The Truth About Anti-Depressants and My Interview with Dr Kelly Brogan

On my last visit in NYC, I was in luck to catch Dr Kelly Brogan for a 30-minute interview. Kelly has just become the New York Time’s Best Selling Author with her book “A Mind of Your Own” which is a must-read if you or anyone close to your family is struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia.

Here are the exerts of the interview:

  • Kelly got banned by main media and this is how she dealt with it (and still became a New York Time’s bestseller)
  • Kelly’s breakfast recipe that is the most popular post on her blog
  • Why many women want to get off thyroid meds or hormones but not SSRIs?
  • Research with negative results on efficacy and safety of SSRIs does not get published
  • How to get weaned off SSRIs and is it possible to do?
  • “Being on SSRIs does not allow you to manifest the real you” – my favorite quote
  • Some of the underlying causes of depression (hint: source of inflammation)
  • Do SSRIs actually work? (the answer is NOT “no”. Sorry about the double negation..)
  • Many patients with depression have high (not low!) serotonin levels
  • Recommended style of yoga to stimulate hormonal and NT balance.
  • Kelly talks about her patient’s empowerment that leads to changes like moving to Europe, divorcing an abusive husband or getting a new job.

The book is for anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia. Kelly covers diet changes, supplements and lifestyle changes (like yoga, sleep).


If you and anyone close to you is struggling with depression, this is a must-watch interview. Kelly is sharing so many golden nuggets and myth busting in this interview, I can’t even tell you…