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Why DIM Alone Isn’t Enough For Estrogen Dominance

Why DIM Alone Isn’t Enough For Estrogen Dominance

What You Will Learn in This Article

  • DIM – the Estrogen Dominance supplement
  • Some benefits of DIM
  • When DIM stops working… what’s going on?
  • How sulforaphane works with DIM
  • How calcium D-glucarate works with DIM
  • Overcome Estrogen Dominance with help from this kit
  • Who can benefit from the Estrogen Reset Kit
  • Where to start

If you’ve spent much time on this website, you may have noticed that we dedicated most of our resources to help women address Estrogen Dominance. If you are not familiar with this hormonal condition, start by either reading my book Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, or read this comprehensive article for a great overview of this condition. There, you’ll also find a FREE assessment you can take to help you figure out whether you’re likely to be estrogen dominant.

The short version is that Estrogen Dominance is an imbalance of one or more of the following:

  1. Estrogen and progesterone
  2. Protective/”good” (E3) and aggressive/”bad” (E1 and E2) estrogens.
  3. Too many “Dirty” metabolites created from breaking down estrone (E1)

Many women have been advised or have found recommendations from books or online to take a supplement called DIM. It’s one of the top recommended supplements for overcoming estrogen dominance.

In fact, its effects on estrogen are the main reason those with a higher risk for breast- or other estrogen-sensitive cancers are advised to eat more broccoli and other Brassica-family vegetables. (1) DIM is a great supplement that works well for women of all ages in reducing symptoms of estrogen dominance. However, many women report that it works really great for a while, but then it stops.

So, what happened? What’s missing? Stay tuned – that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

DIM: The “Estrogen Buster”

DIM stands for di-indolyl-methane. DIM comes from indole-3-carbinol, which is a compound naturally found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and collards. When these foods reach the stomach, indole-3-carbinol is broken down by the stomach acid. DIM is then released as a by-product. (2)

However, the amount of DIM you get from digesting a serving or two of broccoli isn’t going to be enough if you’re in a state of estrogen overload. You’d need to eat about 6 pounds of these vegetables a day to get a therapeutic dose of DIM. (3)

That’s where supplements come in. A clinical trial published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer has reported that it takes a dosage of about 100 mg of DIM to have any effect on estrogen dominance. (4)

While taking indole-3-carbinol (I3C) can be helpful for some women, I do not recommend taking supplemental I3C for two reasons:

  1. I3C needs cofactors in the stomach to get converted to DIM. Then it’s the DIM that does the work. (3) Most people have low stomach acid and the conversion may not happen.
  2. In the process of improving 2:16 estrogen metabolism, I3C also increases 4-hydroxy estrone, which is linked to breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers in some women. (5)

The conclusion is: DIM works a lot better, and it does so without the potential negative effects you can get from taking I3C. This molecule is so great for getting rid of excess estrogen that it’s often referred to as the “Estrogen Buster.” However, it’s not a complete story.

Learn more about taking DIM as a supplement in this short video:

Some Benefits of DIM

DIM is best known as a nutrient that supports healthy estrogen metabolism. It’s also known as a supplement that can help in the prevention of hormone-related cancers due to its anti-estrogenic and anti-androgenic effects. (6, 7)

Here are a few known benefits of DIM: (3)

  • Supports Phase 1 liver detoxification
  • Helps break down estrogen into “clean” estrogens, not the antagonistic “dirty” ones
  • Promotes a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen by preventing some testosterone from converting into estrogen. (acting as an aromatase inhibitor)
  • Protects cells from the damaging effects of oxidation (working as an antioxidant).

The benefits of DIM

All these benefits make DIM an attractive addition to one’s supplement regimen… That is until it stops working.

When DIM Stops Working. . . What’s Going On?

While DIM can be an effective supplement for some, it doesn’t work as well alone. In fact, you can feel worse after taking it if you’re taking it by itself. DIM needs the help of a couple of other nutrients to help it completely flush out the extra estrogen. Here’s what’s actually happening…

The way DIM works is through supporting only Phase I of liver detoxification. However, complete estrogen metabolism in the body requires support of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification pathways.

How to detox estrogen in 3 steps

Liver detoxification is made up of two phases:

  • Phase I is all about oxidation (basically, burning up toxins, used up estrogens, etc., with oxygen and enzymes).
  • Phase II is conjugation (combining the oxidized toxins and used up hormones with other substances to make them less dangerous).

Phase II also makes the toxins water soluble, preparing them to be eliminated from the body through the bile or urine.

If DIM is used alone, it will help with Phase I liver detoxification, so the toxins and hormones will be oxidized (broken down) and made ready to be eliminated. However, without an active Phase II pathway, these oxidized toxins will get recirculated in the body, rather than being eliminated. (3)

This means that DIM only partially helps to remove metabolized estrogen from the body. It can also make you feel worse, because the toxins, used up hormones (estrogen), bile acids, get sent back through your body, creating inflammation and more imbalance.

That’s why DIM needs to be combined with two other nutrients, sulforaphane and calcium D-glucarate. These two nutrients help the liver complete the detoxification process and eliminate the excess estrogen from the body.

Complete Estrogen Detoxification

How Sulforaphane Works With DIM

Sulforaphane is an active component of cruciferous vegetables — and especially broccoli sprouts. You can certainly get some of it in your diet by including these foods. However, it’s difficult to know just how much sulforaphane is in each serving of broccoli or sprouts, because it varies widely. Again, that’s why a sulforaphane supplement could be helpful.

Broccoli Seed Graph

Sulforaphane works with DIM by additionally supporting Phase II of liver detoxification — specifically, the sulfation (sulphation) pathway, which is the main pathway for estrogen metabolism. (8)

After the estrogens are oxidized in phase I (along with thyroid hormones, environmental toxins, etc), sulfation helps to eliminate “dirty” estrogen metabolites by combining them with sulfur-based compounds, like sulforaphane. They are then water-soluble and are ready to be eliminated from the body via the kidneys and liver. I personally use and recommend Brocco Power, our sulforaphane supplement. The recommended dosage is 500 mg a day.

Sulforaphane also increases the “good”/protective estrogens, so that you maintain a healthy estrogen balance.

How Calcium D-Glucarate Works With DIM

Calcium is another powerful supplement that supports Phase II liver detoxification. (I actually took it before my surgery to help me detoxify better from all the medications they put me on. You can read about my pre- and post-surgery protocol here. But instead of the sulfation pathway, calcium d-glucarate works on the glucuronidation pathway of Phase II – another key pathway that metabolizes “dirty” estrogens.

The glucuronidation pathway uses glucaric acid (which is what calcium d-glucarate converts to) to bind toxins, including “spent” estrogens. Supplementing with calcium d-glucarate helps inhibit the production of an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase, which is produced in the gut. High levels of beta-glucuronidase are associated with breast, prostate, and colon cancers. (9)

Calcium d-glucarate helps keep metabolized estrogens from being reabsorbed. It also clears out the “dirty” estrogens that may be contributing to estrogen dominance.

The recommended dosage of Calcium D-Glucarate ranges from 150 mg to 300 mg per day. This supplement should be taken with meals for best absorption.

Precautions: Because Calcium d-glucarate can speed up the metabolism of toxins, it can also decrease the effectiveness of medications. So, if after talking to your doctor, you decide to take calcium d-glucarate, you might want to take it a few hours away from your medication(s).

You can learn more about calcium d-glucarate and how it helps with hormone balance by reading this article.

Overcome Estrogen Dominance With Help From This Kit

Estrogen Reset Kit

Based on the above research and positive experience of our community, I’ve put together a kit specifically for Estrogen Dominance. It’s called the Estrogen Reset Kit. It contains all 3 of the supplements you need to normalize your estrogen levels and get back to balance:

These three supplements used together offer complete estrogen metabolism and elimination. Taking this kit along with following a hormone balancing diet can massively speed up your recovery from estrogen dominance and its frustrating symptoms.

