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What if we told you that there are women who turned their health around by following our step-by-step detox protocol?

This is hardly surprising. Our body has an incredible ability to heal when given the right tools and environment. Most people just need help to create this environment.

Thyroid conditions have become a mysterious pandemic in the last 20 years, a pandemic Western Medicine has little to offer to really solve it. Are you one of those people who are frustrated with your doctor telling you that “your numbers are fine” and “it’s all in your mind”?

These very doctors do not tell us WHY is it all happening – why is your thyroid and your immune system attacking your own body. Smart people want to know “why” and go to the root cause of the thyroid disease. Do you too?


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Some of the reasons you are currently not getting any better could be:

      • Your liver and your gut are sluggish which means you are not efficiently converting the thyroid hormones (more on that below).
      • Your digestion is weak and you feel bloated, gassy and constipated on a regular basis (no, it is not normal and it is not OK!).
      • You have been on different kinds of medications (including antibiotics) for a long time which means you have built up a toxic load.
      • You are experiencing a hormonal imbalance due to stress (adrenals, cortisol levels), estrogen dominance, birth control pills to name a few.
      • You have unstable sugar levels which make you shaky, moody when hungry.
      • You crave sugar, carbs and/or salt which are your body’s way of telling you it needs your help in finding a balance.

Western medicine as we know it, offers little help in this space. It’s not surprising – doctors have not been trained in nutrition and even nutritionists have not been trained in restoring the digestive or immune system.

Why is detoxification so critical in restoring your thyroid health? 

Your gut and your liver play a super important role in converting the T4 thyroid hormone to the T3 hormone. Look at this simple diagram: it shows you that the pituitary gland (located in your brain) is excreting TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which gives the thyroid a kick and says “Hey thyroid, produce some T4”. The T4 hormone produced by the thyroid is an inactive hormone – this means it does not do much for you.

It is T3 that’s the active hormone –this means this is the very hormone that fuels us and is responsible for our metabolism (hence body fat and energy), brain function (hence depression, anxiety, foggy brain), healthy hair, skin, nails and so much more.

Now, here is a piece doctors do not tell you: you convert T4 (the inactive one) to the active T3 hormones in the gut and the liver.

Did you know that? This means if your gut is not healthy (because your are chronically constipated, gassy and bloated) and your liver is sluggish, which, rest assured, is the case with majority of thyroid patients, it’s no surprise you are depressed, anxious, overweight and fatigued.


Once you understood this physiological fact about the thyroid, you know that detoxing your gut and the liver is not an option. Is is IMPERATIVE. 

Many people see detox through a lens of fear or doubt. It’s pretty common to hear people say:

  • I won’t be able to do it! I cannot even last 3 hours without a meal.
  • I might damage my body.
  • I will be too hungry and will end up binging.
  • People will think I am strange and not support me.
  • It will be expensive and I might not get any results.

This is not surprising as detoxes and cleanses are Big Business with supplements, magic formulas and promising miracle results. You might be skeptical too as you might have been asked by someone who is part of a multi-level marketing scheme to get an expensive but dubious artillery of pills and powders. Or, you tried a few of those with little or no results.

We understand. We have been there too.

At the same time, we will ask you to be open-minded for just a moment. Fasting and detoxification have been an integral part of our humanity, history and traditions and integrative medicine today. Great people like Jesus Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Plato, Socrates, Hippocrates and many more used fasting as a healing technique. There are mentions of fasts in almost every religion too; Yum Kippur for the Jews, Lent for Christians, Ramathan for the Muslims and so on.

These great men and religions knew that cleansing makes us feel more vital, creative and open to emotional and spiritual energies.


The most common detox misconceptions:

      • It’s a quick fix for me to lose weight – fast!
      • Detoxing is extreme or dangerous.
      • It’s yet another fad.
      • It will make me lose a lot of muscle.
      • I won’t get enough protein.
      • It’s really expensive as I need all these supplements and pills to finish it.

Thyroid diseases don’t just happen. Yes, often times we have a genetic predisposition to getting them; “My mom had it so do I”. However, genetics is like a loaded gun that was passed on to you – there is “something” that still needs to pull the trigger for the gun to fire.

Toxicity is one such “something”, it’s one of these big triggers.

Think about it: we did not have the thyroid pandemic 100 years ago. And, we did also not have as much toxicity back then. Our food was NOT as processed and chemically treated, we used less antibiotics and quick-fix drugs, our skincare and house cleaning products were far less chemically-enhanced. Life was simpler. And cleaner too.

