guide but i does not pop up in my email. I have tried three times.

  65. This has been a tremendously helpful article, thank you! I have PCOS and my cycle ranges between 30 and 45 days. I’m confused about when I should be switching seeds?
    Should I change seeds every 15 days? For instance, I am now on day 37 of my cycle. I did flax and pumpkin seeds for 15 days, and then switched and am still doing the sesame/sunflower seeds, but my period hasn’t come yet. Should I just keep going with the sesame/sunflower untill it comes? Or switch back to pumpkin/flax after 15 days regardless of whether or not my period has started?
    Would it be more helpful for my body if I measured my basal temperature, found out when I ovulated, and then switched, even if that means I’d still be having very long cycles?
    Thank you so much for any advice!

    • Hello, this is a great question and I look forward to the reply from the team.

    • Hello Kayleigh, thanks for asking. Take the average number of days of your cycle, split this in half, then split the seeds accordingly. So you might go a little longer with each set of seeds with your next cycle 18-19 days on each set. If your cycle comes early when you are on the estrogen building seeds, start the flax and pumpkin over. If your cycle comes with the progesterone building seeds, stay the course with them and switch as you would have done based on your average number of days. In time, the cycles will get closer together and average out more-so. ~ Jen HB Support

  66. I did seed cycling for 3 months, then became pregnant. I am due to give birth in 3 months.
    When breastfeeding my other children I always had very short cycles (21 days) and spotting.
    What seeds would you recommend for nursing without getting a period or spotting?

  67. Hi Magdalena,

    The info is so much interesting how to balance the hormones naturally- has salpingo-ophrectomy- and I started the seed roration today following the what had in the seed rotation chart.
    my question is i am in a bio-identical hormone, do I still continue it, while i just started the seed rotation, do I also need to take evening primrose for the 2nd phase of seed rotation? what is the effect of evening primrose and bio identical hormone? and how long do I need to take evening primrose? and bio – identical hormone?

    • Hi Olivia,
      Magdalena covers bioidentical hormones and when to take the evening primrose in the Complete Seed Rotation Guide:

      When it comes to supplementing with estrogens (typically estrone (E1), estradiol (E2) and estriol (E3)), or DHEA/testosterone, we recommend that you work under the supervision of a functional practitioner who has years of experience with bioidenticals.
      ~Jeanne HB Team

  68. Hello I have pcos and I was recommended to have soaked pumpkin seeds daily. Will this affect the second progesterone phase ? Similarly if I have sesame seeds earlier in the cycle will it harm the cycle ?

    • Hi Mia,
      I am happy to help you with this! Here is what Magdalena has said about PCOS. “This is how hormones work (a sliver of it): High blood sugar levels cause high testosterone and inflammation – the two leading causes of PCOS. Testosterone gets converted to estrogens So, it’s therefore common for many women with PCOS to also have Estrogen Dominance issues. The Seed rotation can help with the ED symptoms but it does NOT take care of the root cause of the problem. You can do the Seed Rotation to help with Estrogen Dominance symptoms but the main strategy should be sugar balance. Here is a link to learn more about how to work through balancing hormones with food.”

      As long as you are getting 1 Tablespoon of each seed into your diet in the proper phase, you can add whatever else you’d like. Your body will take care of getting what it needs.

      Jeanne HB Team

  69. Can the Complete Guide be delivered electronically? I live in the UK and it would be easier to receive it by e-mail. I am postmenopausal and cannot even remember my cycle days. From other comments I understand that it is possible to do the seed rotation? I am also sensitive to flax seed (food sensitivity test) and have been told to avoid it. What would be a good substitute please? Thank you for your help.

  70. I usually have pumpkin seeds on a salad. But during the Sunflower seed stage, can I still have pumpkin seeds on a salad plus the sunflower seeds, or should I not have any pumpkin seeds at all during the second half? I usually just have those 2 seeds, not the others as they get stuck in my gums when the seed is too small.

  71. Congratulations for your fantastic website.
    I have an allergy to sunflower seeds. Is there any seed to replace the sunflower in the hormone seed rotation?

    • How do you switch the the 2nd phase of the seedling that is sunflower and sesame when one is still spotting after the 14th day and menses resumes again.

      • Hi Sharon,

        Are you saying you have your cycle every 2 weeks? If so, you can keep trying with the seeds…Although, you may have to switch every seven days (for 1 cycle), then switch to every 8 days (for the next cycle) and so on until you can stretch out the cycle days. This would be a good option for you as well ~HB Team

  72. Finally convinced my 25 year old daughter to start seed cycling. She started with the pumkin/flax with her cycle and with in 2 weeks, her period started again. She is concerned now because she her periods have always been on a great cycle. Now her period was 2 weeks early. Do you know why this would happen? should she stop seed cycling?