Precautions: Some research has shown that DIM could affect blood sugar levels. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or hypoglycemia, or are taking drugs, herbs, or supplements that affect blood sugar, please talk to your healthcare provider before taking DIM. If you decide to add DIM to your supplement regimen, make sure your blood glucose levels are being monitored along the way.

Who Can Benefit From The Estrogen Reset Kit:

If you have any of the following issues, associated with Estrogen Dominance, you may benefit from the Estrogen Reset Kit:

  • PMS
  • cellulite
  • stubborn fat on the butt and thighs
  • water retention
  • weight gain, especially around the butt and hips
  • tender, lumpy, or fibrocystic breasts
  • heavy periods
  • irregular periods
  • lack of ovulation
  • endometriosis
  • infertility
  • fibroids
  • uterine polyps
  • thyroid nodules
  • estrogenic cancers, such as breast, ovarian, or uterine

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, this kit may be a piece of the (health) puzzle for you.

Where to Start

Where do you start if DIM stopped working for you? If budget is an issue right now, I’d recommend starting with a Sulforaphane supplement (Brocco Power). Then, if your symptoms don’t subside, I’d recommend adding back the DIM and also Calcium D-Glucarate.

That said, if you purchase all three of these supplements together as the Estrogen Reset Kit, rather than individually, it’s going to save you $33.83 – practically the cost of an additional supplement. So in the long run, getting the kit is the most efficient way to go — both in terms of cost and in terms of getting your Estrogen Balance under control.

Have you had this experience of DIM working and then not working when taking it by itself? Did you find Sulforaphane and Calcium D-glucarate to be helpful? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the info.A bit confused.Always read that cruceferious veggies are not good the thyroid. .Would like to be part if your email subscription.Thank you for the good work.
    Roxanne Salas

    • Hi Roxanne,

      Yes, the information on cruciferous vegetables is a bit confusing, and a misnomer that has been passed around the internet unfortunately! That’s why we put together an article on cruciferous vegetables specifically to help clear things up: https://hormonesbalance.com/articles/truth-cruciferous-thyroid-not-think/

      I hope this is helpful to you. I added your email to our newsletter subscribers, so you should receive your first email from us soon. 🙂

      Please get in touch if we can answer any other questions.

      – HB Team

  2. Good morning,I am a breast cancer patient, did chemo, did the breast surgery ,and I am going to do radiation ,after my Doctor will start me on Anastrozole ,my cancer is 95% estrogen,do you think Your estrogen reset kit will help?

    • I just finished radiation treatment on my breast cancer breast. And I am now 100% cancer free. My doctor also wanted to start me on a new relative of the medicine you’re mentioning there and I got extremely ill. Be sure and read all the side effects of the drug. I met with my oncologist, told him that I could not take that drug and I wanted to do a natural product. I was very pleased how open he was to listening to me, and he said in his 23 years of practice he’s never had anyone get ill like I did, but he was open to learning about them and the other products to balance my hormones because my tumor also is estrogen-based. I thought it was strange he was unaware of the side effects of the drug and had never heard of DIM. I look forward to trying these three products and finding a naturopathic doctor to work with.

  3. I started taking DIM almost a month ago as per recommendation. I could see a huge change. No pms symptoms, only slight cramping, a lighter blood flow, higher energy levels. I still experienced spotting before the period. I’ve been suffering from painful periods and/ or endometriosis for my entire life (I’m almost 39), and it is all down to your book which I’d read over a year ago. I’ve been doing my own research and it’s beyond me how no one ever told me to approach the problem more holistically. Going from one gynecologist to another for years, the only “solutions” I was offered were the pill and strong painkillers. Thank you for your work.

    • We’re so honored to be a part of your healing journey, Gosia! It is incredible how difficult it can be to get this information from medical practitioners, and definitely part of our mission to make this information more accessible to women suffering from the many symptoms and conditions of imbalanced hormones.

      – HB Team

  4. Hello,

    Thank you so much for the info on the three phases. How does DIM affect the sugar levels? Does it increase or decrease?

    Thank you kindly,

  5. Hi
    I’m in perimenopause, I entered when I was 40. Suffered all my life with weight gain issues. I don’t have a thyroid abd I’m insulin resistant and leptin resistant. I did a Dutch plus test and I’m deficient in progesterone abd though I’m really low in estrogen 14 level ( I get night sweats, hot flashes, dry skin, anxiety etc) My ratio is off abd considered estrogen dominant. Is it ok to take DIM? I’ve taken it in the past and immediately felt horrible within a day of starting it. Should I start with the sulforaphane? Could someone be allergic to sulfur? Should I replace my estrogen along. Do you have an article I can read about this? Thank you

  6. Should I take all three supplements together or spread them out throughout the day? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Tifani! Yes, you can take all three at the same time. If you are new to the Estrogen Reset Kit supplements (DIM, Brocco Power/sulforaphane, and Calcium D-Glucarate), it can help to introduce on at a time. The suggested regimen is Brocco Power, then Calcium D-Glucarate, and end with DIM.

      – HB Team

  7. Hi, Last year I was diagnosed with ER and PR positive invasive ductal carcinoma. Thankfully it was caught early and did not require chemo or radiation. I opted for a bilateral mastectomy with natural tissue reconstruction. I do not have to take any hormone medication. I have cleaned up my diet/life (with the help of Magdalena!) and have been taking the estrogen reset kit. I just upped my dose of Dim to two pills with two calcium D-Glucarate and one Brocco Power all at once after dinner. Is that a good way to take them?

    • Hi Tia. It’s great to hear you are making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle to support your health!

      For the Estrogen Reset Kit, the suggested regimen is: 1 capsule DIM, 2 capsules Calcium D-Glucarate, 1 capsule Brocco Power. It’s a good idea to follow this regimen for a couple of months before increasing any dosages.

      As for what time of day to take them, these supplements can be taken at any time of day, together or separate.

      I hope this information helps. Please reach out to [email protected] with any additional questions.

      – HB Team

  8. I took calcium glucarate for about a year and worked wonderfully for my estrogen dominance. Then it stopped working. Is this because I wasn’t supplementing with DIM as well?

  9. How do you know when to stop taking these supplements? Or are they meant to be used indefinitely to maintain balance?

    • Hi Gabi, many women do move on from using the three separate supplements once the majority of estrogen dominance symptoms have ceased. DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate are meant to be taken shorter term like 3-6 months. The Brocco Power can be taken long term. Wise Women’s Balance is another Wellena product that can be used for more for a maintenance supplement. I hope this helps. ~Kamalani HB Support

      • How do you know how long to take these three products especially when you’ve had cancer. The dr wanted me to be on medication five years. Any recommendations for finding a great naturopathic dr. What questions should I ask?

    • Hi Allen, since men can still be estrogen dominance this protocol could be suitable. That said, you will want to consult with you practitioner first to determine whether this would be a good fit for you. It will work to lower all estrogen levels to help with rebalancing, so connecting your practitioner will be an important first steps. ~HB Support

  10. Hi! I started Dim the first of October and 2 weeks later I ovulated on my own! I have PCOS so this is amazing!! However now I’m on cycle 2 and my body is struggling to ovulate. Is it because I didn’t take the other 2 along with it? Are these to be taken all together for long term?

  11. Hi

    I have 28 day cycles always have but since coming off the levlin pill birth control 5 years ago which I was on for 10years I have had really low energy elevated every month I’ll have two weeks of dragging my feet in my period and the week following. What info would I need to look into before taking the reset kit? Do I need to know 100% that I am estrogen dominant? Doctors have always told me they suspect I am ED.

