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How to Find a Supportive Doctor

How to find a supportive doctor

Almost every person I speak to starts the conversation with: “My doctor is useless and I’m so frustrated.”

The common reasons for this comment are:

  • They don’t listen to what you have to say.
  • They dismiss your symptoms, give you anti-depressants, and ask us to eat less and exercise more.
  • They refuse to test you for more than TSH and T4 (thyroid hormones).
  • They run blood tests for estrogen, progesterone, cortisol and testosterone and tell you that “it all looks normal.” They dismiss urine or saliva tests for these hormones even though they know nothing about them.
  • They just want you to just take thyroid medication or synthetic HRT.
  • They put you on birth control pills to “regulate your hormones.”

Sounds familiar, yes?

Integrative doctor listings and directories

There is good news. There are doctors who can help. I want to offer you this hope and empower you with this knowledge.

Here are some good go-to resources that will help you find a better physician. And yes, many of them do take insurance.

Take a look at these resources that many of my clients found very helpful:

  1. American College for Advancement in Medicine:
  2. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians:
  3. Institute for Functional Medicine:
  4. Paleo Physicians Network:
  5. Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, Physician Locator:

There is one more great trick I want to offer you.

If you have still had no luck finding a doctor, go to your local compounding pharmacy and ask them for a list of doctors who are their customers. We find that oftentimes, doctors who are willing to work with compounded (it means custom-made for you) thyroid replacement therapy are more open-minded and progressive. There is hope.

If you do your homework, you also stand a much better chance to find the right support system.

Order the tests yourself

You can order lab tests yourself by going to Your Lab Work.

Go to this page for more details on testing and specific doctor references.

If you’re experiencing symptoms estrogen dominance, you can find out more by taking my Free Estrogen Quiz. The truth is estrogen dominance symptoms occur to 75% of women, but a whopping 90% of them don’t even realize they have it. I recommend taking this quiz to find out for yourself here.

Helpful Tip: 

Want to learn more about how to balance your hormones? I invite you to join my Estrogen Reset program.

This is a great resource if you are suffering from:

  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Breast lumps and fibrocystic breasts Hot Flashes
  • Amenorrhea (lack of periods)
  • Irregular periods Dysmenorrhea & PMS
  • Menorrhagia (heavy periods)
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Infertility
  • Hip fat and cellulite
  • Breast Cancer (ER+)
  • High testosterone (PCOS)

You can enroll in the Estrogen Reset program here.

26 Comments to How to Find a Supportive Doctor

    • Hi Annie,
      You can go through the resources near the end of the article. When you call the office, Ask this question and you will start to get an idea of how knowledgeable they may be. I had to do this as well.
      ~Deanna HB Team

  1. Hi Cassi: Magdalena says that it is hard to tell because it really depends on how much the doctor has taken it upon herself/himself to practice functional medicine. She has had good luck with internists. You can also call their office and inquire what labs they offer etc.

    Customer Support

    • Literally just walked out of a doctor’s visit just like this where I’m asking myself “why are these doctors so useless”? I have the exact lab tests in my hands with just t4, estradiol, testosterone and progesterone levels. I requested a urine test and they refuse so I went in for blood work. And of course at my age all of this is”normal” even though some of my levels are below normal she just acted like it was okay. Now I get to spend more money finding someone who can do more lab work and help me get to the bottom of my symptoms. Can you please suggest a great naturopath in the Northern Colorado area? I know Magdalena is in Boulder, willing to go anywhere between Denver and Cheyenne!

      • Hi MK, it’s frustrating when our doctors aren’t listening to our needs. Kudos to you for advocating for yourself during those difficult conversations. We recommend consulting with an integrative of functional practitioner. This link can help you find someone in your local area: ~HB Support

  2. These are some great resources for finding a good doctor. I had no idea that there were so many sites that I could look for doctors on! We just moved, so finding a good doctor is important right now, for my family.