Integrative medicine attributes development of most “modern” diseases, thyroid being among them, to the toxicity we overload our bodies with.

Most thyroid diseases are caused by the immune system’s attack. Your immune system lives in the gut. Is this an “Aha!” for you? 

We need you to know this: most thyroid diseases are autoimmune-related diseases. This means that your thyroid challenges are in fact NOT caused by a thyroid but by your own immune system, which launches an attack on your own thyroid. As a result of this attack, the thyroid suffers and either goes into an underactive state (this is when it’s Hashimoto’s Disease) or overactive state (and it’s Graves’ Disease then).

Western Medicine does not treat autoimmune conditions this is why most of us are left highly unsatisfied with our doctors.


“All diseases begin in the gut”

– Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. 



Alternative medicine believes that 70% of the immune system lives in the gut, aka the digestive system, and especially in the small and the large intestine. This also means if you experience frequent constipation, bloating and gas, your immune system is constantly inflamed and agitated – which is partly why it is in a state of confusion and launches an attack on its own body cells, like the thyroid.


Are you connecting the dots yet?

95% of thyroid conditions are due to a sick immune system.

The immune system lives in the gut (largely).

In short: to have a healthy thyroid, you need a very healthy digestive system.

And this is why a gentle detox will be a perfect opportunity to put you on the path of healing your digestive tract by cleaning it up nicely before you adopt a new or modified diet that works for you.

So, where is all that toxicity that is killing my thyroid coming from?

Here are the Seven Sources of Toxins:

Toxin #1.    Food

The way we process our food today has contributed to the loss of its nutritional value and introduced substances like preservatives, additives that our bodies are simply not built to ingest. Furthermore, pasteurization, homogenization and refining of food have given it a new form which many people have problem digesting. Food manufacturers have embarked on many pseudo-diets like low-fat; replacing fat with sugar and additives to make things tasty.

In short, our food today is very different from a 100 years ago and not coincidently, the rate of diseases has escalated too.  Do you know how to re-design your diet in a way that is practical, affordable and is not overwhelming to you and your family?

Toxin #2.   Water

The United States is one of very few countries in the world that adds fluoride to its drinking water. This is a battled and controversial topic (this is why no fluoride is allowed in most European countries) that is well worth your attention. We are now finding out that fluoride inhibits iodine’s ability to bind with the thyroid gland. This means if we drink water with high amounts of fluoride, our thyroid is interrupted and cannot produce enough T4. Insufficient T4 means insufficient T3 (remember, the active hormone).

It is also believed that fluoride slows down the conversion of T4 to T3 hormone which could explain why in spite of being on medication like Synthroid many people feel far from well. Furthermore, much of our water is now also found to contain heavy metals (like lead, mercury, cadmium) and drugs. Do you know how to remove them?

Toxin #3.   Household cleaning items

Many people know about the health danger of BPAs and parabens. It has taken the FDA over 10 years to finally acknowledge it which means it might take them another few years to admit that other chemicals like the PERFLUROOCTANOID ACID (PFOA) found in non-stick pans or TRICLOSAN found in anti-bacterial soaps are equally dangerous.

Simply put: these widely used chemicals all are known to be synthetic estrogens or xenoestrogens which means they pretend to be estrogen in your body but they don’t do the hormonal work of the real estrogen. Why it is important? Because estrogen, same as your thyroid, are directly dependent on each other and they balance each other out.

Toxin #4.   Skincare products

We are often led to believe that much of what we put on our skin is safe. The reality is far from it. It’s also worth noting that our skin in the largest exposed organ, it therefore really matters what we put on it. You might have heard of parabens (even though surprise, surprise all the large cosmetic companies are still using them) being a big contributor to cancer but have you heard of PHTHALATES? They make things smell nice but are synthetic and very dangerous to the thyroid. Now, you did not know that, did you? All in all, you need to know about another 7 chemicals you must avoid.

Toxin #5.   Antibiotics and drugs

“Doc, my sinus is in a mess, I need help”. You know that your doctor will subscribe you a dose of antibiotics – which is a great, quick fix to get you back on your feet. The problem is – it won’t get your well for very long. Antibiotics wipe out the bad AND the good bacteria in the gut and your gut needs the good bacteria too in order to support a healthy immune system. So, how do you boost your immune system so you stop falling sick that often?

