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When I was very sick and just starting my hormone balancing journey (you can read my story here), there were no resources back then to help with autoimmunity, burnout, and Estrogen Dominance. Now, we have so many resources that navigating through them presents its own set of challenges.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or excited about getting started, we’re here to simplify the process. We’ve gathered articles, products, and resources to help you on this journey.

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Reasons Why Your Hormones Still Need Some TLC

It has been my observation that we tend to pick and choose which aspects of our health we want to work on. Oftentimes, the ones that need the most attention are left unattended, consciously or otherwise. One example is food intolerances that cause chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalances (“I would never give up my cheese”). Many women choose not to reduce their caffeine or sugar intake because it’s more convenient this way. Some women are nervous wrecks who suffer from chronic stress and/or abuse – little healing can happen in such a state. My recommendation is for you to follow my protocols (from my books or blog posts) and commit wholeheartedly to making these changes. This change can be gradual but it needs to be made. The end results might not just be the reduction of estrogen dominance hormones, but also better cardiovascular health, healthier weight, sharper mind, and the list goes on.

I often hear women say, “I’ve done it all and nothing has worked.” We all have blind spots (I have them, too) and when we say “done it all,” it refers to things that you may already know about, but that’s not everything there is to know! Stay open and curious. Once you go over the resources I’ve compiled over the years, you will see that there are things that you may not have done yet, and those are the ones that will help you.

If you are suffering from numerous health issues, you’ve been DIY-ing your health, and getting no results, please consider investing in seeing a functional practitioner. We created a directory of practitioners you can search by zip code. This covers some international doctors.

It’s not one thing that will work. Not one supplement will fix everything, not one food, not yoga alone. The endocrine system is highly sophisticated and connected to your immune and nervous systems – your thoughts, past trauma, genetics, diet, alcohol, supplements, and drugs can play a role. I still feel that food is foundational and needs to be addressed first, but be aware of the other factors, too.