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The Role of Calcium D-Glucarate in Hormone Balance

The Role of Calcium D-Glucarate in Hormone Balance

If you have been following me, you might have seen the pre- and post-surgery protocol I created when facing a double hip replacement (on August 28, 2017). I shared my protocol so you don’t have to do the hours of research if facing any form of surgery.

Calcium D-Glucarate was one of the key stars in my protocol to detox my liver from the toxicity of the pre- and post-surgical medications and anesthesia.

And there is more.

How Calcium D-Glucarate Can Help You

1. Removes the Harmful “Dirty Estrogens”

“Dirty estrogens” or the harmful metabolites of estrogen are responsible for conditions such as fibrocystic breasts, breast lumps, ER+ breast cancers, thyroid nodules, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, mood swings, and PMS.

This research validates cancer prevention and estrogen metabolism.

2. Supports Liver Detox

Glucaric acid (which is what calcium d-glucarate is converted to) binds to toxins which are then removed in the urine. Removing toxins from the liver will increase liver function and promote a healthy metabolism.  It will also allow your liver to flush out other toxins that would otherwise cause problems.

How Calcium D-Glucarate can help you.

3. Boosts the Immune System

Furthermore, this study shows that calcium d-glucarate decreases inflammation by activating the immune system and increasing the activity of the anti-inflammatory cytokines.

4.  Lowers LDL (“bad”) Cholesterol

This study showed that the use of calcium d-glucarate lowers LDL cholesterol by 35%.

Our Wellena Calcium D-Glucarate is made with non-GMO ingredients. Free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, and colors. It contains no fillers and preservatives.

This Supplement is For You If:

  • You struggle with estrogen dominance (or symptoms such as fibrocystic breasts, breast lumps, ER+ breast cancers, thyroid nodules, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, mood swings and PMS)
  • You have thyroid issues (low thyroid and/or Hashimoto’s)
  • You have been diagnosed with autoimmunity
  • You are preparing or underwent surgery with general anesthesia
  • You experience elevated LDL cholesterol
  • You have been drinking water from plastic bottles
  • You have been using many mass-market skincare and house-cleaning products (without realizing their toxicity)

Who Should Not Take Calcium D-Glucarate

Calcium d-glucarate can speed up the metabolism of toxins as much as certain medications.

We therefore advise that if you are taking any medications, please speak to your doctor before taking calcium d-glucarate. Taking calcium d-glucarate along with medications changed by the liver might decrease the effectiveness of these medications.

According to WebMD, medications changed by the liver include acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), atorvastatin (Lipitor), diazepam (Valium), digoxin, entacapone (Comtan), estrogen, irinotecan (Camptosar), lamotrigine (Lamictal), lorazepam (Ativan), lovastatin (Mevacor), meprobamate, morphine, oxazepam (Serax), and others.

Other Compounds to Help Clear Estrogen

The other two supplements that help with clearing estrogen is DIM and Brocco Power.

DIM stands for di-indolyl methane which helps to quickly metabolize the “dirty” estrogens.

Sulforaphane, found in Brocco Power, supports the liver in quickly getting rid of the “dirty” estrogens.

Both these supplements work synergistically.

Which Estrogen Clearing Supplement to Take?

All these supplements support estrogen detoxification. Which one do you pick?

It’s hard to determine because it depends on which body system isn’t working optimally in clearing estrogens.

My general guide is:

1.  If you have tried DIM and Brocco Power and are still symptomatic, add the Calcium D-Glucarate.

2.  If you have been exposed to many industrial, environmental or medical toxins (such as anesthesia), pick Calcium D-Glucarate.

3.  If you are new to estrogen dominance (symptoms such as fibrocystic breasts, breast lumps, ER+ breast cancers, thyroid nodules, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, mood swings, and PMS), start with DIM and Brocco Power.