Toxin #6.   Parasites

H.Pylori, a pathogenic bacterium known to cause chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers is now also linked to creating a pro-inflammatory response in the body which can manifests itself in the form of Hashimoto’s or Graves’ disease.

Parasites are more common than we realize and want to acknowledge. It’s therefore important to test for common parasites like ringworms, pinworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms or liver flukes as they deplete us nutritionally and their presence creates another toxic load.

Toxin #7.   Negative emotions and stress

You know when a stressful event at work or at home finally comes to an end, you collapse and come down with a flu (at best)? We have all experienced that at some point. This is why: when we are stressed out, our adrenal glands secret a hormone called cortisol which gives us focus, energy and clarity of mind. Cortisol is also responsible for stimulating our immune system. The problem is when we are producing too much cortisol for too long; the adrenal glands get too tired and they stop producing sufficient cortisol. And this is why our immune system gets weakened and we get sick. Furthermore, too low or too high cortisol levels also slow down the thyroid.

Stress is more of a factor in your thyroid’s health than you realize. We see it over and over again in thyroid patients. Stress is not only for busy Wall Street executives; anyone with past trauma, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging behavior, stress from financial situations, romantic stress (they are all stress!) is very likely to experience adrenal exhaustion which triggers the thyroid.

We most often cannot remove stressful events, people and things from our lives but we can look at them and respond to them differently to spare our adrenals that chronic overload. Do you know where to get started here?

Wow! That’s a lot of sources to worry about as most of them are very present in our lives.

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 So, what do you do? Where do you go from here?  

You need to learn to recognize where the toxicity is coming from and how to eliminate, neutralize or minimize it without too much fuss and expense.

If this is making sense to you, then you probably would agree that taking just one toxin out of your life might not produce the results you want. It’s like cleaning your house; you tell yourself “OK, this weekend I will make the house clean again.” Then, you only do the master bedroom and leave everything else in a mess. It’s no different with your thyroid health and your immune system; you need all the rooms cleaned up in order to really experience the difference. In other words, look at your thyroid health holistically, as everything in your body is connected to each other.

This also means that if you believe that your body is asking you for a clean-up, doing just one thing, such as taking colon cleansers, won’t help. Take a look again at the Seven Sources of Toxins that your thyroid is dealing with every day.

Do YOU Need a Detox?

If you have a thyroid conditions, you are also likely experiencing other symptoms which you are not aware are hugely connected to your thyroid:

  • Bloating, gas and constipation – these are common digestive issues.
  • Craving sugar and/or salt.
  • Feeling worse when going through emotional or stressful moments in your life.
  • Fertility issues (high thyroid antibodies levels even when labs are normal are the #1 cause of unexplained infertility and failure to conceive with IVF).
  • Your blood labs are “normal” but you are still experiencing many symptoms of hypothyroidism.
  • You experience recurring and unexplained miscarriages (undiagnosed and under treated thyroid problems are one of leading causes).
  • You suspects an autoimmune disease but cannot get a diagnosis (in most cases it takes 10-20 years for an autoimmune disease to develop until it can be diagnosed).
  • You have “always had” slow metabolism; cold hands and difficulties to lose weight.
  • You have been exposed to environmental toxins.
  • You are not feeling any better on thyroid medication alone.
  • You are taking a long list of supplements.
  • You failed to lose weight on all previous diets (because nobody ever told you how to get to the root cause of your slow metabolism, sick thyroid and hormonal imbalances).

Did it surprise you that you ticked many of these boxes too?

Well, do not be. It’s extremely common for people with thyroid conditions to experience digestive issues, annoying food cravings that sabotage us, acute sensitivity to stress and adversity and overall hormonal imbalance.

Addressing the Seven Sources of Toxicity will help you holistically resolve what is holding you back from living your life 100%.

Are you ready or are you freaking out now?

  • Is it going to be hard?
  • Can I afford it?
  • How do I know it will produce results?

See what May 2013 Detoxers said about their experience on our Facebook page. 


See what our other current clients are saying about detoxing.

“Best Decision I’ve Ever Made. Thankful and Blessed.”

“I lost my thyroid to cancer and accepted the fact that I will be on Synthroid for the rest of my life. In spite of my numbers “looking perfect”, I felt severely fatigued, my knees hurt, I carried extra 30lb, I had frequent migraines, dry hands and lips, problems falling asleep and would wake up 2-3 times every night . What can I say… they are all gone now. I’m always on the go with a full day, so I feel tired at the end of the day but never fatigued. My cravings are gone, I feel energized and it’s just so easy to adopt this new lifestyle.  My knees stopped hurting, I sleep soundly. I just got back from my doctor and to my disbelief (and his!), my bad cholesterol went down, the good one went up, my blood pressure dropped and glucose went down too. My doctor was amazed.

