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I would like to share with you one of the top performing affiliate offers I introduced to my audience. 

Our readers loved the educational piece (most didn’t know what a truly good olive oil should be like) and the $1 offer – getting the first bottle for only $1. 

The olive oil is sourced from around the world and is of top quality and freshness (key in polyphenol content) – see more on that below. 

How this works: 

  1. People sign up to get their first 500ml bottle worth $39 for just $1.
  2. They can then join the club (just like a wine club) to get 3 bottles per quarter at $139.
  3. When they become paying members, you get $40 per membership.
  4. The club owner pays up 50% of your affiliate fees right after your promotion ends (instead of waiting for the quarterly membership to start which can be as far as 3 months away) – that’s really cool.

Your affiliate offer: 
-$40 per membership
-$15 for overriding affiliate fees 

Next step: 

If this interests you, I will introduce you. You will get 3 500ml bottles of their current EVOOs delivered to your house so you can try them for yourself. 

Content marketing 

Let me be 100% frank: I wanted to check for myself if the oils are as high quality as claimed. On my last trip to Sicily, I went to one of their oil suppliers. I wrote this article: How to Pick the Best Olive Oil (7 Criteria) which includes tasting tips (video and instructions). 

The freshness of the oil is key – they make sure the consumer gets it no longer than 3 months from the time of pressing. 

I was truly impressed and I want to pass it on to you. 

Content ideas for you: 

  • Feel free to use my article + videos and introduce me as your friend who did the research 
  • Suggest for people to host an EVOO tasting party 
  • Lead with the tasting of EVOO – it creates an a-ha for most people
  • Of course, the $1 offer is a winner too. 

Interested? Just email me and I will make the intros.