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#HBBREAKFAST Challenge – Aug 24-28, 2020

We want to invite you to join us in our HB Breakfast Challenge (#HBBreakfast). 

Starting Monday, August 24th, we challenge you to eat a different type of breakfast each day and assess how your body feels after. We will give you the tools to TUNE INTO your body — tuning into your energy levels, cravings, etc — to find out what kind of breakfast works best for YOU.


If you join in, you’ll be entered to win some great prizes: 5 winners will get our full-sized Wellena Morning Ritual. Winners will be chosen August 28th.

We’re running our challenge on Facebook and Instagram. Here are the ways to enter for each:


Each day, we will post a different breakfast challenge. Simply share a photo of you making the breakfast in the comments + detail in the caption how your body feels after. To join the challenge on Facebook go here.

I’ll be doing a Facebook Live each day for the next five days to guide you through the process and make breakfast with you in real time. I’m excited to get started. See you there!


1. Post a photo of your breakfast each day and detail in the caption how your body feels after. 

2. Include the hashtag #HBBREAKFAST. Extra points for sharing your photos in both your IG feed AND stories. :)⁣ To follow the challenge on Instagram go here.

Make sure to shop THIS week for ingredients so that you are ready to make the recipes for the challenge the FOLLOWING week (Aug 24-28).

Print Out The #HBBREAKFAST Challenge Journal:

We also have a handy journal you can print out here to keep track of how you are feeling each day.

The Challenge:

Each day next week, we challenge you to try a different type of breakfast – there are no set recipes, so have fun with it and get creative! Just note that you’ll want to stick to low sugar fruits, and grain-free and dairy-free ingredients.

  • Monday: Morning Ritual + Cereal with non-dairy milk 
  • Tuesday: Morning Ritual + Fruit Smoothie
  • Wednesday: Morning Ritual + Veggie Smoothie
  • Thursday: Morning Ritual + Intermittent Fasting (IF) for at least 16-18 hours
  • Friday: Morning Ritual + PFF Breakfast

We recommend enjoying your breakfast alongside our new Morning Ritual, a complete and balanced electrolyte formula to help promote optimal hydration.  

You can also find hormone-balancing breakfast ideas here.

If you’d like to have your Morning Ritual ready for the challenge, order now and get $5 off with the code HBBREAKFAST. As we mentioned before, the discount is automatically applied at checkout. (This offer is valid until 8/29.)

We can’t wait to see your breakfasts and how you’re doing with them!

In the meantime, get $5 off Morning Ritual here.

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  1. Sorry for the last question of why is there only 4 worksheets. there’s a type o on the last page it says breakfast 4 and you have two of those so I shall just change. Thanks.

  2. Where can I find sample recipes for the daily breakfasts ex fruit & green smoothie

    • Hi Diane!

      We offer many free breakfast & smoothie recipes in our blog. Just click “recipes” above. =)

      Healthy Regards,

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