The biggest “miracle” for me though was my attitude about my weight. I’ve been dieting since I was a teen and I tried the whole gamut of diets with little or no results. I lost weight with Magdalena and I’m committed to continuing doing so; slowly and healthily by nourishing my body with what it needs. However, letting go, not obsessing about food and not fearing food is HUGE for me. I’m still amazed how just eating whole foods and healthy fats has changed my life. This is life-changing.  This is the best decision I’ve ever made (don’t tell my husband!).”

Listen to our interview with Joy:

 – Joy Rice, Arkansas. 

“There is no better feeling”

“I have a demanding work / life situation so stress is something I deal with all the time. I also like to unwind with great wine and food, both to excess. I did my first detox in Thailand in 2010 and 2012. I was amazed that I was never hungry and the level of energy I had. At the time the manager there was Josie, she was always there to listen to what was going on with my body and explain the reasons behind it all. Her knowledge on body and health is never ending and always delivered in a non-judgemental way. Her knowledge on nutrition is so extensive. There is no better feeling than to be purged of all the toxins and waste that builds up over time.”

– Susanne Maas, Australia.

“I was loosing weight but gaining control of my own life at the same time.”

“I am a 25 year old from Hawaii. I decided to detox earlier this year for 21 days in April. I have a highly stressed job which creates unhealthy habits such as not eating healthy or always exercising. I felt a detox would be a wonderful to let go of all the daily stresses that life creates. I suffered from a bit of weight gain, fatigue as well as bad acne. I heard that a full body detox could help lesson these issues by solving the problem through cleaning out the digestive system.

It was challenging and hard but I would do it again in a second. Why? I have learned that one only has one body and one needs to take care of it. My body transformed to a healthy and lean body which dropped about 7.9 kg in 21 days. My acne cleared up and I felt very rejuvenated. The guidance received by Josie Lincoln through the process was fantastic. I was able to work through some personal issues and let go off it all and just focus on myself.

The eureka moment in this process was when I realized I was loosing weight but gaining control of my own life at the same time. Would I do it again? Sign me up!”

 -Leonie Veith, Hawaii, USA

 saraalcoff“I feel in control again.”

“You are brilliant and are making a big difference in this world! Not only do I feel much better in terms of having more energy and feeling more optimistic, but this program also brought me so much closer to my sister (we did the program together). The content is very relevant and helpful; explained in practical easy to follow steps, very thorough and comprehensive. You pulled together many studies and nutritional knowledge and delivered it in easy-to-follow sessions. I feel in control now that I know what specific tests to ask my endocrinologist and why, how to do an Elimination Diet, what are my detox options. I also appreciate you debunking much of the confusion about the supplements and pointing us in the stress reduction direction. Awesome!”

– Sara Alcoff, school counselor, New York


“If I had any doubts before, this sudden transformation made me a total believer.”

“As a person with juvenile diabetes, I am acutely aware of how food affects my body. In recent years, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Then in the last six months, I began to have issues with my thyroid. To further my frustration with my health, I still had trouble digesting food – and I’ve been on a gluten and wheat free diet for years!

A month ago, I started working with Magdalena. She is knowledgeable and genuinely feels for my health conditions and concerns. The best part: within two weeks of starting her detox program I wasn’t bloated, my mood and mental clarity improved, sinus allergies disappeared, my energy increased, my creative juices started flowing again, I can concentrate for much longer and even my adult acne began to clear. If I had any doubts before, this sudden transformation of improved health made me a total believer. Magdalena also introduced me to different foods and recipes that were not only health, but tasty. She accompanied me to the supermarket and explained what to eat and the reasons why it was a better nutritional choice. She also explained what tests my doctor should run, and the technical reasons behind my health issues. All in all, if you’re questioning whether to work with Magdalena, realize she is not only an educated and passionate diet coach, but also a former thyroid patient. Let her work her magic, and you’ll wake up feeling healthy again.”

– Kristin Creighton Asaro, Graphic Designer, New York City


 Here is the Good News. 

We are here to guide you, support you, motivate you and most importantly: help you get the result you want. So you never feel confused, frustrated and … too hungry.