    My energy is debilitating and hard as I am a very active and fit person and can never keep consistency with my goals. My bloods always say I have great iron etc when I don’t take supplements.

    Also do you ship to Australia 😇 I’m very hopeful that this can help

  12. I have very high estrogen and hbg. Progesterone and testosterone are within normal limits. Will DIM help in eliminating the excess estrogen without affecting other hormones?

  13. I already take DIM with no issues, I’m adding Broccoli power, how long before I notice a change ?

  14. Hi Susie, this depends on your current liver function and what pathway needs support. There can be a large time range, but you can typically begin to notice changes within two to six months. ~HB Support

  15. Hello. I’m wondering about the long term use of the products, long after detoxifying is complete. Will all three of these products need to be taken long term to keep things balanced?

  16. Hi Emily, the DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate in the trio are meant to be taken shorter term like 3-6 months. The Brocco Power can be taken longer term. DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate will lower all estrogens, both the clean and the dirty, so it is best to use these items for a shorter period of time vs. long term. Brocco Power / Sulforaphane does not lower estrogens, but opens up the pathways of detoxification, and so can be taken long term. The DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate in the trio are meant to be taken shorter term like 3-6 months. The Brocco Power can be taken longer term.

    I hope this helps! ~HB Support.

  17. One other person asked this, but I couldn’t find anyone’s answer, so sorry for the repeat. I couldn’t find any information regarding the research for HOW DIM affect blood sugars, so I wondered if there are any links you could include for the research referred to and also is it said to increase or decrease blood sugars?

  18. Hi Becka, these clinical trails show some interesting results in regards to the effect DIM has on blood sugar. But it’s important to note that this study was conducted with the intent of evaluating DIM for diabetic patients, not general blood sugar influences.

    This research study also found interesting evidence that DIM may improve insulin sensitivity. Although this was not a human study, it does show promising results. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29722480/

    I hope this helps! ~HB Support

  19. Hi,

    Can taking too much DIM and calcium d-glucarate (or taken for too long) cause missed periods due to their oestrogen-lowering effects?


  20. Hi Donna, low estrogen can impact missed or irregular periods. This is an important hormone for the regularity of our periods. Taking DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate for a prolonged amount of time can lower our “clean” and “dirty” estrogens. Although there are many things that impact estrogen and menstruation, it’s important to take these supplements for a length that fits your bodies needs. I hope this helps. ~HB Support

  21. Hi! I’ve recently found out I have an endometrioma (which I believe means I likely have endometriosis) after suffering with almost constant spotting between periods and a lack of ovulation. I’ve read that endo is usually caused by too much estrogen so I’ve just started taking DIM in the last two weeks to see if that helps. Just finished my period. and where it would usually be 6-7 days long and fairly heavy, it was only 3 days long and very light – day 3 wasn’t much more than what I’d say my spotting is like between periods. Is this normal? I didn’t realise DIM could alter what my period was like, I was just hoping it would help with spotting! I realise I’ve not been taking it long though…

  22. Hi Jolee, DIM does has the potential to affect your period because it affects estrogen levels.
    In Magdalena’s Overcoming Estrogen Dominance book, there is a whole protocol for endometriosis in that would be worth exploring. I hope this helps! ~HB Support.

  23. Hi,

    I’ve recently started taking DIM and Calcium D Glucarate (another brand) and 2 weeks in I’ve developed what looks like hormonal acne.
    Should I continue or stop? It’s so difficult to know when to push through.


  24. Hi Sonia, acne can be seen as a detox symptoms while your body is detoxing the estrogen. You things to support your detox pathways to help this. Some options include:

    Increase water intake – Drink half your body in ounces per day
    Dry brushing
    Hot and cold contrast showering
    Sauna – anything to make you sweat
    Epsom salt baths

    We hope this helps! ~HB Support

  25. Hey there have been taking DIM for a few months and recently had much lower estrogen than normal almost in the menopausal level. Wondering if the DIM is causing that and if I should lower my dose or stop all together?

    • Hi Crystal, DIM will lower all estrogens, dirty and clean. So it’s typically recommended to use for a short amount of time, 3-6 months, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner. ~HB Support.

  26. I’ve been taking dim over a year for hot flashes and now suddenly there back I am going to try the brocco powder .I will let you know how works .

    • Hi Jennifer, please note that DIM will lower all estrogens, dirty and clean. Since hot flashes are related to low estrogen, it’s important to support your bodies overall detoxification and liver function. Brocco Power will support phase II of your liver detoxification, and it’s best to use DIM for a short amount of time, 3-6 months, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner. ~HB Support.

  27. I have low estrogen and also estrogen dominance. Would these supplements be right for me in terms of fertility? I do not want my estrogen levels to get lower than they are already.

    • Hi, the Estrogen Reset Kit not the best for low estrogen. These supplements can further lower estrogens. So if you are not yet clear on whether or not you have Estrogen Dominance, starting with a Dutch test could help you decide next steps.

      The DUTCH test can help you gain additional insights and explore how your body is metabolizing estrogen. This can help guide you towards what food, herbs and supplements could support you. For hormone testing Magdalena refers people to https://hormonesbalance.com/articles/what-lab-tests-to-order-to-manage-your-hormones/

      Although fertility is not our primary focus, our Overcoming Estrogen Dominance book is an excellent resource to work on balancing progesterone and estrogen, along with the other important aspects of hormone health. Here is a link for you:

      It is important to consult with an integrative or functional practitioner to support you during this time. Wishing you well on your journey ahead. ~HB Support

  28. I got debilitating headaches and felt terrible physically after taking DIM, is there any way to prevent this? Will taking a lower does help?

    • Hi, some find that when they start DIM, certain symptoms get worse. This is often due to the Phase 2 detoxification pathways being blocked. You could try supplements like Brocco Power and Calcium D-glucarate first which support Phase 2 detoxification. Once you open up Phase 2, then you could try DIM again, and see if your body does better with it. That said, not every supplement is going to work for everyone and it’s important to consider your individual needs while working with a supportive practitioner. ~HB Support.

  29. What stops estrogen levels from rising back out of control when you stop taking dim and calcium d glucarate?

    • Hi Zoryanavira, great question! If while doing the supplementation you are also able to get to the root cause of why your hormones keep going out of balance, such as a high toxin burden, lowered digestive health, nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar problems or even inflammation, then when you come off, the reason why this happened in the first place would be fixed. This is one of the major reasons its so important to also be addressing the root cause while bringing your hormones back into balance. ~HB Support

  30. Does anyone know why a temple throbbing like sensation on only one side of the head occurs when taking DIM Supreme with broccoli seed extract? I also took milk thistle 350 mg for three weeks hoping that sensation would subside as I loved how it helped my body but it didn’t so I stopped taking it. Any advice would help

    • Hi Angela, its possible that the dose is too high for you if you are experiencing these symptoms. In this case, try dropping the dose of both the DIM and the broccoli seed extract and start with one at a time. Try the broccoli Seed extract first for a few days and then if no issues, add in the lower dose of DIM and see how you feel. If DIM still bothers you, then you may just want to stick with the Broccoli seed extract which is just as wonderful a hormone supporter. ~HB Support

  31. Hi!

    I was taking DIM for a few months, felt great but then started getting hot flashes and missed periods so I stopped. I think I lowered my estrogen too much. I’m not taking it anymore and im still getting hot flashes. I’m afraid I did permanent damage. Will my levels return back to normal? Is there anything I can do to correct this?

  32. Hi,

    I struggle with surgical menopause Dizziness, I had a Hysterectomy and Bilateral oopherctomy 18 months ago, and have been dizzy ever since, someone has recommended that I take DIM, I dont really know much about it and is it safe to take with HRT?

