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Overcoming Estrogen Dominance Interviews

I wanted to share with you the list of all the podcasts that I’ve been doing for my new book, Overcoming Estrogen Dominance.  Please enjoy!

From Betrayal to Breakthrough Podcast with Dr. Debi Silber: Overcoming Estrogen Dominance When Your Body Betrays You: EP 235

The Flipping Fifty Podcast with Debra Atkinson: Estrogen Dominance-What is it? What should you know?:

Dr. Lo Show Podcast: Overcoming Estrogen Dominance: EP290: iTunes:

Optimize Paleo Podcast by Paleovalley: Healing Estrogen Dominance: EP259:

PCOS Diva Podcast with Amy Medling: Naturally Resolve Estrogen Dominance: EP152:

The Keto Diet Podcast with Leanne Vogal: Overcome iTunes: Estrogen Dominance with Magdalena Wszelak‪i‬: EP302: YouTube: – iTunes:

Essentially You with Dr. Mariza: Overcoming Estrogen Dominance at Any Age with Magdalena Wszelaki: EP262: – iTunes:

Breast Cancer Conqueror with Dr. V: EP107: