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Hibiscus Rose Cooler

This ruby, deep velvety drink is not only delectable and a candy to look at but it’s highly medicinal, too. You can easily make it at home. Hibiscus is very high in vitamin C, lowers blood pressure, it’s anti-inflammatory and helps the immune system. Rosebuds are astringent and help heal the G.I. mucosa. Rosemary is a brain booster. Cardamom it’s a carminative (helps with gas).

Hope you try it! I buy all my herbs on Amazon, organic from either Starwest (see my recommendations below) or Frontier.

This infusion is strong, almost like a concentrate. You don’t need a lot to enjoy! Replace honey with stevia or monk fruit if avoiding sugar. It’s a great “mocktail” option if you’re participating in Dry January, or abstaining from alcohol for any reason.

Hibiscus Rose Cooler
Equipment: Strainer and large glass bowl
Recipe type: Drinks
  • ⅔ cup dried hibiscus flower
  • ½ cup rosebuds
  • 1 tablespoon dried rosemary or 1 sprig fresh rosemary
  • 10 cardamom pods, crushed
  • 1 quart plus one cup hot water
  • ¼ cup raw local honey
  • Ice and sparkling water to serve
How To Make
  1. Place all the herbs in a large glass bowl. Mix well and pour hot water over, and let steep for 2 hours, or longer but not exceeding 12 hours.
  2. Once done steeping, strain the liquid and add honey. Serve over ice or with sparkling water.
Storage: Keep refrigerated and consume within a month.

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17 Comments to Hibiscus Rose Cooler

  1. Sounds great! How much of the hibiscus/rose tea do you use per glass when using with sparkling water?

    • Hi Susie, there isn’t a specific amount of the tea required to use with the sparkling water. You can use 4 oz of each or play around with what tastes good for you. ~ Jeanne HB Team

  2. This looks really refreshing in a hot day. Can you tell me how much of the tea do you use with the sparkling water

    • Hi Margaret, there isn’t a specific amount of the tea required to use with the sparkling water. You can use 4 oz of each or play around with what tastes good for you. ~ Jeanne HB Team

  3. It uses only 1/4 cup honey. How much herbal infusion does it yield?Will it last for a month, even if refrigerated? Thanks, looks gorgeous!

  4. I have a lovely hibiscus plant that I received for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. Is there a special plant that you need to use to save the flowers or any hibiscus plant work?

  5. I have roses and hibiscus in the garden. Is it safe to pick the buds and use them? Do I need to dry them first?

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