12 Days To Restart Your Thyroid


As soon as you start the Thyroid Detox your body will begin a process of rapid detoxing and healing. The changes you will experience happen quickly; in fact quickly enough for people to be asking you “what have you done?”

It’s incredible when we give our body the right tools and a clean environment; it goes into a self-healing mode. This is how we were born. To self heal.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You will feel very relieved for not feeling bloated, constipated and gassy.
  • Your sugar levels and cravings will stabilize.
  • You will normalize your appetite and metabolism so your body can comfortably adjust to its ideal weight for your size naturally.
  • You will see many bad habits and food cravings just go away.
  • You will feel physically and emotionally lighter.
  • You will notice your depression and anxiety lifting.
  • You will feel an ease on aching joints, allergies, food sensitivities – this is due to a reduced inflammation of your gut.
  • Your energy levels will sore.
  • You will experience clarity of mind, less or no brain fog and more enthusiasm for life.
  • You will be… proud of yourself for having invested the time and effort to heal yourself.
  • You will experience enthusiasm to finally do things, projects and chores you have been stalling for months now.
  • And much more…


How do you know if you need to detox?

Unfortunately,  there is no test you can do to confirm that you need a detox. However, if you are:

    • frequently bloated, constipated or gassy,
    • suffering from high or low sugar levels (you know this when you get moody, very tired or shaky when you skip a meal),
    • feeling tired, sluggish and fatigued most of the time,
    •  experiencing any skin problems like acne, rashes, eczema,
    • highly allergic to food, animals, pollen, dust,
    • dealing with frequent headaches or migraines,
    • your immune system is weak and you therefore easily come down with colds, flu and UTIs,
    • your hormones are imbalanced which results in irregular periods, mood swings and low sex drives,
    • feeling pains and aches of joints and muscles,
    • you bruise easily (could be a sign of a weak liver)
    • craving sugar and/or salt.

… these are clear indicators that you would benefit from a detox.

The role of your gut and liver in your thyroid health

We will never be able to restore your thyroid if you gut and liver are sluggish. Here is what the gut and the liver are doing for us:

    • They help converting T4 hormone (the inactive one) to T3 (the active hormone responsible for your wellbeing).
    •  The are responsible for the strength of the immune system and since 95% of thyroid conditions are autoimmune diseases, the immune system needs to be repaired.
    • They are connected to your overall hormonal balance.


The role of your sugar levels in thyroid health

Most people with thyroid issues are also experiencing low or high sugar levels. How do you know if your sugar levels are healthy? Just ask yourself “How do I feel if I skip a meal?”. Most likely you will say “I’m shaky, moody and really tired.” It’s not OK to be feeling this way. It’s OK to be hungry but nothing else.

Why is it important to know this? Because your sugar levels are managed by your pancreas that (same as your thyroid) are part of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is a network of glands that secrets all our hormones. All hormones are designed to support or balance each other out. This means if one hormone is out of balance, it will impact another hormone in your body. Simply put: with unbalanced sugar levels, we will not be able to restore your thyroid.


The role of stress and adrenal glands in thyroid health

This is a BIG one. We feel this is the most underestimated reason that very often triggers a thyroid crisis. Every time you get stressed out, the adrenal glands (also part of the endocrine system) fire up to help you deal with adversity. The adrenals are hugely connected to the thyroid gland and they are furthermore responsible for stimulating your immune system. If your adrenals are chronically firing away, they get too tired after a while and stop cooperating.

It’s also worth noting that stress and adrenal fatigue is not just for people with demanding jobs. The stress we are talking about here could be emotional stress (romantic, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging talk, childhood trauma, financial loss), event-based (like death in the family), even physical (like an operation or an accident) or chemical stress (like exposure to toxic waste, nuclear explosions).

We Restore Your Body To Its Normal, Healthy State.



The Thyroid Detox can change that in just 12 days.

There’s no magic to the Thyroid Detox – it just relies on ancient cleansing principals by simply flushing out the internal waste that’s putting a huge burden on every organ in your body.

Cleansing the gut and liver is a big (but not only) part of the Thyroid Detox and here is what world renowned holistic doctors have got to say about the gut.

“Improving the condition of your bowel will give you worthwhile dividends in renewed health, energy and vitality, an investment well made. Once the bowel is cleansed of accumulated waste material, the next step begins. Giving up old habits is a very difficult thing for most people but is absolutely essential to regaining full health.

