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Get seed rotation recipes
Access collection of FAQs (soaking, sprouting, seed types, etc)
How to sync up with the moon
Understand the estrogen:progesterone balance
Supplements and herbs to accompany seed rotation

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Contents of the Seed Rotation | COMPLETE GUIDE:

⟶ Going deeper and recipes

  • Seed rotation recipes
  • How to get the most of the seeds (soaking,  grinding, storage tips)
  • Printable guide for cycle charting
  • Are estrogenic foods (such as flaxseed)  bad for you?
  • How to align your cycle and seed rotation with the moon?

⟶ Supplements for estrogen balance and progesterone boost

⟶ What about bioidentical hormones?

⟶ What do balanced hormones look like?

⟶ Understanding estrogen dominance

  • Deep dive into estrogen dominance and its symptoms
  • Which genes are making you more prone to estrogen dominance?
  • Deep dive into low progesterone and its symptoms
  • How seed rotation can help low thyroid and Hashimoto’s?

⟶ FAQs and troubleshooting

  • Should I soak the seeds?
  • Golden or brown flaxseed?
  • Can I continue flaxseed throughout my cycle?
  • Should the seeds be organic?
  • What if you can’t eat seeds?
  • What if I got my period 4 days after I started the flaxseed -pumpkin seed combo?
  • How long does it take for my cycle to normalize?
  • What if I’m not cycling?
  • What if I’m going through peri-menopause or menopause?
  • What if I had a partial or complete hysterectomy

⟶ Other hormone balancing tools and protocols

  • What if seed rotation isn’t working for you?
  • What are your other hormone balancing resources?