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What is Wrong with Your Healthy Snacks?

Walk to any health food store to be greeted by the snacks galore. OK, so you know that long chemical names are not great, the lesser ingredients the better, sugar matters (4 grams = 1 teaspoon). But what about other things that we might think are safe?

Like citric acid.  

And also, what do you snack on when you have candida? I’ve got a solution for you.

This is what you will learn in today’s video:

How to look beyond “buzz words” like organic, zero-sugar etc and what ingredients to pay attention to:

  • Understand the differences in fermentation processes vs. citric and lactic acids to preserve processed foods.
  • How Paleo Valley was created from a health crisis of co-founder, Autumn Smith
  • How different are these beef sticks!
  • Points to consider when deciding on snack options
  • Grass-fed beef vs. grass-finished beef
  • Processing methods in today’s snacks and how they greatly affect our health
  • Probiotic benefits of the Paleo Valley fermentation process
  • Try Paleo Valley with a special offer for us (see below)

Important points and notes from this interview:

1:32 – Meet Autumn Smith, one of the Paleo Valley partners. She shares how we can be more mindful of hidden ingredients in snacks and make better snacking choices.

2:11 – The impetus for Paleo Valley – Autumn’s Paleo diet eliminated her digestive issues.

4:51 – Autumn shares her tips on how to choose savvy snacks:

  • Understanding food and its purpose
  • Focusing on a food’s benefits rather than buzzwords
  • Pay attention to hidden sources of sugar
  • Why organic ingredients matter
  • How processing methods can greatly affect whole ingredients

15:40 – Why and how Paleo Valley sources the highest quality product. What the difference is between grass fed and grass finished beef. Grass finished yields higher antioxidant levels.

17:15 – Why not citric or lactic acid? Learn how it’s really made and why Paleo Valley needed a different alternative. The Paleo Valley fermentation process yields ONE BILLION probiotics!

22:44 – A special offer for the Hormones Balance community to try Paleo Valley.


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