B. Powered

Time to toss out your plastic honey bear. B. Powered includes all those super healthy bee products often removed from the final honey product, like royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis for an all-natural energy boost.


Air Purification

You know to be careful about outdoor pollution, but do you ever think about the toxins that are floating around inside your home? This air purifier eliminates contaminants like dust mites and mold, which may be the culprits behind your allergies or skin problems.

Multi-Pack Reusable Food Storage Wrap

Free small Z Wrap with $25 purchase.
With cotton fabrics in signature designs, these sustainable wraps are handcrafted in Massachusetts with organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.

Home Cleaning Starter Kit

Toss out all your chemical-laden household cleaners for this all-in-one, natural home cleaning pack. It’s all you’ll ever need for doing laundry, washing the dishes, and even scrubbing the bathroom.

Short Stack Tea Pot

Throw a tea party for one with this beautifully modern mini porcelain teapot. Looks like it’s meant for special occasions, but durable enough for everyday use.

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Urban Tea Tumbler

Forget travel mugs — we never want to leave home again without this beautifully ergonomic tea tumbler! The precision infuser makes it super easy to steep loose leaf tea to herbal perfection, then enjoy at your desk, in the car, or mat-side in yoga class.

The 16 oz Loose Leaf Tea Tumbler shows off your classy, glassy tea infusions whether you like it hot or whether you’re looking to chill out. Constructed of borosilicate glass, brushed stainless steel lids at both ends for easy cleaning, and accented with a cork sleeve and strap – making this tumbler a harmonious blend of natural beauty and sophisticated style.

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Farmers Market Shopping Bag Bundle

This handy assortment of super chic tote bags, drawstring muslin bags and mesh produce bags help reduce waste while making you look good, too


You take probiotics to balance your gut bacteria, why should your home be any different? Homebiotic restores the balance of bacteria and fungi in your home, protecting your home from mold and musty odors.
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