Learn how to add more hormone-balancing ingredients to your meals with our FREE 15 Breakfasts to Rebalance Your Hormones guide here.

Helpful Tip

If you’re struggling with estrogen dominance and would like to learn more about how to balance your hormones, I invite you to join my Estrogen Reset program.

This is a great resource if you are suffering from:

  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Breast lumps and fibrocystic breasts
  • Hot flashes
  • Amenorrhea (lack of periods)
  • Irregular periods
  • Dysmenorrhea & PMS
  • Menorrhagia (heavy periods)
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Infertility
  • Hip fat and cellulite
  • Breast cancer (ER+)
  • High testosterone (PCOS)

You can enroll in the Estrogen Reset program here.

Learn more with Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

“The body has an amazing ability to heal. We just need to give it the right resources.”

In Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, my goal is to empower and give you the tools to take control of your hormones and health.

More than 70% of women experience estrogen dominance. The symptoms range from lumpy and fibrocystic breasts to thyroid nodules, hot flashes, fibroids, uterine polyps, painful, heavy or irregular periods to infertility and miscarriages, from mood swings to insomnia, weight gain to fatigue.

So many women have experienced the pain and frustration that comes when they feel their symptoms and complaints are dismissed or minimized. This is particularly true for women who are experiencing the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Even when doctors do offer treatment, it’s typically in the form of prescription medication or invasive surgical procedures.

In Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, I hope to show that those extreme interventions are often unnecessary, and to give women a roadmap to reverse estrogen dominance using food, herbs, supplements and natural protocols to rebalance hormones.

To get your copy of Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, go here.

96 Comments to The Role of Calcium D-Glucarate in Hormone Balance

  1. I had a a very slow growing, less aggressive early ER+ breast cancer and have chosen to use food, lifestyle, and supplements to balance my estrogen, instead of the pharmaceutical prescribed by my oncologist. DIM makes me dizzy, headachey, and anxious. Why is this and what do you recommend? Thanks!

    • Hi Jill,

      We cannot say why it is that it made you dizzy. However, we would definitely recommend for you to check out this workshop Magdalena believes in food first, herbs often. supplements sometimes and medications only when needed. ~Deanna HB Team

  2. Thank you, This sounds as if it would help me! However, I’m also anemic, and I’m taking iron. Would calcium d-glucarate interfere with its absorption? I also take, zinc, a b complex, and magnesium.

  3. Hello…my funtional practicioner ran some tests and I have elevated beta-glucuronidase, low estrogen and low progesterone. So she put me on bioavailable HRT (progesterone and divigel) and Calcium d-gluarate. Wouldn’t the supplement wipe out the estrogen? I don’t want to waster my money on the HRT if it would be a “wash”. I have read it simply helps the estrogen not be reabsorbed. Any chance you could clarify? Thanks so much!

    • HI Dawn, While we can’t comment on the HRT, we would suggest clarifying that with your practitioner. Calcium d-glucarate helps to clear the toxic estrogens, and toxins, but yes it can clear all estrogens, so it is not recommended to take this long term. That said, we would suggest checking with your practitioner on that as well. ~ Jennifer HB Support

  4. I don’t really get pms but I have breast tenderness each month. Would this help eliminate that? I also don’t have a gall bladder and always think my liver can use some extra help/cleansing.

    • HI Mary, it could possibly help as breast tenderness can be connected to estrogen dominance. ~ Jen HB Support

  5. What is the recommended dosage for calcium d-glucarate and should it be taken with or without food? Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah, you can follow the directions on the bottle, and it can be taken either way, with our without food. ~ Jen HB Support

  6. Hi there,

    Just learned of Calcium D Glucarate and have some ordered. I am menopausal and my estrogen is 10x normal range. How soon will I start to feel effects after taking the CDG?

    • Make sure that you take Progesterone along with the Estrogen , and get it saliva tested for levels and get the amount of Estrogen compounded that is balanced according to the test. Also testosterone and DHEA levels should be included in the test.