    I have had alsorts of tests done and everything is normal, so im wondering if it is the HRT?

    Any help would be gratefully received, I just need my life back now.

    • Hi Leanne, DIM can be used with HRT, and can help with supporting proper estrogen metabolites reducing side effects from HRT. ~HB Support

  33. I’m on MD Indolplex and after reading your article I asked my naturopath if I should be on Sulfuraphane.. She said no because Indolplex is not a direct form of DIM. I can’t help but wonder though……

    • Hi Shanna, Indoplex/DIM is not the same as sulforaphane. They function differently and in combination with one another to enhance estrogen metabolism. Sulforaphane works on enhancing the function of phase 1 and phase 2 detox pathways in the liver and in combination with DIM, which works to enhance phase 1 of the liver detox pathway for estrogen, they open up the two main liver pathways for estrogen detoxing. Check out our other article on DIM that explains how sulforaphane and calcium-d-glucarate work together to enhance estrogen detox. Hope this helps! https://hormonesbalance.com/articles/why-dim-alone-isnt-enough-for-estrogen-dominance/ ~HB Support

      • Hi My daughter has seizures during her menstral. I haves started her on bio identical progesterone only as she is estrogen dominant. she was good for 5 months and now they are back again. I also watch her diet as well. I have recently done a DUTCH test and awaiting the results. Her Natropath dr said she may need DIM and CDG to help get the bad estrogen out. Have you come across anyone with these type of seizures and the DIM and CDG helped

        Please help any information will be a blessing

        Thank you so much

        • Hi Maria, We don’t have any experience with this, but would recommend seeing a specialist. Take care. Jennifer @HB Support

  34. Hi!

    I wish i found your blog earlier so i can also buy your products! 🙁

    So i have already bought DIM from another brand and its contains 100mg Indolplex® Diindolylmethane(BR-DIM® Complex, and 100mg Protectamins® Vegetable Blend
    (spinach, broccoli, cabbage).

    i took it for a week last week(just before bed) and have been getting headaches and then i came across your blog and realize DIM has to be taken with D Glucarate! So i stopped the DIM for a couple of days and now that my D-glucarate has arrived i was wondering should i just restart with D-glucarate for about 2 weeks before resuming my DIM, or just take them both together?

    Thank you sososo much!

    • Hi Sophia, we recommend trying the Calcium-D-Glucarate first and then wait a few days before starting the DIM again and see if your body does better with that. ~HB Support

  35. Hi,

    I have been suffering with hormonal imbalance and estrogen dominance for almost a year. Where should I start if I buy all three supplements? My most common symptoms are breast pain/lumps, decreased sex drive, fatigue, increased hunger and irregular periods/ovulation, mood swings. Sometimes lasting as long as three weeks. I eat fairly clean and occasionally exercise. But am at my wits end as it affects my day to day and fall under all the symptoms of estrogen dominance. I prefer natural supplements vs medication. Thanks!

    • Hi Maisa, if you think you are experiencing estrogen dominance, you can start doing all 3 supplements, Brocco Power, DIM and Calcium-D-Glucarate. We recommend starting slow with the Brocco Power for a week, then add in the Calcium-D-Glucarate for the next week and finally add in the DIM so you are taking all 3 supplements. This can help you adjust to the supplements and still start getting the benefits of the kit. ~HB Support

  36. First at all, thank you very much for such great detailed article 🙂
    I am thin but my tight and butt keep a lot of water retention and cellulite.
    Last year I tried a progesterone cream that I rubbed on my tights . I used it 1-2 weeks and I had an perianal abscess and I had to have surgery to drain it.
    4 months ago, I started taking DIM and I saw a lot of improvement in my legs and after 1 month of using it, I got another perianal abscess and had to have another surgery.
    My question is,
    Do you think the progesterone cream and/or the DIM supplement could be related to these infections?
    I have looked for scientists papers and nothing but I don’t ti much of causality..
    Thank you very much for your great work.
    Hugs from Spain 🙂

    • Hi Elisabet, while we have not heard of this happening from progesterone creams of DIM, you may want to look into your digestive bacteria. If there is an imbalance in the digestive flora, hormonal changes could instigate inflammation and possible infections from bacteria already present. This typically occurs when blood sugars change as well. It would be important to get your digestive flora checked out and see if there is an opportunistic bacteria in there that could be leading to the perianal abscess. We hope this helps guide you in a good direction. ~HB Support

  37. I am menopausal and have low estrogen. I will soon go on bio HRT. Do I just take the brocco powder to maintain clean estrogen and detox the dirty estrogens? Or is there a combination I should take to keep the clean estrogen?

    • Hi Jay, you can take just the Brocco Power to support your liver in detoxing the estrogen metabolites. If you needed more support than this due to low estrogen, you may want to look at adjusting your BHRT. ~HB Support

  38. I’m 51 and still cycling heavily from adenomyosis, endometriosis, and fibroids (all estrogen dominant conditions, as I understand it). I’ve been taking DIM and I3C for months with no relief on the heavy bleeding. Are the other two products something I should add? Should I stop the DIM and I3C? Thanks for all of your efforts.

    • Hi Keka, if you are still experiencing hormonal imbalance issues even with DIM it is absolutely worth it to try adding in the Brocco Power and Calcium-D-Glucarate here. In addition, something like nattokinase, a proteolytic enzyme like in our Fibro Support, that can help with dissolving excess fibrous tissue such as what is found in fibroids, may be something else to look at. Hope this helps!~HB Support

  39. I had stage 1 breast cancer with no lymph nodes involvement twice. First lumpectomy with no radiation or hormone aromatase treatment. I am 64 yrs old. I do not want to take tthe exemestane and have been on Dim and Calcium D glucarate for 7 months. I feel great. How do I know if this is working and should I add the Brocco Power? How can I measure my estrogen levels to see if this approach is helping me not have a recurrence of breast cancer?

    • Hi Catherine, the only for sure way to know if your levels are in a good range and the supplements are working is to have some good hormone labs done. We recommend working with a functional medicine practitioner and doing something like the DUTCH test which will give you those in depth answers of what your estrogen levels, types and metabolites look like and how they have changed. You can look into some information and a link to that test here: https://hormonesbalance.com/articles/what-lab-tests-to-order-to-manage-your-hormones/ I hope this guides you in a good direction! ~HB Support

  40. Haven’t read everyone’s comments but curious. My dd is 14yo and had her appendix removed 4 months ago only to still have pain and now they say her gallbladder has to be removed. I have read quite a bit about hormonal imbalance affecting gallbladder. Is this something that I can try for my daughter?

    • Hi Concerned momma, hormones can play a role in gallbladder health so should be something to look at with her doctor. In addition, you may find this website on gallbladder issues really helpful. https://www.gallbladderattack.com/ Hope this helps! ~HB Support

  41. I am on hrt using bio identical hormone cream with estrogen, progesterone, she’s and testosterone. I am 60 years old and had a hysterectomy when I was 40. I have been working with a NP the last 3 years. My NP wants to increase my estrogen based on blood work but every time I do my estrone levels increase and I have symptoms of estrogen dominance. I’ve tried DIM but it causes my fibromyalgia pain to increase. I’ve tried iodine, flax and other methods to try and decrease the estrone levels. They seem to work only slightly and only when I’m taking a lower dose of the cream than recommended. I’m going to try the reset protocol in hopes that I can get my estrogen levels where they should be. Any input you would have in regards to my situation would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Rosanne, you may want to check out our Brocco Power in addition to the DIM you are doing to help with the estrogen metabolite detoxing. Sometimes opening up those liver detox pathways can be just the addition needed to really help the DIM do its job. ~HB Support

  42. Hi,
    I have been on Yasmin contraceptive pill for about 10 years. I have always suffered from mild hormonal acne but I read about DIM and starting taking these alongside my pill for the last 2 years and my skin has been perfect. I’ve now been told by my doctor to come off of Yasmin because if my age (I turned 40 in September). I carried on with DIM but I’ve noticed my skin has not been clear and I’ve had a couple of huge normal cysts. I have also had chest discomfort although I’m not sure if this is linked or not. Is it possible that DIM will not work now I’m not on Yasmin.. were they a good balance together but not now I’m not on Yasmin anymore? Can DIM cause any chest discomfort.? It feels like excess gas in my chest..