The building process begins when correct, life-giving attitudes and habits take over. We can regenerate the body when we have clean tissues that are able to draw all the nutrients and chemical elements we need from the foods we eat. “

– Dr. Bernard Jensen


And that’s exactly what the Thyroid Detox is designed to do.


The Thyroid Detox Protocol  


The 12 days are divided into:

5 days of Pre-Detox (to prepare the body),

5 days of Detox (choice of Gentle or Deep), and

2 days of Post-Detox (to re-enter smoothly)


What is the difference between Gentle and Deep detox options? 

Gentle = consists of steamed vegetables, juices and water.

Deep = consists only of juices and water.

However, you will always be asked to listen to your body and switch between these two options depending on how you feel.


Why pre-detox?

Preparing your body for a detox is one of the most important stages of the process.  The average adult in the West has been putting a cocktail of chemicals, pesticides, highly concentrated sugars and congesting hydrogenated/trans fats into their system for many years, unaware of the damage it has been doing.  Suddenly stopping all of this without any preparation may result in symptoms and reactions which could be uncomfortable e.g. headaches, rashes or nausea.  The body needs slow gentle change, not a sudden shock, especially when it is already out of balance hormonally.  A pre-detox avoids this reaction and gives your body the preparation it needs to settle gently into the detox phase and get the full benefit.  It also allows time to adjust mentally and emotionally to the idea of the detox and puts you in the right mindset for long-term change.  Gentle and slow is the way to go!

Benefits you can expect

    • Less detox reactions.
    • The knowledge you need to get the best out of the detox.
    • Nurturing for the thyroid.

What is included in your Pre-detox?

  • Daily support from Magdalena and Josie (recorded calls).
  • Intentions setting.
  • Creating a vision board and path for your recovery.
  • Setting up and keeping a Food-Mood-Poop Journal.
  • Educational hand-outs
      • Thyroid-Liver-Adrenal-Gut connection.
      • Outlining the chemical additives in food and how to avoid them.
      • Food that aggravates and supports the thyroid.
      • Outlining the problems with the drinking water supply and how to remove toxins.
      • Toxins found in household cleaning products, how to prioritize, eliminate or reduce them.
  • Recipes
          • Drinks
          • Herbal teas
          • Juicing ideas
          • Solid food recipes
    • Soothing ideas
          • Meditation techniques
          • Face masks
          • Music
          • Gentle exercise ideas
  • Interviews and Q&As
      • Interview #1: with a water expert and ecologist.
      • Interview #2: with a master life coach on letting go off toxic emotions


The detox is the moment you have all been waiting for.  This is a eureka moment for your body as it finally gets a chance to rid its tissues of chemicals and inflammation which have been stopping it from functioning effectively.  Normally your body uses all its resources for digestion and the functions of day to day life.  When you do a detox you reduce your digestive activity to almost nothing and all that extra energy is used to cleanse your tired gut, relieve the strain on your stressed liver and release deep seated impurities your body has not had the time or resources to address.  The extra nutrients and rest that accompany the program allow your body to truly regenerate.  This leaves your circulatory system oxygenated and cleansed, delivering nutrient rich blood to all your organs and body’s systems. The detox phase allows you to connect to your body emotionally and physically in a way you could never have imagined.  When you decide to detox, you are allowing change into your body and mind.

Benefits can you expect:

  • Release gut and liver toxicity.
  • Feel energized and rejuvenated. 
  • Experience clear glowing skin and bright eyes.
  • Receive a supported and educated approach to detoxification.
  • Free yourself of parasites that are damaging your system.
  • Cleanse your whole endocrine system.
  • Feel like a new empowered person…yes…really!


What is included in your Detox?

  • Support calls with Magdalena and Josie (pre-recorded)
  • Instructions for Gentle Detox
  • Recipes for Gentle Detox (solid foods+juicing+broth)
  • Instructions for Deep Detox
  • Recipes for Deep Detox (juicing+broth) 
  • Daily affirmations
  • Educational handouts
        • What toxins are found in skincare products and how to avoid them and pick safe brands.
        • Learn to make your own skin care products
        • Learn to make your own household cleaning products
        • Toxicity coming from drugs like antibiotics, recreational drugs, prescription medications and how to avoid them.
        • How to deal with food cravings.
        • Support techniques and advice from Josie and Magdalena.
        • Tips and ideas on supporting your body through the detox.
        • Affirmation and Meditation Worksheet.


