I am sure you have been in the following situation many times with family and friends…

You passionately talk about “eating healthy” or “detoxing the products” wanting to help, but your words only land on deaf ears.

Please do not think it’s only happening in your family and friends circles – mine is no different. My family took a decade to get on board (often due to serious illness) and many of my old friends from my advertising days think that I’m “radical.” That is until they are diagnosed with a debilitating disease – this is when I get emails asking for help.

Here is what works for me.  

Instead of talking, preaching, commenting and sending various website links,  gift them something that is healthy but ALSO tastes delicious, works well, or makes their lives far easier.

Based on that, my team and I have prepared a list of healthy gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. I hope you like them and find them helpful.

Let us know if you have any other ideas; we are looking to grow this gift idea list!

Cooking for Hormone Balance Cookbook

Gift another woman a protocol cookbook that teaches how to balance hormones the most natural way – with scrumptious food!

LINK:  Cooking for Hormone Balance 

DIY Skin Care

Learn to make non-toxic and delicious lip glosses and chapsticks. There is nothing like a homemade gift! Our Herbs for Balance shows you exactly how to do it.

LINK:  Herbs for Balance 

Red Light Therapy Unit

If you want to help a loved one to boost immunity, help with pain, increase energy, detoxification and wound healing, consider this red light therapy unit.

DISCOUNT:  $25 OFF the purchase price + FREE Shipping in the US
LINK:  Red Light Therapy Unit 

Olive Oil Club

Got a true foodie who would appreciate the world’s top quality olive oil? I’ve personally never had better oil than this one. Click the link below to learn how to gift the membership.

LINK:  Olive Oil Club 

Sunlighten Sauna

If budget is not an issue (or get your siblings on board), this 3-in-1 sauna (offer all three infrared waves; near, medium and far) is our favorite and I personally use it 3-4 times a week.

DISCOUNT:  FREE Shipping (a $598 value) when you mention we sent you
LINK:  Sunlighten Sauna

Bitters for better Digestion

Want to help someone improve his or her digestion? Here is a wonderful present of handcrafted organic bitters.  


Clean Supplements

Want to gift clean and superior supplements to a loved one? Consider supporting our Hormone Balance Nutritionals.

DISCOUNT:  10% Off Entire Order
LINK:  Hormone Balance Nutritionals 

PIque Tea

With their Tea Crystals delivering 12x the antioxidants than regular tea, I have been absolutely loving them for my gut and digestive health.

Thru the end of December, they are offering you 14% off + free shipping off their exclusive Gift of Health bundle. That’s $31 worth of savings!

DISCOUNT:  14% OFF + Free shipping
LINK:  Pique Tea Gift of Health Bundle

Annmarie Skin Care

These skin care products are totally in line with the Hormones Balance philosophy: pure, toxin-free ingredients that won’t disrupt your healthy balance.  And they smell and feel wonderful!

LINK:  Annmarie Gianni Skin Care 


Julva, Dr. Anna Cabeca’s formulation helps women regain libido, dryness, and incontinence. This topical DHEA cream is a favorite in the Hormones Balance community.

DISCOUNT:  Try it FREE for 7 days
LINK:  Julva

Paleo Valley Beef Sticks

Need healthy snack food that the whole family would love? Our friends at Paleo Valley make grass-fed, naturally fermented beef sticks we love.

DISCOUNT:  30% off
CODE:  Magdalena30
LINK:  Paleo Valley Beef Sticks

Please note that I am an affiliate for these products and do receive a small percentage of sales, but opinions are my own.