    • Can calcium l-glucarate lower estrogen too much? I’m close reaching menopause and my estrogen levels are declining but would like to take it to aid in detoxing from breast implant illness.

  7. I started this supplement one month ago after reading about it here and I’m blown away by the results I have had. I think it is from d-glucarat at least. A lot of hair have started to grow out. Lost 1/3 pf my hair after quitting the pill and had ME/cfs. Some hair startet to grow out when I got better, obviously not all since I now have 1 cm baby hair on my forehead. Also, I have normally had my periode last for 14-20 days! This month it was 8 days! And 8 days with bleeding and not spotting ish. I’m excited to see if it is a one time thing’ or if it will be the same next periode.

      • Hi Helen,

        We love hearing how you are seeing such quick results! Magdalena encourages supporting supplementation with a nutrient dense way of eating. If after a couple months of taking this and following it with a supportive diet…then you may want to “take a break” and see how your body does. It is good to check this and see how the body is responding. If you need to get back on, then you know your body is still finding benefit with it. ~Deanna HB Team

  8. Hello! I’ve just been recently “prescribed” Calcium D-Glucorate by my Natropath and wasn’t told how long I need to use it for. I was just wondering if I eventually will take less than four pills a day, or if I will have to take four a day forever. Originally, I thought it was just a 2 week detox, but I’m starting to think it’s going to be an everyday thing. Unfortunately, it’s super expensive with the amount I need to take. Thank you for reading!

    • Hi Taylor,

      This supplement, along with a supportive diet can be very helpful. How long and often you take this will depend on how your body is responding. After 30 days or so, you may want to re-evaluate how you are feeling. Also, has your practitioner advised on the time frame he would like you to take this? ~Deanna HB Team

  9. Hi, I developed rashes on my legs few months ago after using foot massage machine and also I am on perimenopause and my FSH is high. Can this supplement help my skin condition?

  10. How long should you be taking this supplement? Are there times you should cycle on and off?

    • Hi Hilary, we believe that most supplements do not need to be taken for a long period of time. You should see progress in 3 to 6 months. If you are not, you may need to seek the help of an integrative practitioner to dig deeper into your condition. ~ Jeanne HB Team

  11. I am on progesterone to counteract estrogen dominance and uterine hyperplasia. Will the calcium d glucarate interfere with the progesterone medication?

    • Hi Kate, here is the disclaimer we have on the website: *Calcium d-glucarate can speed up the metabolism of toxins as much as certain medications. We therefore advise that if you are taking any medications, please speak to your doctor before taking calcium d-glucarate. Taking calcium d-glucarate along with medications changed by the liver might decrease the effectiveness of these medications.
      According to WebMD, medications changed by the liver include acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), atorvastatin (Lipitor), diazepam (Valium), digoxin, entacapone (Comtan), estrogen, irinotecan (Camptosar), lamotrigine (Lamictal), lorazepam (Ativan), lovastatin (Mevacor), meprobamate, morphine, oxazepam (Serax), and others

      If you have any medication concerns, it’s always best to discuss them with your prescribing practitioner.

      ~ Jeanne HB Team

  12. Hello!
    Loved DIm, but it made my hair fall out like crazy. I had to stop taking it. Took Saw palmetto started to help with hair fall out, but it started to throw off my menstrual cycles. 🙁 do you think the calcium-D-Glu will be a better fit ? Thank you

    • Hi Amber, thank you for sharing your feedback. Calcium D Glucarate would be helpful, if you have been exposed to many different toxins such as industrial, environmental or medical toxins. It’s worth a try!
      ~ Jeanne HB Team

      • I am taking DIM and CDG as I was having terrible hormonal headaches. Prior to taking them consistently my periods were regular but heavy then tapering off at Day 6. Now I am still very very lightly bleeding at Day 9, cramping slightly too. Is this normal? I feel fine otherwise, it’s just a nuisance but I will persevere if it’s not completely abnormal? Thanks

