Cooking for Balance

What you will learn from this workshop:

  • How to stop sugar and carb cravings
  • Food that helps reverse weight, depression and fatigue
  • Why are you “eating healthy” but you are still not well
  • Food that helps the thyroid, menopause, weight, hair loss, cellulite, PCOS, hot flashes and more.
  • Simple, hormone-balancing breakfasts and snacks

About Magdalena

For years, I struggled with hormonal, digestive and skin issues. I lived through bouts of depression, anxiety attacks and brain fog — to the point of not recognizing myself anymore. I was your proverbial “good eater” and that’s probably you, too. You see, the problem is: it’s not about “good or healthy food” in generic terms but about what your body does with the food you are eating, even the good food. I took my own health into my hands by drastically changing my diet and adjusting it to what it loves and heals with. This resulted in bringing Hashimoto’s disease into remission and reversing adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance. I’m living an awesome and symptoms-free life and I’m on a mission to teach you that, too.

Free Recipes to Help your Hormones Balance

Invite other women who might benefit from this free workshop

Feel free to invite friends who suffer in silence so they too can learn how to heal and get in balance with food. You can email them the link ( or post on Facebook and Twitter. Millions of us depend on pills, creams and medications, yet, we suffer in silence – you and I can both change that. 

To balance & health,