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Ala,

      I’m not certified in FAM or NFP but I know quite a bit about them. Were the periods heavy and long, like a regular period? Or was it shorter and light? She could be spotting during ovulation, which would be quite common as her body adjusts on seed cycling.

    • This just happened to me, too. I got my period a week earlier than usual on my first time doing seed cycling. Should I switch back to pumpkin seeds/flax now? This is day 20 for me in my cycle, which is usually right at 28 days.

  73. I am sensitive to flax seed. What can I use to replace the flax seed in the first cycle?

  74. Hi!!
    I am extremely irregular, have PCOS… I had my period November 2018, then June 13th 2019 and started seed cycling then, after 6 weeks, I have my cicle again.. I just recently switched to sesame seeds and sunflower seeds (luteal phase) but since my period just started, should I switch to flaxseed and sunflower seeds since I am on my folicular phase??

    thank you so much!!!

    • Hi Marcy, For irregular periods, you can start the flax and pumpkin seeds any day (as Day 1) and then rotate to the sesame and sunflower seeds every two weeks.
      It is common for many women with PCOS to also have Estrogen Dominance issues. The Seed rotation can help with the ED symptoms but it does NOT take care of the root cause of the problem. You can do the Seed Rotation to help with Estrogen Dominance symptoms but the main strategy should be sugar balance. Here is a link to learn more about how to work through balancing hormones with food

      I hope this helps!

      ~ Jeanne HB Team

      • Hi I have a regular 25 day cycle but we have unexplained infertility. Been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years. Is this something that would benefit me? As being unexplained infertility I do not know what the issue is. Thanks

        • Hi Laura,

          It sounds like seed rotation could be an excellent option for you.

          For further support, I welcome you to reach out to [email protected]

          Healthy Regards,
          HB Team

  75. Hi there,

    I have a longer cycle (Approx. 38 days) so i tend to ovulate anywhere from day 20 to 26. I take my basal body temp to know this. I understand that ideally our cycles should be a maximum of 35 days. For seed cycling, should I rotate my seeds according to when I ovulate or should I rotate them earlier on in my cycle in order to try and shorten my cycle to 35 or less days?


    • Hi Larissa, Are you trying to conceive? My first suggestion is this-the for the first cycle, you could start with the estrogen boosters on day 1 through day 19. Then day 20-until period, you could do the progesterone boosters. The second cycle would be 1-18 estrogen boosters and 19-through period progesterone boosters, You can experiment with it. If you have more questions, please contact the support team at [email protected] and we can discuss this further ~HB Team

  76. Hi! I’ve always been regular but in the past year my cycle length has been irregular averaging out to a 24-day cycle. I hv uterine fibroids and one polycystic ovary. For the first time in my life I missed a period las month. I’m 44…got my period today and wanna try n get it for as long as possible. Can I try seed rotation or will it affect my fibroids?

      • Hi.

        I was regular for many years and beginning of April I did not get my periods as usual. A few days later I started hot flashes, intense night sweats, insomnia, low libido and craving, fatigue. I am 49. I also have high cortisol. I struggled with all that for 6 weeks and started seed rotation. I did 3 weeks and started to bleed today. So I am one week early. Should i continue sesame and sunflower seed for the 2d week before starting flax and pumpkin or should I start right away? Thank you.

  77. Hi, Magdalena,
    curious what your take is on thyroid nodes in men.


  78. Hi Magdalena, I’m not sure for how long should I do the seed rotation. I’m in my 5th cicle with the seed rotation. How do I know if that’s enough or not? I’m 42, hashimoto, estrogen dominance, PMS. Thanks!!

  79. Am TTC what seed or food to balance my hormone, I have hormone imbalance including high prolactin, can seed rotation help to conceive.

  80. I have tried to download the seed rotation starter kit two different times and still have not received it. Please help!

      • Hello. Thank you for this page.

        I am currently seed cycling. I missed a period 3 days ago. The last three months, my period was on time but prior to that it was missing for 9 months due to a number of gynecological issues. Based on my history, my period could come at any minute or not at all this month.

        Should I switch seeds now or continue with sunflower and sesame seeds? (I am not pregnant).

        Thank you!

      • Does this help balance hyper thryoid? You mention the other only here.( I’m 62)

      • Hi.

        I was regular for many years and beginning of April I did not get my periods as usual. A few days later I started hot flashes, intense night sweats, insomnia, low libido and craving, fatigue. I am 49. I also have high cortisol. I struggled with all that for 6 weeks and started seed rotation. I did 3 weeks and started to bleed today. So I am one week early. Should i continue sesame and sunflower seed for the 2d week before starting flax and pumpkin or should I start right away? Thank you.