  13. Calcium D-Glucarate made my period come back after having it over for months. Did it disrupt my hormones?

    • Hi Laura,

      It does help the body metabolize estrogen. Who can say really, unless you have been tested around this time…maybe they were disrupted before when you were not getting a cycle? We recommend tuning into the body. Do you feel better, same or worse with taking it? ~HB Team

  14. Hello can you tell me if Calcium d Glucarate can lower cortisol levels? I need to take it but I all ready have low cortisol. Any information is appreciated.

    • Hi Jay,
      It is recommended that you speak to a practitioner prior to starting calcium d glucarate. It may depend on the root cause of why cortisol is low to begin with. ~HB Team

  15. I have a breast cancer diagnosis (Er and PR positive)
    I have been using DIM. My urine has been orange. I’m concerned about estrogen metabolites. My liver has been a little tender. May I use the calcium de glucarate to help the liver remove the metabolites and detox the liver? Can they be used together indefinitely? Do the DIM and calcium deglucorate work together? I’m also on other supplements. No prescriptions. Any contraindications for taking the de glucorate with other supplements?
    Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. My doctor will not test my hormones…
    What hormone test would you recommend so I may watch my hormones? Thank you!!

    • Hi Robyn,
      With the Calcium d-glucarate, it can speed up the metabolism of toxins as much as certain medications/supplements/herbs. We therefore advise that you please speak to your doctor before taking calcium d-glucarate. Also, with your DIM, it can be taken along with Calcium D glucarate. Orange urine is something that can happen from DIM, it is from the Anatto ingredient, which is a from a plant that is orange/red. It is harmless but weird non the less. Please be sure to drink plenty of water and that will help the detoxing along. I cannot say universally that DIM/Calcium D glucarate are ok with all other supplements,there are so many. If you have a specific question about a certain combination, please connect with the team at [email protected]. You should not need to use these supplements indefinitely, especially if you are doing gut healing, liver support and sugar balancing to help the body heal. With your medical history, it is not clear why your practitioner will not do hormone testing. Here is an article on hormone testing for you We hope this helps. ~HB Team

  16. Hi – would you know what the interaction of Calcium D-Glucarate is with cannabinoids (CBD etc), and whether it would reduce their effectiveness due to the glucuronidation effect of this supplement? I look forward to hearing from you, thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer, it is not advised to drink alcohol while taking these supplements. ~ Jeanne HB Team

  17. Can I take DIM and DHEA together as I have low DHEA but I have endometriosis? Thanks

    • Hi ZOe, you can try both at once. If you have any concerns, its best to discuss them with your functional medical practitioner as she would be familiar with your health history. If you need help finding a new one in your area, here is a helpful tool:
      ~ Jeanne HB Team

  18. Just started CDG a week ago and after day 3, it’s causing an anxiety type response. At first, I thought this was an allergic reaction but wouldn’t I have felt that after my first pill on day one? Wondering if these are detoxing symptoms..??

  19. I took DIM last year for a month, which was the first month in years my PMDD was non existent, but stopped it due to bad headaches. When I stopped taking it, it was as if my hormones went really wacky and I started having crazy anxiety and insomnia for a few months until it readjusted. If I take calcium d-glucarate, does it actually change the hormone levels in the body? I don’t know my current levels, so if I’m low on estrogen, would it be safe to take? The last time I had levels tested was almost 2 years ago and estrogen was high, but not sure now.

    • Hey Kelly,

      It may be best for you to meet with a functional medicine doctor who can help you in a more individualized manner.

      If you would like a great source for finding a functional medicine doctor, or a place to get your hormones tested on your own, please reach out to [email protected] and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

      Healthy regards,
      HB Team

  20. There are many acne treatment options available to get your acne breakouts under control. Acne treatments can be divided into three categories: topical (medications you put on your skin, either over-the-counter products or prescriptions), systemic (prescription oral medications), and procedural (treatments done at a spa or
    dermatology office). The appropriate course of treatment is determined by the type and stage of your acne. For more consultancy visit mygenericpharmay.

