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Mimi’s Story: How She Lowered Her TPO Antibodies from Over 1,678 to 138 in 10 Months

Mimi's Story

I asked Mimi Mills to write her story. I asked for 300 words, she gave me 900 but I just didn’t know how to edit it down, so I left it.

It’s long but worth the read.

“I wanted to share with all of you my own path on this crazy thyroid journey and I know many of you will relate to my story.

In short (it’s hard as I have so much to share!): I’ve always struggled with weight (in spite of being on diets since I was 19), anxiety, depression and fatigue.

The fatigue I’m talking about was not only about feeling tired all the time but also not having any motivation and joy to do anything. I think they call it a “living dead” person and that was me.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. My TSH and F3 were OK but when I insisted on getting my TPOs checked, they came back skyrocketing – at 1,678!

Then, I stumbled across Magdalena and jumped into her 8-week Circle program. I still remember how the first thing she told me was “yes, everybody who calls me is ‘eating well’ yet they are sick. I will teach you how to eat ‘right’, not ‘well’.”

Right away, I was asked to also test for so many other things my doctor never paid attention to: TGB antibodies, vitamin D and B12, ferritin and the list goes on. To my surprise, the TGB antibodies came back also elevated (359).

I was asked to get my thyroid scanned (again, the endo never did that) as they can be an indication of thyroid nodules, cancer or estrogen dominance.

Thank goodness I had no nodules, so we did another test and it confirmed estrogen dominance. This explained my heavy periods and a miscarriage 2 years earlier.

It’s rather emotional to be sharing this with you as I’m angry sometimes with myself for not having done more work earlier. For those of you who had a miscarriage, you know how emotionally hard this is and how much of a taboo it is in our society.

Anyway, Magdalena asked me to write what we did to give hope and inspiration to more of you. So here are the few things I had done in the past 10 months:

  • I did the Elimination Diet by keeping a Journal, we also discovered that besides the Big 7s we cut out, I also react badly to lentils, onions, garlic and apples!  Magdalena told me about the low FODMAP diet which I had never heard about..
  • To improve my digestion, we cut out all the food high in FODMAPs and I’ve noticed my digestion and sugar cravings going down almost immediately.
  • I cut out dairy, gluten and most processed sugars as I learned that they exhaust me and I sleep so much better without them. I’ve learned so many new recipes that now I don’t even feel like I need them and even think about them!
  • My gut was never that bad (at least I thought so as I don’t suffer from constipation, bloating, acid reflux, etc) but since my TPOab were so high, I was put on a parasite and anti-candida protocol. I never knew I had candida – I thought that itchy ears and sinus congestion were normal. Within two weeks of doing the herbs, I started feeling my fatigue and anxiety lifting. That was so encouraging!
  • To address my estrogen dominance, I was given a list of liver-supporting juices made of dandelion, parsley, beets and celery. We also added DIM to help detoxify me from excess estrogen. Within 2 weeks I got my period and it was so much better – with far less pain and mood swings.

As you read this, it looks like lots of changes. It is but if you pace it, it’s very doable. I also learned so many new recipes and food I never cooked with, like all the different lattes, dandelion salads, green smoothies etc.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned from this experience was to listen to my body. Yes, it’s good to have lab work but I’m not only a number – my symptoms are equally important.

Fast forward, I’ve been on this journey for 10 months now. I feel frigging good. My TPO antibodies are now down to 138. In spite of eating what I want (as long as I avoid the problem foods), I also lost 17 pounds.

The biggest rewards for me though was getting myenergy and enthusiasm back. As a person working in marketing, the pace and pressure is huge. I feel like my old self again; I can serve my clients and also to be a happier wife.

I still have more work to do. I want to better prepare my body for another pregnancy by lowering my antibodies to below 30. I’m well aware that elevated antibodies are not good for the baby. I can’t go into it with fear so the things I still want to work on are: doing a deeper detox, retesting my sex hormones and checking for heavy metals.

This journey has been so changing and so worth it. This is the best investment I made in a long time.

If you are thinking of joining the Circle, do it. Meeting other women who also struggle and understand what it is to have a sick thyroid and want to heal together is so much easier. You still get the 1:1 coaching and this was key to me. Good luck to all Thrivers!”

– Mimi Mills, Washingston DC.

Many people have emailed me after this post asking what you can do to have the same results. Mimi worked with me in a 8-week coaching circle but I’m currently not offering private coaching.

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18 Comments to Mimi’s Story: How She Lowered Her TPO Antibodies from Over 1,678 to 138 in 10 Months

  1. This has been very reassuring as my tpo result is 1300 which sd be under 60, I have a sore neck and awaiting for the hospital to do a ultra scan. The worst part is getting the doctors to listen to you. I am very exhausted sleeping each day in the afternoon. At present are reading all Magdalena’s work sheets and information.

    • I am feeling a bit defeated. I was diagnosed w/ Hash. In 2013. Tested TPO it was 189. I cut out gluten / no dairy- I am vegan now 2017 ovo- vegetarian since 2009. W/n a couple yrs I reduced my TPO to 119 (2016).
      Tested TPO results the other day and came back as 230!
      What am I doing wrong?
      I recently did an allergy test for foods etc… which also included an elimination diet. I found some foods I have been consuming I need to eliminate.
      I read Mimi’s story and some other comments on here and see the dramatic drops in TPO #’s w/n months!

