Important discussion points in today’s video with Kirstin Nussgruber, the “healthiest sick person” and patient advocate who beat a very aggressive breast cancer not once but twice:

  • Understanding the importance of how thoughts and feelings are important and impactful when it comes to dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis – before, during, and after.
  • Kristin shares her story about what her lifestyle was like at the time of her diagnosis.
  • Find out what she would have done differently to prevent her cancer in the first place, and some things she would have focused on differently.
  • Kirstin shares the tremendous role that her hypnotherapy played in her healing, and especially when dealing with her second diagnosis.
  • Kirstin shares what her treatment plan was – a combination of conventional and alternative – and why strategies for coping with the healing process.
  • The two major things you need to do in your breast cancer treatment journey:
    • Fight the cancer, itself
    • Control your body’s internal environment
  • Learn more about what Kirstin does now in her role as a mentor for cancer patients. She focuses on several main points:
    • Diet & Nutrition
    • Mind/thought
    • Emotional
    • Exercise
    • Toxicity
  • How Kirstin views cancer as a “teacher” in her life.

To learn more about Kirstin Nussgruber, visit her online at EatHolistic.com.