    • Hey Ric,

      Please speak with your medical professional regarding drug interactions, and to see if this supplement is a good fit for you. As Calcium D Glucarate can speed up the absorption of some medications. Please check the article for specifics.

      Healthy regards,
      HB Team

    • Hi Ric, i’m not a doctor but I do take with calcium c glucarate and lexapro and feel great on both. I notice zero interactions. Of course I agree with the author here… Speak to your doctor… But just wanted to let you know my experience.

  21. There isn’t a lot of research into the side effects of calcium D-glucarate, however, it is believed to be safe and well-tolerated in humans.

    Due to the lack of research, it should not be taken by women who are pregnant or lactating.

    There’s some concern that taking calcium D-glucarate in combination with certain medications that are subject to glucuronidation may reduce the medications’ effectiveness. Some of these medications include Lipitor (atorvastatin), Ativan (lorazepam), and Tylenol (acetaminophen). It may also temporarily reduce the levels of other steroid hormones in the body, such as testosterone. visit mygenericpharmacy for more information.

  22. Hi there, is it best to take calcium d glucarate second half of the cycle? I already have an irregular periods and hope that this won’t lower my ‘good estrogen’ and delay ovulation even more ?

    • Hi Carol,

      You should be able to take this supplement at any point during your cycle. You may interested in checking out our blog articles on “Seed Rotation”, “Topical Progesterone”, and “10 Natural Ways to Boost Progesterone”.

      Healthy Regards,
      HB Team

  23. My hair is falling out alot for the last two months. I have been trying different kind of vitamins but nothing is helping…any advice plz. My thyroid test is fine

  24. I had a full hysterectomy due to ovarian cancer and only use vaginally estriol. However I have bloating and several symptoms calcium d glucarate helps.. Will this remove good estrogen I have and need?

    • Hi Pamela. Please speak with your health practitioner regarding whether Calcium D-Glucarate is a good fit for you.

      – HB Team

    • Pamela: I too need to know this . I can’t find any information on that ! I have to use the Vaginal estrogen but it builds up in my system and I feel dreadful so I take the CDG to relieve it . I’m thinking that it doesn’t take away what your body needs but stops it from recirculating.

  25. Can calcium D glucarate cause onset of headaches? What does this mean? Should I stick with broccoli and DIM?

    • Hi Tammy,
      It could be. You could stop taking them to see if the headaches go away and if you want to start again, start with a smaller amount. Hope this helps. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected]
      Healthy Regards,
      HB Team

  26. Hi! Would Wise Women’s Balance work well for endometriosis and estrogen dominance? I am taking DIM and Vitex but interested in adding CDG. I noticed WWB has these 3, plus more. Is there a benefit to taking these all separately instead, as they are in the estrogen reset kit on Wellena? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Catherine,
      They can be beneficial for those as they help detox estrogens from your body. It just depends on what you need. You might consult your doctor on how these would benefit you and how to take them.
      Healthy Regards,
      HB Team

  27. I take Lamotrigine 100 mg morning and night. It is metabolized by the liver. I have ovarian cysts and a fibroid and I know I have estrogen dominance, but how do I take something that detoxes the liver because of the medication I take?

    • Hi Amanda. It is a good idea to discuss taking a supplement that supports liver detoxification alongside any prescription medication with your health practitioner.

      – HB Team

  28. Hi, I’m going through menopause, I’ve been taking DIM & CDG for few months, I feel really good about them, but my question is: should I continue taking them or should I stop for some time, but I’m worrying if I stop, hot flash will come back, but if I keep taking them, what side effect I might get?
    Thank you!
    Kathy K

    • Hi Kathy. This is a great question.

      DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate are often taken somewhere in the range of 3-6 months. Brocco Power (sulforaphane) can be taken for longer periods of time

      I also want to share what what Magdalena has to say about hot flashes:

      “Hot flashes are often due to low estrogen levels. This is where food and striving for a balanced body come in. On one hand, we can add foods like flax seed to help boost estrogen levels and the metabolism of estrogen. This can help but if your body is imbalanced, then flax seed alone might not help. This is where restoring the health of the gut, liver, and sugar levels play a big role even though most of us do not connect these three body systems to our hormonal balance and symptoms such as the hot flashes. I have seen women’s hot flashes going away by just stopping to eat gluten, drinking too much coffee and stopping sugar/carbohydrate binges. When the body is in a state of a relative balance, wonderful healing can start happening. I hope this gives you a sense of perspective – to add foods like flax seed while restoring the health of your gut, detoxing your liver and rebalancing your sugar levels.”

      You can find more information here:

      It can also be a good idea to discuss these supplements with your functional medicine practitioner. Please get in touch at [email protected] if we can answer any other questions.

      – HB Team

      • Hi! Love this information! Ive been taking DIM and Brocco Power for about a year. I was diagnosed with ER+ and PG+ Breast CA four years ago. I’ll take Arimadex to block my estrogens for about another year. But then the doctor will discontinue it and I’ll be managing without it. I would like to improve my non-existent Phase 2 liver detox. (I’ve had it tested.) Didn’t realize the three supplements you listed would work so well together for both phase 1 &2 liver detox. Wish physicians knew about this. Need to add calcium D glucarate. Wondering how much I need to take of it daily. Hoping it will also reduce my LDL cholesterol.

        • Hi Kathy. Yes, Phase II can often seem like an afterthought, so it’s great that you are beginning to care for this phase of liver detoxification! The serving of Calcium D-Glucarate is 150mg (2 capsules) per day.

          You can reach out to [email protected] if there is anything more we can do to support you.

          – HB Team

  29. Hey there,
    I’m currently taking pristiq for anxiety and panic. Can calcium D glucrate interfere with this med? X

    • Hi Hannah. Pristiq is not listed under the medications above, however you should talk with the health practitioner who prescribed this to you about whether taking Calcium D-Glucarate is right for you.

      – HB Team

    • Hi Beatrice, this may be something to discuss with your practitioner depending on when this started and whether other changes you’ve made recently could be impacting this. Spotting can be due to shifts in estrogen and progesterone levels, but if it is significant you will want to make sure this supplement is suited for you and explore alternatives if needed. ~ HB Support

    • This happens to me all the time. I was taking it steadily for 3 months and had my cycle nonstop. Stopped taking it for 6 weeks and had no issues, then took it yesterday and started my cycle again last night. Have you figured out why this happens?

  30. I wonder if CDG can be taken by a child with suspected Gilbert’s syndrome – elevated beta-glucouronidase? As a baby he had a jaundice that lasted 4.5 months and no one could tell us why. now I understand that it could have been due to elevated beta-glucuronidase – he could not clear bilirubin from his system. He also has terrible reaction to NSAIDS which get detoxed via glucuronidation. And generally quite pale and i’d say yellowish skin.

  31. I am missing baby who is 9 months old. I have heard it’s not recommended to do DIM or Brocco Powder with Calcium DG. Can you tell me why or when it would be best to start taking these or in what order to maybe introduce slowly? I know I have estrogen dominance and want it to help stabilize hormones to possibly help with some minor gal bladder issues I had last year.

    • Hi, Magdalena teaches how to resolve many issues of hormone imbalances through diet by first addressing gut healing, liver support and sugar balancing. However, she does not make any recommendations with supplements while someone is pregnant or breastfeeding. Please consult with your health care provider for the best supplements for you, at this time, and when may be an appropriate time to start.

      Thank you for understanding and please join us in the future. ~HB Support.

    • Hi Sommer, there has not been any testing done on Calcium D Glucarate, DIM or Sulforaphane with pregnancy or nursing, so we don’t know if they are safe, and so not recommended.

    • Hi Kendra, Calcium D-Glucarate is not the best for for low estrogen. It can further lower estrogens. So if you are not yet clear on whether or not you have Estrogen Dominance, starting with a Dutch test could help you decide next steps.

      The DUTCH test can help you gain additional insights and explore how your body is metabolizing estrogen. This can help guide you towards what food, herbs and supplements could support you. For hormone testing Magdalena refers people to

      We hope this helps! ~HB Support

    • Hi Kendra, you can take it with low estrogen, but we recommend doing so only for a short time, as it can lower all estrogens, not just the dirty ones. Brocco Power or sulforaphane works on phase 1 and phase 2 without lowering over all estrogens, so this may be a better option.

  32. Can an elderly person take calcium D glucarate? Obviously way past menopause but she has issues detoxing toxins from body. Would a low dose help or any dose till symptoms are relieved? Thanks.

    • Hi Jennifer, yes, they can. However, we would recommend only for a short time as it does lower over all estrogens. Brocco Power or sulforaphane, or a product like our Daily Liver Detox can help open up detox pathways, without lowering over all estrogens.

  33. If your estrogen is low, but your 16-(OH) metabolite is very very high, would it be a good idea to take CDG in order to clear the excess 16-(OH), or would it further reduce estrogen and thus it should be avoided?

    • Hi Maria, CDG will further reduce all estrogens, so we would recommend something like Daily Liver Detox, and/or Brocco Power, which will work on clearing the 16OH, but not lower over all estrogens further. I hope that helps!

  34. Can men take this to lower cholesterol? My husband has high LDL and I just want to clarify that both men and women can take CDC.

    • Hi Abby, Yes, both men and women can take CDG, we don’t have a cholesterol protocol, so would recommend discussing it with a practitioner.

  35. Hi, my naturopath put me on Calcium D-Glucarate for hormonal balance. All my hormones came out fairly balanced on the Dutch test, to my surprise, but she thought the reason for my PMDD was being cause potentially by estrogen that wasn’t being properly metabolized/cleared. I’ve always leaned more towards low estrogen, and since being put on Calcim D-G. I’ve felt my estrogen dropping lower. Is there something I can take to raise it back up simultaneously? She also had suggested DHEA but I”m afraid of losing hair! Thank you!

  36. I have tried taking CDG twice now and both times after 3-4 weeks, my hair starts falling out a TON. I have very high estrogen, so I don’t understand why this happens. 🙁

  37. Will DIM, Brocco Powder with Calcium DG interfere with breast cancer medicines Letrozole and blood pressure / heart tablets Candesartan.

    • Hi Carol,
      We are not medical professionals, so that would be a great question to ask your practitioner. best, Jen @Hormones Balance

  38. Hello, I’m in menopause and taking bioidentical hormones .
    Can taking CDG possibly cause spotting ?

    • Hi Yvette, It is possible. We are not medical professionals, so would recommend discussing this supplement and it’s effects with your BHRT practitioner. best – Jennifer @HormonesBalance

  39. Hi! Do you mean one should take either of the two combinations
    1. DIM and Brocco
    2. DIM and Calcium Glucarate?

    • Hello Saira, Here is our general guide:

      “My general guide is:

      1. If you have tried DIM and Brocco Power and are still symptomatic, add the Calcium D-Glucarate.

      2. If you have been exposed to many industrial, environmental or medical toxins (such as anesthesia), pick Calcium D-Glucarate.

      3. If you are new to estrogen dominance (symptoms such as fibrocystic breasts, breast lumps, ER+ breast cancers, thyroid nodules, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, mood swings, and PMS), start with DIM and Brocco Power.”

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