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[Practitioners] Things I’ve Never Told Anyone – How I Nearly Went Bankrupt and Then Turned My Business Around



I have never shared this with you before. In fact, most of my close friends don’t know the below details. 

I have been running my nutrition practice for 7 years now. Today is it a highly successful mission-based practice that changes women’s lives.

However, things have not always been that rosy. I started with over $200K in savings and I lost it all in 4 years trying to help people, coach, hassle for business, form partnerships and then simply survive.

It’s bad business when you lose that much money. My adrenals got pooped once again, I lost confidence and became frustrated. Worse of all, there was no one I could share it with. I was simply too embarrassed.

Fast forward today, I have a fast-growing and thriving community of over 260K followers, over $700K/year in solopreneur revenue, most of which is now passive income.

I have a wonderful and growing team of caring women who give a damn. I got a book deal from Harper Collins.

My Hashimoto’s is under control, my adrenals are rested and I feel better at age 44 than when I was 24. I’m in a loving and supportive relationship with a beautiful man. We live the dream we created two years ago: to live an international and somewhat nomadic life. So I can write and develop awesome recipes and content that changes and saves women’s lives. My heart is full and my gut is healed.

Some say it’s luck.

I don’t believe in luck. Luck is the outcome of very hard work, focus and mentorship.

System & Processes. Mentorship. Less Overwhelm.

In the coming months, I will be sharing some of the nutrition and business mentorship programs, people and resources (some are free) that helped to get my game on. To win back the freedom I aspired to regain after I left advertising in 2009. To start a mission-driven life.

I see many coaches and practitioners struggling and spinning their wheels. Many say that you can’t survive being a coach. That there is no money in nutrition.

That is utterly not true.

Let me share with you the program that made a critical difference in turning my business around – the Holistic Nutrition Lab by my mentor, Andrea Nakayama.

Andrea and I are hosting a FREE webinar “How to Avoid the Top 5 Traps Smart Practitioner Fall Into that Keep You From Having a Booming Business.”

If you are serious about making a impact on this world by helping people and make a living from it, this webinar is definitely for you.

This is for you, if you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed (where do I get started, so many pieces)
  • Missing a roadmap
  • Missing the tools and systems
  • Not feeling ready to work with clients
  • Understand theory and protocol but not able to put it into practice
  • Would like a mentor
  • Missing a sense of community and having other resources to turn to
  • Spending too long preparing for a session
  • Fear of working on complex cases




I hope you find this webinar helpful in evaluating what you could do next to move your practice to the next level. It certainly was for me and I would take it again any time over.

With many blessings,







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