    • Hi Emma, sometimes it can take some time for your body to really adjust and come back to normal balance after birth control use. In the first 6 months after stopping, you can have a rebound effect where the body becomes even more imbalanced in an effort to relearn how to produce its own levels of hormones. Adding in Brocco Power which contains sulforaphane and even Calcium-D-Glucarate may be helpful through this time. In addition, you may want to look into the birth control detox here: https://drbrighten.com/post-birth-control-hormone-reset/ Hope this helps guide you where you need to be! ~HB Support

  43. Two questions please!
    1. Hysterectomy and on HRT cream. Can I take DIM? I’ve read on other sites that you shouldn’t when on HRT.
    2. My daughter is 20 with terrible acne. I have no doubt she is estrogen dominant based on other symptoms. Can she take DIM? Should she take the other 2 supplements as well? Nothing we’ve tried has helped.

    • Hi Kristi, yes, you can take DIM on HRT as it supports the balancing of estrogen metabolites in the liver. And yes, if your daughter is dealing with hormonal acne, taking DIM alongside dietary changes to support her hormones and even possibly adding in Brocco Power and Calcium-D-Glucarate might be helpful in rebalancing those hormones and relieving her acne symptoms. ~HB Support

  44. Hi ,
    I had Hysterectomy in 2013 since then I have been on Estradiol patches ,…for the last 7 years I had a dose of 0.050 then 2 years ago my doctor lowered the dose 0.025 and add Replens Moisturizer bc I was dealing with headache, blood pressure,discomfort, pain and unbearable dryness .
    Now I have the same symptoms. I stop using the patches and it’s getting worse.
    I tried Dim and for dryness I was told to use Utrophin PMG.
    Question: Is ok to use the Estradiol patches and Dim or the entire Kit together? Or I have to stop the patches and just do supplements?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Doina, yes it is safe to take DIM and HRT to help balance your estrogen metabolites. It’s also worth talking to your doctor or reaching out to a functional medicine doctor and asking about adding in topical progesterone. When taking estrogen HRT uninhibited and without balancing the progesterone, this can lead to estrogen dominance symptoms for sure which include what you mentioned you are experiencing. Hope this helps! ~HB Support

  45. I tried Dim last year and it worked wonderfully at getting rid of lumpy breast tenderness, but it made cycle longer and my periods heavier so I stopped taking it and then my periods went back to normal but my breast tenderness came back. I just stumble upon on your protocol, do you think this would make any difference with the period issues?


  46. Hi, is the Estrogen Reset Kit ok to take if you are taking blood pressure medication? I suffer from endometriosis and was taken off the mini pill (Norethindrone) last January. Since then my endometriosis has returned along with an endometrioma and multiple cysts on my right ovary. I am looking to try and reduce the cysts, inflammation and progression of the endo naturally. I do not want to have to undergo another surgery and am hoping this kit will work. Any suggestions you may have for my situation would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  47. Thank you for this long article with all the helpful information!
    I thought I did enough research on DIM but I clearly didn’t.. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been taking a DIM complex supplement, which does not contain DIM.. It has 400mg I3C. It also has 150mg broccoli extract (0,5% sulforaphane), 50mg mustard seed extract and 50mg white cabbage extract. (and also NAC, black pepper and zink).
    Now I’m not sure if I should continue taking this supplement.. (it’s 60 caps for 2 months). And do I need to add more broccoli/sulforaphane with another supplement?

  48. I’ve been struggling to establish hormonal balance since going through medically-induced menopause 3 years ago. In my almost 2 years on topical BHRT, my estrone levels have consistently risen too high, despite continuing hot flashes at night. Obviously raising the estrogen dose to try to eliminate hot flashes just worsens the estrone buildup. I have also been taking a relatively high dose of topical progesterone, but my blood levels are lower than would be expected. My doctor recommended I start taking DIM and Ca D-glucarate, but as soon as I started them, I started spotting. He said to stick with it in hopes that my body will establish a new equilibrium, but that I will probably need to stay on them the entire time I’m on BHRT. However, I have read elsewhere that Ca D-glucarate, in particular, affects all steroids in the body and shouldn’t be taken long-term.

    I would appreciate any insight you might have on these issues.

    • Hi Helen, While we can’t say what is right for you per se. You might explore how your BHRT is working for you, and if you need to look at a different type? For example some options like Biest can increase estrone levels, rather than estradiol levels (the one we want to increase). So you might start there by exploring that. CDG does lower all estrogens in the body, so it is recommended to only take shorter term. Here is an article that may help further: https://hormonesbalance.com/articles/role-of-calcium-d-glucarate-in-hormone-balance/ HB Support

  49. I’m a male who takes finasteride which has resulted in excess estrogens. Will this product combination cause any issues in relation to my DHT blocker (finasteride)?

    • Hi Kyle, we are not medical professionals, so can’t advise if it would cause issues, but will suggest you reach out to your practitioner to talk it over to see what would be best for you. HB Support

  50. Hi, I started taking DIM 2 weeks ago because I have very heavy painful periods, along with other symptoms that point to an imbalance in hormones. I also have hashimoto’s. My periods are always heavy, but never over 7 days and since taking DIM I have been on my period for 15 days now. In your opinion, should I add one of the other two supplements, or is this a sign that I am not estrogen dominant? I am willing to stick with it if this is maybe just my body adjusting. Thank you!

    • Hi Liz, whenever someone has an opposite reaction to DIM we think of how DIM on its own can sometimes not be enough to open the estrogen detox pathways and can lead to opposite symptoms. In such cases adding in sulforaphane and calcium-d-glucarate would be important to look at for options. In addition, if this is new, it would also warrant a check-in with your gynecologist to make sure there is not another possible reason for this excessive bleed. ~HB Support

  51. Hi! I was taking DIM and it cleared up my hormonal acne within a few days and the results lasted about 3.5 weeks then my acne came back again and even worse. Is this because of phase 2 and my liver not detoxifying? Can phase 1 last that long before having issues in phase 2?

    • Hi Amanda, yes this can happen if your phase 2 is working but is not working fast enough. eventually there becomes a bottle-neck effect. Try supporting with some sulforaphane like in our Brocco Power along with the DIM and this may be the trick! ~HB Support

  52. I have been suffering with hormone imbalance for almost 3 years now, I’m 35.
    2 weeks leading up to my period I have very painful breast tenderness and a lot of water retention, especially my thighs. Some months I having insomnia and even night sweats.

    I started supplementing with CDG 2 month ago and after 2 weeks I added DIM and broccoli sprouts.
    I feel amazing, much more energised than usual. No PMS symptoms or moodiness this month.

    I have a pretty regular cycle, usually 28-30 days but now I started spotting on day 23. Today I’m on day 46 and still no period. This last 7 days have had some mild cramps, sore nipples and a higher body temperature, especially in the evening.

    Is it a common thing to have delayed periods/ovulation when starting CDG, DIM and broccoli sprouts? Can it be that the body is adjusting?
    Should I continue with the supplements or stop them all together?
    Thank you!

    • HI Maja,
      Yes, these supplements can absolutely shift your cycle days. Think of them like a reset button. They are opening up your detox pathways, likely shifting your estrogen levels, all which will have an effect on your cycle timing and length. It usually takes a few months to regulate your cycle on them. One word of caution is that DIM and CDG will lower overall estrogens, not just the dirty ones, so this is why we suggest this two for a shorter period if time like 3-6 months. If you are close to perimenopause or menopause we would suggest taking it one month at a time to make sure estrogen levels don’t get too low. Take care! HB Support

  53. This article is so helpful!

    Can the cycle of estrogen dominance keep going years after stopping birth control, even with all other external sources of estrogen removed? It seems that the pill was my most influential factor and I’ve been off for 15 years, yet have struggled with high estrogen symptoms ever since. You would think the body would self-regulate by then! :O Thankful for these supplements.

    Fortunately, I’ve been taking the CDG for a month and can already feel benefits, however my clockwork 27 day cycle is a week late. Perhaps I should lower the dose? Pregnancy test is negative – CDG wouldn’t mess with HCG, by chance, would it? Lastly, on that note, is it best to avoid this supplement if trying to conceive?

    Thanks so much for your time and for helping everyone in here with questions! <3

    • Hi Kat, the effects of birth control can last years with dips and peaks of hormones being balanced and imbalanced due to how birth control alters the brain to adrenal to ovary communication system. The other thing is, when initially starting supplements working with hormones, your period and cycle may alter for a couple cycles until leveling out around the 3rd cycle in most cases. CDG does not interact with HCG. Typically we do recommend avoiding DIM and CDG if you are trying to conceive or pregnant as it can alter your hormones and their natural rhythm if pregnancy is achieved. ~HB Support

  54. Hi! I’m 31 years old and have been taking 50mg (lowered from 100mg after feeling too dehydrated) of spironolactone for hormonal acne for about two years now. Around the same time my gyno suggested I may have PCOS due to quite a few matching symptoms, but progesterone only birth control affected me terribly so I have not been on any BC since then. My periods have always been extremely heavy, painful, and frequent – really the only thing that has changed that was being on the keto diet, but that is very hard to maintain. Almost a full month ago I began taking DIM 100mg. Since then my acne has gotten worse, I am losing way more hair than normal, and overall I don’t feel well. I understand this may mean I need to take sulphuraphane and CDG to support Phase 2, but since Ive already been taking DIM can I just add those in or should I stop the DIM and start over as suggested?

    • Hi Lindsay, while we can’t say what is right for you specifically, here are some things you can research and see what is right for you. If you are not feeling well, we would suggest evaluating what you are taking and back off from that place. Maybe stopping some items. The Liver detox works in reverse order, so you want to support Phase 2 first, so that you can open the door for phase one. You could try sulforaphane first as it does not lower all estrogens, and see how you feel. If you need to also remove toxins, you might add in Calcium D Glucarate to see if it is needed. You could then try adding DIM, to see if you need that support as well. Keep in mind CDG and DIM lower all estrogens, not just the bad ones, so these are meant to be used short term. Go slow, and find what is right for your body. I hope that helps! HB Support

  55. Hi
    I’m 46 years old and have been taking dim in different forms for a least 8 years.
    On and off. I have endometriosis and have always treated it naturally. With a strict diet, a lot of exercise and different supplements. I have currently been taking a form of dim, with calcium d-glucarate and polygonum cupsidatum root extract, brassica oleracea and red clover. It is a very good product and has kept my period regular and reduced my crippling pms symptoms. I gave myself a break from it for six weeks and my period arrived 10 days late as well horrendous pms symptoms. Now that the period is over I still have pms symptoms (severe bloating and weight gain)and my breasts are so swollen and sore. I am my wits end and don’t know what to do. Could you please advise. I’m more than happy to try your supplements but am worried I have destroyed my estrogen levels. Would just taking the broccoli powder and calcium glucarate help? Estogen dominance and period weight gain have destroyed my life.Thank you and kind Regards

    • Hi Jane, We are so sorry to hear you are going through this. We would recommend working with a functional medicine practitioner to get to the bottom of the issues you are having. Here is a link to find someone that you resonate with. https://www.ifm.org/find-a-practitioner/
      Jen @ HB Support

  56. How long does one have to be on all 3 of these supplements – indefinitely or until symptoms get better?

    thank you

    • Hi Maryanne,
      I am happy to help you. Usually around 3-6 months is a good amount of time. We recommend trying for one month, evaluating how you feel and continue if you are still working through symptoms. I hope that helps. HB Support

  57. Does the DIM works with Calcium D-Glucarate only? I mean, does the detox phase happens if I add only the calcium? It’s really hard to find Sulforaphane where I live.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Rodka,
      DIM can work on its own without needing to take Calcium-D-Glucarate or even sulforaphane. In some women, it can function well all on its own. This article only brings to light that if someone responds poorly to DIM, it may just mean they need added supports but there are still situations where someone may respond perfectly fine to just the DIM. HB Support

  58. I can’t believe you’ve been answering the comments for two years! I think I pretty much read them all… can you opt to take the 3 supplements for the first half or second half of your cycle?

    I am in peri-menapause with high estrogen. Did the DUTCH test. My dirty estrogen was high. My liver wasn’t metabolizing well. I also had a severe ovarian cyst eruption that put me in the hospital with sepsis. Fun times. Prescribed DIM and Glutathione. I took for 26 days. I normally had 36-42 day cycle prior to this life transition but the 26 days of the two supplements dropped me to a 24 day cycle. I thought well that sucks so I stopped. 🙈 However, my cycles continued to get longer and longer. It was a bit of a roller coaster. The first half the cycles I felt amazing and high as kite (all good stuff) the second half of my cycles I was way low and don’t feel like myself. Since cycles are longer, I can feel great for 3 weeks or so and terrible for 3. I have estrogen dominant symptoms approaching menstruation. So I said ok I’ll go back on DIM and Glutathione. My high was not as high, my low was not as low and my approaching menstruation symptoms remained but were shortened greatly around day 23 ish. Then nothing, no period. 🤦‍♀️. Oh the let down of that anticipation. Eeesh. So can you take it for a section, or part, of a cycle? What does that do?

    • Hi Tabitha, While we can’t offer medical advice per se, and many of these questions would be best discussed with your practitioner, and the prescriber that gave you the supplements. I can share that supplements do take time to work, and it usually takes a few cycles to find a new normal, it is kind of like you are pushing a reset button when you take supplements to help your estrogen clearing pathways, and to assist with liver detoxification. That said, some people do take those supplements the first two weeks of a cycle, and not the second two weeks, and that is an option, but we really don’t know how it would work, it really depends on what is going on in your body, what your full protocol is, and so on, which is why it’s a great idea to have a discussion with your practitioner about it. Take care! HB Support.

  59. What dose of calcium d glucarate and DIM would you suggest for menorrhagia? I have been passing large clots and bleeding heavily for a few days. Im 45 in perimenopause. It has caused my iron deficiency anemia to come back and I just need it to stop. Been bleeding/spotting for the last month. Doctor prescribed progesterone 5mg but it is not helping.

  60. Hello, is it possible for a 70 year old woman to still have excess estrogen? Because my mother has all the symptoms.

    • Hi Roche, It is possible that she has estrogen dominance, but it also could be low estrogen, as the symptoms of both are very similar. Since she is mostly likely Post Menopausal, she could work on the Phase 2 detoxification to see if her symptoms improve our Brocco Power / sulforaphane or NAC are great options to work on phase 2 detoxification without lowering estrogens further. I hope that helps. HB Support

      • Thanks for you response
        What lab tests should I do to know the exact hormone level and not make a mistake? And when do it?

  61. I have developed a rash and hives after taking DIM, is there a way to overcome this or does this mean it is not something I can take?