Post-detox is the time we get ready to break your detox.  You will start to eat a normal range of meals again in this enjoyable phase.  This is one of the most important stages of the detox experience.  The pre-detox stage prepares your system, the detox stage cleanses your system and the post-detox phase is about making this change a sustained part of your life.  Your body has been cleansed and detoxified and now all it needs is to be gently re-introduced to real foods and the real world.  Sound easy?  It is probably the hardest part of all as it must be done slowly, but definitely the most exciting as it opens a whole new world of flavor.  Now you can experience foods again and start to look at the wonderful recipes you can try, but it must be done carefully.  We will advise you to avoid eating refined foods and sugars, proteins, carbohydrates and dense meals as your body will not be ready for them just yet.  However, we will inspire you with delicious recipes and healthy alternatives to give your thyroid a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of healthy food.  This phase requires full support and education so that you break correctly.  Then, once you start to re-introduce a complete meal plan, you will notice renewed health and energy as your thyroid thanks you for all your hard work!

Benefits you will experience:

  • Your body will feel like a sacred temple. 
  • You will be proud of yourself for having invested your resources into doing this.
  • You will lose some pounds (even though this should not be your prime intention)
  • A surge of energy, optimism and enthusiasm to do new things in life.
  • A kick-start to a new way of living.

What is included in your Detox-break?

  • Guidance calls with Magdalena and Josie (pre-recorded).
  • Meal plan and recipes to break detox/fast.
  • Instructions how to introduce foods to identify food intolerances and allergies (IMPORTANT!).
  • Guest call and Q&As with a life coach to reframe and manage stress.
  • Affirmation and Meditation Worksheet.
  • Instructions for a liver flush and colonics. 


Bonus #1: MP3 Recordings of All Sessions.

You’ll have access to an exclusive download page with all your recordings so you can listen, review or reference any time.


Bonus #2 : Liver Protocol Must-Do List.

You will be getting a 24-point Must-Do List which will help you detox your liver and the detoxification pathways for optimal hormonal balance. This list took me 2 years to put together. We cover three changes: dietary, supplement and lifestyle.


Bonus #3 : Sleeping Mantra.

This MP3 file is Magdalena’s personal favorite; when the mind refuses to shut down at the end of the day, this is the file she plays off her iPod to switch off and fall asleep in a matter of minutes. This MP3 will help you put away your sleeping pills!Original recording by a a licensed NLP (neuro-linguistics) practitioner and a hypnotist, David Parke.

Bonus #4: Elimination Diet Guide.

Once you complete the 12-day detox, your body will be freed from all the toxins including the ones coming from food intolerances. There are 5 big food groups that are known to cause many digestive problems – you can now learn how to  methodologically introduce one after another to find out what are your specific food intolerances and allergies, without expensive and often unreliable blood tests. This piece is key to restoring your digestive system and healing your thyroid.

Bonus #5: Recommended Detox Resources.

You know how we often wonder about the credibility of various resources, especially found online?

This is a collection of go-to books and websites that are credible and proven and will help you debunk much of the health and detox mystery.


Bonus #6: Closed Support Group Access (for life).

Birds of the same feather flock together. There is nothing better than swapping thyroid stories and getting the support from Magdalena and Josie as well as other participants. This is also one way for you to ask me questions and get answers – in a close, safe, non-judgmental environment. This is an exclusive and CLOSED group.


All recipes and meal plans are:








Thyroid Detox DIY



One Time Payment – Instant Access

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24 x 7 Access.

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Two passionate women, a thyroid nutrition expert and a detox expert guide you through Thyroid Detox.

Meet Josie. Meet Magdalena. 

Magdalena’s Story of Recovery from Hashimoto’s Disease

Like many people, my personal health crisis brought me here today. I was a high-flying advertising executive, had a knack for my trade (strategic planning), worked on Fortune 500 brands, covered the Asian region, lived in 6 different countries and was the go-to-person in the industry. I loved it and was addicted to it.

Until a crisis struck. Intensifying anxiety attacks, forgetting events that happened the day before, severe mood swings and sliding into depression landed me with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease. My TSH, T3, T4 were within range but my TPO antibodies were over 1,000 (norm is <30). Based on these, modern medicine only treats TSH, T3 and T4 and has no solution for the high antibodies that were a reflection of the raging inflammation in my body; I was therefore sent home with “we have no cure for you”.

