Hormone Testing and Outside Resources

Recommended Resources for Hormone Testing

Thyroid panels 

  1. DirectLabs.com – look for panels that include Free T4, Free T3, TSH, TPO antibodies and anti-TG antibodies.

Steroid hormone panels (cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone)

  1.  https://dutchtest.com/shop/
  2.  http://www.canaryclub.org/

Interpretation of the lab results 

Once you get the results, you would need to find a skilled physician to interpret them.  You can use these directories to find a physician:

Recommended Resources for 1:1 Coaching

Andrea Nakayma | Functional Nutritional 

If you have been dealing with chronic, unexplained and frustrating health challenges, my friend, colleague and mentor, Andrea Nakayma, the founder of Functional Nutritional Alliance, is who I recommend.

Andrea and her trained team specialize in complex conditions by going deep into the root cause(s) of your health challenges. 
To schedule a 15-minute free strategy session, register here. You will receive an email which will provide a link to scheduling this session and start your healing journey. 



Dr. Shawn Tassone

He is an ObGyn so he’s a great fit for specific hormonal issues, hormone Rx, removal of Essure, getting of birth control etc.  He’s Austin-based but works remotely, via Skype and phone

More details here.


Dr. Stephanie Davis

She also works remotely & offers DUTCH test interpretation.
More details here