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Discover How Your Genes Can Impact Your Hormones and What Can You Do

How Genes Impact Hormone Health and What You Can Do About It

What we discuss in this interview:

  • Our genes do not define us! How to ensure your genes are not a “sentence” or dictators in how your life is defined.
  • If you have only one takeaway from this video, it should be that although you’re born with your genes, it’s your choice of what truly comes from them.
  • Understanding all of the things that influence your genes’ role – diet, sleep, hormone exposure, etc., and how you can take back your health instead of living in fear.
  • Gene expression interprets how you break down or build up certain enzymes.
  • How genetics impacts estrogen dominance and estrogen metabolism, and the 4 different pathways your body takes apart estrogen.
  • Getting your genes mapped offers a true roadmap for your health as you move forward in life.
  • One gene alone does not affect whether or not you could develop breast cancer, rather it is the combination of several ones.
  • Genetic risks can depend on the ethnic background.  Know your specific genes relevant to your ethnic makeup.
  • How the use of birth control pills can affect mate selection and the result on our immunological diversity.
  • Any estrogen that you take will deplete your B vitamins. It’s therefore critical that you adequately support B vitamins through supplements.
  • A few reference links for you:

This estrogen metabolism schematic is adapted from: Cytochrome P450-mediated metabolism of estrogens and its regulation in human by Estrogen Gene Test Company

Birth Control Links:

Dr. Erika Gray is the Co-Founder of www.toolboxgenomics.com. They are in the alpha launch phase right now but if you sign up to her mailing list, you will know when the service is ready to launch.

Your raw data from 23andme is required before utilizing her services.

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  1. Do the same concerns with birth control, apply to bioidentical hormones as used in perimenopause/menopause management?

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