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Own 2 additional iconic and transformational programs from Hormones Balance (a $394 value) to help you balance your hormones when you choose to add:

Herbs  For  Balance ($297 Value)

Learn how to use common herbs and everyday spices to rebalance your hormones naturally. Herbal DIY recipes and lectures cover digestion, liver, sugar balance, peri-/menopause, thyroid/Hashimoto’s, adrenals and estrogen dominance. Recipes include herbal infusions, lattes, DIY skincare and house cleaning products – to inexpensively detox your body and home, and have plenty of fun! 

Also included:

  • Physical recipe book with 140+ hormone balancing recipes 
  • Herbs Wheel poster (you can keep in the kitchen) 

Thyroid Detox ($97 value)

A perfect program if you want to press the “reset” button and rebalance your hormones naturally. Get my proven, 12-day, step-by-step program for detoxing your liver and digestion. Our past participants report feeling rejuvenated, energized, able to think clearly, sleep deeper and be pain free. Recipes are simple and quick to make.  

Thyroid Detox is a legacy name – this detox program is for any woman who want to rebalance her hormones through gentle fasting. It is also thyroid-friendly and low in sugar (most detoxes are not).