    • Hi Sarah, It could mean that you are having a sensitivity to the product or product ingredients. Be sure to look at the fillers in your product, and understand if they have any top allergens in them. Additionally, you may have to support the Phase 2 of liver detoxification first, and then introduce DIM. If your phase 2 is blocked this can result in uncomfortable detoxification symptoms. Our product Brocco Power is a great place to start with detoxing the phase 2. Here is a link for you:
      Jen @ HB Support

  62. Hello I have been on HRT for a few years now and been doing “OK“. My naturopath thought I had estrogen dominance and put me on DIM 400 mg this was a few months ago and I take it probably five days a week. I am now having Profuse sweating and cold flashes and depression. Oh she also had me reduce the dosage a bit of estradiol down from 1 mg to about .75. Also for the first time I’m suffering with slightly high liver enzymes.I think I’m going to go back up to the 1 mg and stop DIM and go on calcium D Glucarate . I don’t know what else to do. The suffering is awful.

    • Hi Suzanne, it would be good to discuss that with your practitioner, as DIM will lower all estrogens, so if you are low, this may not be the product that you want to use long term. Calcium D Glucarate will also lower all estrogens over time. So you might look at something like Brocco Power (which does not lower all estrogens), NAC, and/or magnesium to see if they would be right for you in this situation. Take care! HB Support

  63. Hello,

    I just read this article on your site and learned a lot – thank you! I would immensely appreciate your reply to a few questions I have: I am going through menopause and it seems I am estrogen-dominant.

    This unfortunately snowballed into several unwanted effects: my thyroid function is low, I also developed histamine-intolerance, and I am also vitamin D severely deficient.

    I started taking Vitamin D3 supplement 2 weeks ago and felt better within days.

    Then I started taking DIM and Milk Thistle supplement and after 2 days fell back on feeling horribly bad – headaches, fatigue, exhaustion. (I stopped taking Milk Thistle supplement and DIM, just drink Milk Thistle tea, in hopes my liver will expel toxic estrogen surplus. Yet I still feel very unwell)

    Do you have any advice for me – what supplements to take to get rid of toxic estrogen and to help my hypothyroidism?

    Many thanks for you reply!

    • Hi Anna, DIM and Milk Thistle both can cause detox symptoms, which can cause you to feel worse initially, but then typically better. Usually this passes within the first week or two. To minimize or eliminate these symptoms all together, you want to make sure that Phase 2 of liver detoxification is also supported. DIM supports phase 1 of liver detoxification, and if it begins to clear, and phase 2 is still blocked, than the detoxification symptoms can get worse. This is why we suggest supporting phase 2 with a product like our Brocco Power. Here is a link for you:https://wellena.com/collections/single-products/products/brocco-power-sulforaphane-2
      HB Support

  64. Hello I am curious does one need to supplement Magnesium with Calcium D glucarate? I assume there is added calcium here. What if one has high calcium blood serum? Also can people with sulfur sensitivity take DIM or sulforaphane? I heard that CDG detoxifies more than estrogen. As in it detoxes progesterone too in the gut. Is this true? Also how do I use if I dont have a cycle. I had liver damage which caused constant bleeding that does not stop. So I have not had what is considered a menstrual cycle. My uterus bloats and then bleeds whenever it wants. I wanted to try DIM/CDG in hopes I can get a normal cycle again.

    • Oops forgot to add…what if one has low progesterone? Would the decrease in estrogen cause progesterone to naturally rise? Or does it have to be supplemented? Also I see it is mentioned in post above that DIM/CDG Detoxes all estrogens but in the article it merely says it “converts” bad estrogen to good. Confused.

      • Hi Jen, we received your questions in email and answered there, thanks for reaching out! HB Support

  65. Hi, I’ve been taking dim for 2 years. Main symptom was acne and my hormone test 2 years ago revealed I was dealing with estrogen dominance. There would be times when my acne got better but never went away so I kept taking dim. I just recently started taking calcium d glucarate about 5 months ago and did another hormone test recently and now my estrogen is lower than it’s supposed to be and testosterone is high. So I guess I probably just took it for too long. My question is that is there anything I can do to get back to normal hormonal levels as a 28 year old woman? I understand you can’t give medical advice, but I appreciate any answers

    • Hi Olivia, DIM will lower all estrogens over time, and so it is best taken for a shorter period of time like 3-6 months. That said, you could add Flax, Red Clover, Maca, Dong Quai or Black Cohosh to improve your Estrogen levels. You can search all of those on our website. Here is an article on Flax to get you started. https://hormonesbalance.com/articles/flaxseed-good-or-bad/ Jen @HB Support

  66. I’m 45 and had estrogen dominance so I took all 3 supplements for about 6 weeks and got rid of the estrogen dominance symptoms (sore breasts, swollen ankles and sore gallbadder). However then I got a period every 3 weeks for 3 months, and then one after 5 weeks. I’ve always been like clockwork until now. Have I done some damage, will it go back to a normal 28 day cycle?

  67. Wow! What great replies over so long! Well done – all very helpful.
    I had an early menopause at 28 and went on HRT to prevent osteopenia which happened as a result of the lack of hormones but that caused breast cysts so I was told to stopped.
    I am now 55 and have developed severe osteoporosis and want to treat it with HRT (which I am doing) I have since learned that I have that gene that means you can’t metabolise estrogens well which, presumably, is why I got breast cysts in the first place. I am afraid this will happen again but have been told that I should not take DIM with HRT as I need the estrogen urgently for my bones so it would be counteractive. What is your opinion of this? Should I just try taking the Brocco instead? Will it do the job? Thank you

    • HI Nicky, we would suggest to work with your practitioner in regards to this. In general terms DIM will lower over all estrogens over time, so is not the best option for detoxifying when you are already low estrogen. You can use supplements like NAC or Brocco Power to help with liver detoxification and assist with low methylation as these do not lower estrogens, but just open the doors so to speak. Take care – Jen @HB Support

  68. Hi,
    I started taking DIM and then my period started up
    Again and has lasted now day 14. My functional Dr
    wants me to stop taking progesterone says my body is all mixed up.
    Is this true? Does DIM affect periods? Not sure what to do. I am
    Taking NAC also and other liver things.

    • I started dim this month my periods were so heavy last for 15 days and still experiencing light spotting . Don’t know what to do and i don’t think i ovulated this month .

  69. Hi. I started DIM again (given by functional med doctor several years ago, stopped for pregnancy) after a miscarriage in April, and horrible PMS symptoms. I have finally started feeling so good, not dealing with as much PMDD type symptoms, water retention, heavy periods, etc.

    However, despite egg white cervical mucus and symptoms of ovulation, I had spotting starting mid cycle (cycle day 22) that lasted for 4-5 days. Pregnancy has been ruled out, I have no infections, etc. so I am certain this is hormonal, but also, I am suffering from zero libido, and severe vagina dryness. my period never started like normal a week after the spotting, and I’m wondering if these are symptoms of no longer needing DIM? I cannot find any literature that says these are side effects of DIM, and again all my other symptoms are improved, I can see muscle definition instead of cellulite, etc.

    What can I do to help with libido and vaginal dryness? And have you found these to be side effects of DIM? Thank you

  70. Me again with one more question for future reference. I’ve reached out to my midwife and a doctor, neither had experience with DIM.

    If I were to become pregnant while on DIM, or accidentally slipped up in the bedroom around ovulation, should I discontinue the DIM asap? Will it affect implantation or hormones negatively?


    • Hi again Farmgirle35, Yes, we would recommend discontinuing DIM. To our knowledge there isn’t any information on how it would effect implantation. DIM has not been tested during pregnancy. So best to discontinue right away. Jen @ HB support

  71. I am in my 50’s. I have stubborn belly fat that I am trying to get rid of. I had a myomectomy to remove multiple fibroids, a few tiny ones were left. FSH is high. Estradiol is low. I have heard that DIM may be helpful for belly fat, but I don’t want the estrogen effects of DIM to cause my fibroids to grow. What do you recommend?

