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How to Find Good and Supportive Thyroid Doctors


Almost every person I speak to starts the conversation with: “My doctor is useless and I’m so frustrated.”

The common reasons for this comment are:

  • they don’t listen to what we have to say
  • they dismiss our symptoms, give us anti-depressants, and ask us to eat less and exercise more
  • they refuse to test us for more than TSH and T4
  • they just want us to take thyroid medication
  • they offer no explanation of why our thyroids are out of balance.

Integrative doctor listings and directories

There is good news. There are doctors who can help. I want to offer you this hope and empower you with this knowledge.

Here are some good go-to resources that will help you find a better physician. And yes, many of them do take insurance.

Take a look at these resources that many of my clients found very helpful:

1. American College for Advancement in Medicine:

2. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians:

3. Institute for Functional Medicine:

4. Paleo Physicians Network:

5. American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Physician Locator:

6. ThyroidChange list (US, Canada and Australia):

One more great trick I want to offer you.

If you are still in no luck to find a doctor, go to your local compounding pharmacy and ask them for a list of doctors who are their customers. We find that often times, doctors who are willing to work with compounded (it means custom-made for you) thyroid replacement therapy are more open-minded and progressive. There is hope.

If you do your homework, you also stand a much better chance to find the right support system.

Order tests yourself

You can order thyroid tests yourself. Most people do not know that.  No more begging or negotiating with your doctor.

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6 Comments to How to Find Good and Supportive Thyroid Doctors

  1. Need a M.D doctor who is experienced in women who have to take Anestrazole, an estrogen blocker, due to having cancer. I am in my third year of 5. I experience jo8t paint, fatigue, heart pounding occasionally, mild weight gain, hard to sleep, ear ringing. The one thing I do not have is nausea. Therefore, I stay with this brand.

    I want my thyroid checked out. I take 135 mg of NO Thyroid and have taken one form or another since I was 35 years old. I am now 71.

  2. thank you for your blog. I have not had thyroids in 45 years. I’m sure you know how I have been made to feel by Dr.s all this time. Thank goodness for the internet !!!!!.

    Im looking for a Dr. in the ct. part of Arkansas, Or by Tella a med. would be fine

    Thanks again Frances M.

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