        • Hi Layla. This is a great question. Since you are now in your menstrual phase, you will want to take flax seeds and pumpkins seeds through both the menstrual phase and follicular phase (approximately days 1-14, with day 1 being the first day you start your period).

          For your ovulatory and luteal phases (approximately days 15-28), take sesame and sunflower seeds.

          – HB Team

  81. […] Sunflower seeds (eat during the luteal phase, ovulation to menses, or full to new moon) Sunflower seeds also promote progesterone production. Both sesame and sunflower seeds are high in zinc and vitamin E, important precursors for progesterone production.  (source) […]

  82. Would this make sense to do while taking birth control ?

    I got the doctor to put me on it because they havent seemed to figure out what is wrong with me and why i am having estrogen dominance ( i had blood test and ultrasound) but not hormone test.

    I’m just afraid to go off it because before my cycles were very irregular and longer anywhere from 35-42 days and for 2-3 weeks i’d be getting the absolute worst water retination,moodiness basially all very bad pms symptoms that really were messing with my life. But with birth control i seem to atleast not be going through hell half as long because my cycle is only about 17 days.

    I’d like to transition off birth control eventually and just seed cycle if this ends up working. coincidently i kind of stopped taking the birth control for a bit this month, i couldn’t find sesame seeds but i started sunflower seeds and i dont know if it is a coincidence but my period came the next day!

    • Hi Kristin,
      You can always try it, consult your doctor if you have any questions about them together, but it might work for you. Everyone is different and it’s a very healthy habit! 🙂
      Healthy regards,
      HB Team

  83. I was a week into taking my sesame and sunflower seeds, them bam my period came early! Do I continue taking the sesame and sunflower seeds for another week or go ahead and switch to the flax and pumpkin seeds to start the new cycle?

    • Hi Kerry and Emma, Yes, this can happen. think about your hormones as recalibrating, and so when this happens, you might see a cycle come early, or even late. This can also happen for a few cycles, as everything is learning to recalibrate once again. That said, yes, if you get your cycle two weeks later, you can start the Estrogen balancing seeds on your day 1 once again. Usually in 3-6 months cycles will normalize. HB Support

    • Hi, I have regular periods usually at the same time each month. But my periods are heavy for the first 2-3 days then light but last approx 10 days. I usually have sore breasts but sometimes this is not the case when I eat fresh food. I’m also tearful nearly everyday and I have suffered from anxiety and depression since my periods began. This could also be due to stress though I believe. I don’t know if I’m estrogen dominant or if it’s due to gut dysbiosis as I have many allergies and maybe the gut is causing me to not be able to remove estrogen. When I took flaxseeds and flaxseed oil my breasts were sore again. So I thought it was causing more problems by adding more eateogen. I don’t know how to fix this. Please help.

  84. Hello. Thank you for this page.

    I am currently seed cycling. I missed a period 3 days ago. The last three months, my period was on time but prior to that it was missing for 9 months due to a number of gynecological issues. Based on my history, my period could come at any minute or not at all this month.

    Should I switch seeds now or continue with sunflower and sesame seeds? (I am not pregnant).

    Thank you!

    • Hi there! I’m trying to download the seed cycling started e-book, but the links aren’t working. Can you help? Thank you!

  85. My daughter and I started seed cycling together. I did it for extremely bad hot flashes that I have had for approx 5 years. My daughter has started the cycling because of extremely bad PMS. We have two questions.
    1. For my daughter, it worked really good the first month, but now her period never started and it has been 36 days. We are still on the sesame/sunflower waiting for it to start. Should we continue or switch back to pumpkin/flax, or should we follow moon cycle?
    2. For myself, I felt I had less hot flashes on the pumpkin/flax. Should I still switch to the sunflower/sesame and it will eventually even out or just stay on pumpkin/flax the whole month?
    FYI we both eat an extremely clean healthy diet.
    Thank you for your reply in advance.

  86. Hi Lana, if she has not started her period yet, we suggest following the moon cycle. So starting the flax seed/pumpkin seed with the new moon. For you, you can continue using the pumpkin/flax seed the whole month and just add in the sunflower/sesame during the first half of your cycle. ~HB Team

  87. I love this article! I have been trying to do a seed rotation for years and I finally got it down to a science! Thank you for the article!

    • Thanks so much for your feedback and your support! We’re so happy you enjoyed this article. ~HB Support

    • Hi Lidija, we don’t have a specific recommendation around this, so would suggest speaking with your practitioner about it. Thank you! Jennifer @HB Support

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