    • Hi Ridley,

      Yes, this can be a challenge. We hope you have found one.
      ~Deanna HB Team

  3. Hi,
    Can you help me with finding a supportive doctor(a good physician),plss?!I live in UK,even though i am Romanian citizen.I have got brain fog for 6 years,I can’t handle any longer.After trying by myself to fix the issue(changed the food,get rid of stress,so on…i realised that there is something that missing from this “picture “.I really want to have DUTCH kit..but i need a good physician for interpretation.Maybe i need more tests,i don’t know.I need help,pls.

    • Hi Monica,
      The functional medicine link does offer international search options. We hope you are able to find one from there ~Deanna HB Team

  4. You have some helpful tips for finding a good doctor. It’s true that doctors who don’t listen and take symptoms seriously can be a problem. I’d much rather have one who values my opinion and input.

  5. You’ve got great tips for finding a doctor. We just moved, so finding a new office is important right now. I’ll be sure to remember to ask qualifying questions, like you said.

  6. I have had breast cancer treatments, surgery and radiation. I do not want to take Letrozole, it makes me geel sick to my stomach like I have morning sickness all day long. I am almost 64. I need help.

    • Hi Robin,

      Yes, that is a challenge to find a practitioner you can trust with your care. We hope you have been able to locate one in your area ~Deanna HB Team

  7. Good morning to all

    Thank you for you fantastic website.

    After a very prolonged stress period I suffered of Estrogenic dominance (without any doctors in my location being able to even pay attention to my physical symptoms associated to my cycle).

    I learned a lot from your website. I tried your vitamins and minerals recommendations to naturally increase progesterone (e.g, vitamin C, vitamin b6, magnesium, liver detoxing. . .). And in just one month I saw all the symptoms of Estrogenic dominance decreasing drastically (such as painful breasts before the period, short luteal phase, too heavy and long periods, painful periods). So I am very happy about your website information and I am having very positive response in my body.

    I have a question: when exactly during the cycle should I take arginine? in the luteal phase only?, or should I start to take It also during the follicles phase?

    I also this month I would like to try seed-rotation during my breakfast (2 tea spoons of flax seed and pumpkin seeds in the first half; 2 tea spoons of sunflower seed and sesame seeds in the second half), can I also take arginine, magnesium and vitamin b6 in the second half ?

    I thank you in advance for your time and suggestions?

    Is there a doctor specialized in hormonal balance in the area of Toronto ? I will be there in November for a month and I would like to visit one, to know what type of tests should I do. Unfortunately I live in a country where the vast majority of doctors do not give importance to the entire endocrine system of women and no-one here has helped me as your website did.

    Please feel free to write me in private as well, to provide me information about doctors in Toronto.

    Thank you deeply,

    Best wishes


    • Hi Simona,

      We are happy to hear you have found this site helpful. How is the seed rotation going for you? You are able to search international practitioners under the functional medicine resource. If you have any additional questions, please contact our support team at [email protected] ~Deanna HB Team

  8. I have read both of Magdalena’s books, done the reset program , and tried to follow a better diet. I know since This past December I have not been disciplined and have just had my 3rd D&C yesterday. With my ultra sound showing more cysts and thickening lining I’m discouraged at to what I’m missing. Naturopaths have not come through and all I hear from my gyno is the latest meds and hysterectomy. Need guidance!!

    • Hi JoAnn, we’re sorry to hear what you’ve experienced. It may be important to look into a functional medicine doctor or naturopathic doctor who specifically specializes in reproductive organ issues to get a fresh new look and perspective at your situation. Typically, these situations are multifaceted and can involve inflammation, liver pathways blockages, possible genetic polymorphisms, hormones and of course even the digestive tract. You may want to look into superfoods like camu camu or liver supporting herbs like dandelion to get additional support. ~HB Team

    • Hi JoAnn,
      I have exactly the same issues and same responses from my obgyn… with her solution to everything… have a hysterectomy!!! I am not on board with her thinking and I will see for the first time a Functional wellness nurse practioner mid September. I would love it if you could post any progress you make. If this isn’t the right platform to share, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  9. I seen a place on here to find a functional doctor and now I can’t find it. Can Someone help me get back to there. Thank you.

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