Drinking plenty of water is not an option if you want to be well. It is a mystery to me how many people do not drink enough water even though they feel better when they drink it and yet they do not do it. Some people don’t like water and other forget to drink it.

Today, as I was foraging through our garden here in California, I started picking various herbs and fruit we have growing around the property – like calendula, oregano, rosemary, lavender, parsley and peaches and oranges. I then went to buy all the other fruit and vegetables from the local organic store.

Water infusions are a fantastic way to get you to drink more, have fun with the water and gets the kids to switch from sodas and packaged juices.

There is nothing better than drinking pure water. And lots of it.

Yes, coconut water might be the latest and hippest thing to drink but let’s not forget that an 8oz (240 ml) can of coconut water contains 22 grams of sugar which translates to nearly 6 teaspoons of sugar. Yes, it’s natural sugar but it is still the sugar that your body needs to deal with. So, drink some infused water, it’s good for you :-).

I’ve created some recipes here for you, I hope you will love and enjoy them as much as I have been loving getting back into cooking, food-making and some food photography.