    Thank you.

  72. Hi,
    I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma last year, June 2022 at the age of 40 years old. My receptors were 100% progesterone positive, 95% estrogen positive, HER2 negative. I had a double bilateral mastectomy. Clear lymph nodes and an Oncotype DX score of 12. I have been on Tamoxifen therapy since September 2022. I still have a monthly cycle every month. I have pelvic ultrasounds every 6 months since Tamoxifen can cause endometrial thickening. I now have endometrial thickening and had a biopsy done of my endometrium that was clear. I also have a 3.6cm septated cyst on my left ovary. Both of these issues will be reevaluated by another ultrasound soon. My Gynecologist has recommend DIM for me but my Oncologist was not really sure what this was and does not recommend. My Gynecologist said I could take the DIM long term when I asked but I’ve read where it should only be used short term. Any advice for me would be very helpful. I just want to do anything I can to help prevent any reoccurrence.
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Laci, We are not medical professionals, so I can’t comment specifically on your condition. What I can say is that DIM does lower all estrogens over time, and not just the proliferative ones. So it’s best not taken long term, but for a shorter period of time, like 3-6 months. Additionally it supports phase 1 of detoxification, but does not support phase 2 which is also important. If Phase 1 is the only phase supported, then detox symptoms can be greater. Sulforaphane like our Brocco Power or NAC both support phase 2. Here is a link for you: https://wellena.com/collections/single-products/products/brocco-power-sulforaphane-2
      Best – Jen @HB Support

  73. Hi! I found I felt almost “depressed” taking 100mg of DIM daily. I had zero obvious side effects (no HA, nausea, etc) but very slowly over a month I found myself more subdued, not sad, just not happy (which I normally am…laugh easy and feel happy easily, for the most part). I also found myself incredibly fatigued. I have Hashimoto’s and use T3 and T4, for 15yrs, I am 45, so I assumed the fatigue was my thyroid (after all, it is to blame for most things). I checked my thyroid labs and they were at levels where I am normally very good. The holidays came and I felt like I was just going through the motions at Thanksgiving, I would laugh a lot but somehow I didn’t ‘feel happy’. It was odd. So I decided to skip DIM for one night and the difference was dramatic. I woke up feeling refreshed and after 8 hrs (I’d been sleeping 9-10, I don’t use an alarm clock) and I felt much more ‘happy’ even before I got out of bed. I started taking again and within 2 days I felt “not happy” again. So I started taking every other day and it’s less “not happy” but still not quite myself. I am also taking 25mg of Spirenolactone – I am taking the DIM because after my asthma gave me trouble last year, I was very sick and ended up with a teleogen effluvium…hair loss….it was heart breaking. The spirnolactone messed with my very regular cycles so over 2 months I weaned from 50-25mg. My periods returned to normal but I started taking the DIM because the hairloss increased (TE can often bring about AGA…) My hair is about as thick as it was before I got sick but it is still very short so the long ‘old’ hair is important to me, but it was starting to fall with the lower levels of spirnolactone. DIM decreased the latent hairloss, so I’d like to keep taking it – at least for year until my hair is back to normal. I can’t find anything to suggest why I’d have this reaction to DIM. Do you have any thoughts?

  74. I should mention, I also take Vitex and Ashwaganda daily. I have endometriosis with painful BM’s (…so crying when I poop on CD1-2 🙂 and the Vitex has removed all pain associated with this. I take it 365 days for a few years. My periods were never painful or heavy but BM’s were painful monthlong – less after a lap to cauterize lesions. Ashwaganda because I don’t have generalized anxiety but…when given a legitimate problem that would upset most people…my brain doesn’t stop until it’s solved…which means no sleep for me or poor hubby. Now that I write that I am not sure why I take Ashwaganda daily….but I do. I also take NAC which helps my steroid dependent asthma, a bit, and general inflammation (Hashimotos, endo, asthma…lots of inflammation…) Could either of those interact with the DIM?

    • Hi Cece, We are not medical professionals, so can’t say if the DIM would be interacting with your meds. We would suggest discussing it with your practitioner to see if there are contraindications, and what would be best for you. Additionally, if it is causing mood disruption or depression, we would recommend taking a break from it, and look into other options to support your detoxification pathways. Take care, Jennifer @HB Support

  75. Me again again. 😆 so since stopping DIm and starting broccoli powder w the calcium g. I have gained weight and cellulite. I’m not having night sweats and hot flashes.

    Is there anyway to take DIm and not lower esotrgen so much it stops my period? I’m heading to a hormone specialist today that uses Biote pellets and I’m nervous. I have so many questions for her, but *mostly* I’d like to know if I can get the benefits I had from DIM without the side effects?

    Thank you

    • Hello! 🙂
      We are not medical professionals, and can’t give specific advise about your case, so would suggest talking to your practitioner about those questions as everyone reacts to supplements differently. Take care, Jen @HB support

  76. I’ve been taking DIM with broccoli powder and Calcium d-Glucarate for a long time and it helps make my periods less painful, I’m still experiencing fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, breast tenderness, and anxiety around my period and sometimes when ovulating (ovulating can also be painful) – do I need more DIM?

    • Hi GK, It is really hard to say, as there could be multiple reasons for this. Since we are not medical professionals, we would suggest talking to your practitioner to see what would be right for you specifically. Take care, Jen @HB support

  77. Hello I have been on DIM for over 5 years but feel like within the last two years my estrogen dominance symptoms have increased (sore breasts, bloating, etc). Should I take a break from DIM all together for a while then try the three supplements you recommend?

  78. Hi! I have done 4 DUTCH tests on my own to monitor my Estrogen after being diagnosed 2 years ago with DCIS PR+ER+ I have had excessive bleeding for the last three months, and learned that my Ferritin is low (9). I had investigated DIM and Calcium Glucarate in the past but have never taken it. I can not take this bleeding anymore so I took DIM two nights ago, and my bleeding has almost resolved. My DUTCH estrogen levels were above range E1, E2, and E3 all high, but then the Metabolites were in range….Methylation looked towards the high end, but 2-Methoxy-E1 was elevated. Progesterone was at post menopausal levels I am stumped as what to do. I can not find a practitioner here in my home state of Iowa that has any idea what I am talking about. My OBGYN did a D&C last year and had no idea what DIM was. What is the best course of action here? I have struggled with heavy periods my entire life, infertility even with IVF, and also Breast Cancer…so SOMEthing is going on….nobody can help me connect the dots! What should I do?

  79. Hello! First and foremost thank you for the opportunity to be able to post questions. I am a 66-year-old female. I was diagnosed with estrogen positive cancer last November. It was small and caught early and decided to have cryoablation done in January. Since I have been on a multitude of supplements as preventative measures including 200mg of DIM daily/500mg of Calcium D Glucerate 4x a week and 50mg of Sulphoraphane 4x a week as well. I have been on these three for about 4 months total. Four weeks ago I decided to up the DIM to 300mg a day per recommendation of my doctor. One evening I got some painful gas and since have had loose stools since. I believe it is the DIM but still experimenting. When I stop taking it, things get better. If it is the DIM, why was I able to take DIM for 4 months and now its causing loose stools? Second, what can I take as a replacement estrogen blocker, and third, you’ve mentioned one should only take DIM 3-6 months then stop? What is the reason and when does one start DIM again. Does the 3-6 apply to estrogen positive cancer patients? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Carol, We are not medical professionals, so can’t advise specifically on your protocol and what would be right for you. That said we would recommend talking to your practitioner about specifics. In general though loose stools can be a side effect of taking DIM. DIM does lower all estrogens, so for general use, we recommend a window of 3-6 months. Take care ~ Jennifer

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