Does Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) like estradiol cause breast cancer? Do bio-identical hormones cause cancer? Dr Mache Siebel, the author of “The Estrogen Window” explains (as it’s not a simple yes/no answer).

What you will learn:

  • The importance of truly understanding figuring out your health, rather than “toughing it out”.
  • Hear Dr. Seibel’s story about how his wife’s personal health propelled him to write his book and delve more closely into understanding more about menopause.
  • Understanding that there’s a window of opportunity in which women can take estrogen safely and lower the risks of breast cancer, dementia, and heart disease.
  • Who is at risk, what hormone and when – this is key!
  • Menopause is not about an age, necessarily, but about a transition in your body’s hormone levels. Dr. Seibel discusses how women who are going into early menopause, need to start estrogen early.
  • The importance of taking care of “the sum of you” rather than just “some of you”.
  • 5 things women need to optimize their lives
    • Understand the physical things that will happen
    • Emotional transition
    • Lifestyle habits and routines
      • stress
      • sleep
      • diet/nutrition
      • exercise
    • Estrogen & alternatives to estrogen
    • How to thrive beyond menopause
  • Strong advice for women who are going through early menopause – before age 46 – regarding estrogen supplements due to the increased risks of dementia, heart disease.
  • The importance of women really being educated and taking a proactive approach to their overall health and understanding the role of estrogen.
  • Living vigilantly with regard to your health is what he wishes for all women. Good health is not an accident.

To learn more about the Menopause Quiz with Dr. Seibel, visit his page here.

Dr. Seibel’s book, “The Estrogen Window”, is available here on Amazon.