      I need help.
      I’m really devastated. I really thought I was doing good – even though I don’t feel well!

      Any resources – books, podcasts etc…
      Consults whatever, is much appreciated.



      • Hi, my TPO antibodies are going down when I cut out sugar and carbs altogether. I am having to do it a week at a time or intermittantly because it is tough to stay on. Sugar/carbs feed the bad gut bacteria in the gut. My theory is that the bad gut bacteria or the candida that grows from the sugar/carbs get through the gut caused by Leaky Gut and then the body creats TPO antibodies to go after it. Cut out sugar/carbs to starve the bacteria/candida. I think that is the trick. I was actually using my lab work and a spread sheet to watch what happens if I ate low sugar/carbs. The TPO ab dropped 47 points in two weeks.

  2. Hello from Greece.
    I had diagnosed with high Anti TPOs 1167 to 1368. and Anti Tgs 92 to 103 6 months ago .
    Following the above I reduced it to Anti TPOs 24 and Anti Tgs 58. in 4 months.
    I receive 200μg selenium vitamin E for better absorbsion .
    B12 complex vitamins C and D3.
    The results are coming mostly from selenium+vitamin E the rest of them help too.
    Because the high antibodies are trigered from bad emotional status taking magnesium and Kalion is also good choice.
    May God be with you.

    • Hi I want to share my experience. My TPO antibodies were 615, with a few changes in 1 month it dropped to 260. What I did was:

      Took Vit D supplements daily
      Ate 3 to 4 brazil nuts for the Selenium
      Cut back on gluten (although not perfect)
      I drank ginger turmeric water daily for anti-inflammatory aid.

      I am open to questions or comments.

  3. Hi . My father is suffering from i don’t know anything! His tsh , t3 and t4 levels are all normal but tpo levels are at 80.13IU/ml. Doctors here doesn’t want to test tpo and when tested they said it is of little reference! Can you suggest me what do i do? He is having all the types of symptoms related to hypothyrodism… still no doctor can treat him! The problems is from 5 years! First he didn’t get any symptoms and when started taking thyroid medicine his symptoms increased like sluggish voice, trembling in legs, bad writting etc.. please advice us! We are in a serious need of a good advice!

    • Go to an independent blood work place and order your own Antibodies tests if possible.

  4. This is encouraging. I’m hoping to have some good results. My TPO just jumped from 3,051 to 4764! That was after excluding gluten. I have Graves and Hashimoto’s, currently Graves dominate. TSI 500. My thyroid levels are almost all normal now. My issue is a lot of the foods to exclude are my ‘safe’ foods from angioedema. I can’t have any fresh fruit, including avocado, without a tongue swell. No cinnamon, peppers, the list goes on. Its weird how my body rejects so many good things. But I’ll continue to work with adding foods.

    • HI Kate, I know that can be frustrating! The same thing happened to me with a huge increase of TPO antibodies when I was supplementing iodine.
      Did you know Magdalena had both Hashimoto’s and Graves as well?
      Here is her journey, I think you will find some helpful tips:

      ~ Jeanne HB Team

  5. My younger sister taking medicine for hypothyroidism, resently her anti TPO found high.lf there is any genetically relation?

    • HI Subir, Hashimoto’s is very much an individual condition. While there are root cause commonalities, each person will have their own or in some cases, more than one trigger, genetics is just a small part of the big picture. We suggest starting with the foundational principle of restoring digestive health, supporting the liver and balancing sugar first ~ as this is essential for helping the body rebalance.
      ~ Jeanne HB Team

  6. Hello,
    I have two conditions, Hashimotos and Gilberts Syndrome (body does not produce enough of a certain enzyme to adequately break down bilirubin). There is some indication online that there is a relationship between the two. Thus, my bilirubin is elevated. Its worse when I am stressed or on birth control. Obviously, my body is not detoxing adequately. Do you all have any information about the connection between this two disorders? Also, any suggestions about what detox pathways I should support. I DO NOT have the gene for poor methlation.

  7. I was just diagnosed with under active thyroids and this article helped me out ALOT
    Off the whole food store to get my nuts, leafy greens and fruits. Thanks again
    Stay healthy and active.

    • Hi Renee,
      Thank you so much for your feedback. We’re happy to hear about your progress.
      Healthy regards,
      HB Team

  8. Hi there!
    I really like this website and your work has helped me a lot over the past few years, to find out which tests to take, etc… Thank you so much!

    I’m on a candida diet since 8 months now, have lost a lot of weight, and currently working on my digestive tract.

    But now, my TPO and TGB are ranking higher than they normally did before ! They are respectively 418 and 120 UI/ml…

    I guess this is not too much, compared to the other numbers I can see here, but how to make sure ?!
    What is there to do next?!
    Do you have any specific info on Hashimoto, or a dedicated program?

    Thank you in advance for your answers, I’m feeling very discouraged and a little bit scared that my health would never get any better :-/

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