It was the most lonely and helpless time of my life. Looking back at it now, it’s hardly surprising that my immune system is weak; I was not a breast-fed baby (my immune system is therefore weak), in my tweens I lived through the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and ate contaminated food for a week after the explosion. Due to a weak immune system, I suffered from chronic ear infections and eczema as a child and later severe acne, migraines and hormonal imbalance for early adulthood; all clear signs of chronic inflammation and a suppressed immune system. As my advertising career took off, I was under chronic stress, lived in polluted China (I was recently found to have very high mercury and lead levels!), was experiencing exhausted adrenals that were made only worse by my intense and competitive athleticism. In other words, I was an ideal candidate for an autoimmune disease.

Refusing to accept my disease, I went to a nutrition school to become a Certified Nutrition Coach, to really know how food can heal. I also dove into every thyroid book I could buy, sought answers from numerous endocrinologists, alternative healers and naturopaths to filter it all down to what’s critical in firing up your thyroid.

Today, I feel better than ever before. Free of all hypothyroid symptoms, I have more energy than most 28-year olds, my skin is glowing, I have not had flu in 3 years, I sleep well and enjoy a wonderful equilibrium in my life. Thyroid problems in women is what I dedicate my life to. I own a coaching practice Thyroid Diet Coach focused on teaching people with thyroid conditions how to self-heal with dietary and lifestyle changes.

It’s ironic but true: my disease became my destiny.


Josie’s Journey with Detox

Josie had an unfortunate run in with a rather long flight of stairs at the age of 21 and was faced with a physical and spiritual journey which took her around the world seeking and learning about healing.  After living in pain for six years and having to deal emotionally and physically with the challenges it brought, she found the healing world of detox.

After healing herself she lived and worked on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand for three years, helping hundreds of detoxers with their own healing journeys. She has been researching and practicing alternative nutrition for the last six years and is a UK qualified Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor.  She gives informative talks on Nutrition as well as giving everyday practical advice for anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.

She has a passion for detox and raw foods, collaborating with practitioners in across the world on detox as well as focusing on balance for everyday people with busy lives.

Can I detox while I’m working? 


We designed the program assuming that most participants are working women, moms and homemakers with busy schedules.

“Magdalena was there for me when I was out of my depth…”

For years I have had doctors try and explain to me why I was so tired, and why I was getting sick, all the time. Finally, a naturopath diagnosed me with hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue and sensitivity to 8 foods (most were my favorite). I came home that day feeling REALLY daunted; “Oh my god, what do I eat now!?” Enter Magdalena. She taught me about my blood tests, pointed me to the best online resources, showed me how to cook yummy allergy-friendly meals, took me grocery shopping and opened my eyes to all of the amazing foods I didn’t know even existed! Six months later, I am in the best shape of my life (I lost 10 pounds), feeling the best I have EVER felt, and eating some of the yummiest food – with new dishes inspiring me every day. Thank you, Magdalena. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

– Blair Fillingham, Senior PR Manager at Microsoft, Seattle, WA.


“Reduced medication for the first time in 10 years.”

Without a doubt, I would recommend investing in your health with Magdalena. I started the six-month VIP 1:1 Coaching plan and for the first time in 10 years I’ve seen a drop in my medication dosage! I feel way better, my thyroid nodules are gone, the goiter is almost invisible now and have more energy than ever. Your health is your life and I am very happy I have made that investment and commitment. I have learned a lot about my thyroid and how good nutrition plays a critical role in getting my health back. I vote you as one of the most influential women in my life. Thank you, Magdalena!

– Lillian Hilliard, Special Education Teacher, Long Island, New York.


“I’m finally on track to solving my health mystery.”

I met Magdalena at the Healthy Thyroid Meetup she organizes each month in NYC and I had a feeling that she might give me a new direction to restore my health. I’ve been suffering from thyroid and adrenal issues for the past 20 years but no doctor, naturopath or healer was truly able to help me. I already have a deep knowledge of the thyroid and the lifestyle that goes with it so this program re-emphasized on what my next steps should be.  I’m so much closer now to solving my health mystery and I thank you for that, Magdalena.

– Stacy Dilieto, Physical Therapist, New York City


Who is the Detox NOT for.

You would need to seek your medical practitioner’s advice if you are seriously or terminally ill, experience serious digestive issues, are pregnant or lactating. In the event, you are not sure if detoxing is the right program for you, we recommend contacting your doctor for advice before you make the final decision.

With love, blessings and renewed energy,




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