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Introducing a safe, guided, step-by-step protocol
tailored to women with thyroid and autoimmune conditions.

If you are curious about healing and detoxing…

…then you are in the right place.

Who is the workshop for?

Anyone suffering from:

Low Thyroid • Hashimoto’s • Graves’ • Overactive Thyroid • Lost Thyroid • Thyroid Nodules • Thyroid Cancer • Fatigue • Infertility • Hair Loss • Weight Gain • Depression • Anxiety • Body Pains & Aches

12-Day Thyroid Detox Program

Join us for the program: $57 LIMITED TIME OFFER

Some of the reasons you might not be getting better (despite thyroid medications and supplements) could be:

  Your liver and your gut are sluggish, which means you are not efficiently converting the thyroid hormones (more on that below).

♦  Your digestion is weak, so you feel bloated, gassy and constipated on a regular basis. (No, this is not normal, and it is not OK.)

  You have been taking different types of medications (including antibiotics) for a long time, which means you have built up a toxic load.

  You are experiencing a hormonal imbalance due to stress (adrenals, cortisol levels), estrogen dominance or birth control pills.

  You have unstable sugar levels, which makes you shaky and moody when hungry.

  You crave sugar, carbohydrates and/or salt, which is your body’s way of telling you it needs your help to replenish it with the right nutrients.

What Are The 10 Toxins Impacting Your Thyroid?

This may sound overwhelming, but it’s why I’ve put together the 12-day Thyroid Detox program.

6 Reasons to Participate in Thyroid Detox

#1: Press the reset button

   You know that feeling when you just tidied up the house or your desk? That sense of accomplishment, lightness and a bright future can be felt with your physical health, too.

   Overdid it with the festive season?  Want to get in shape for the summer?  Want your energy back to play with your kids?  This program can be your starting point.

#2: No gimmicks, only real food

   You will not be asked to purchase exclusive shakes and pills.

   You will only be working with real food and very few detox-supporting supplements, which you can get from your local health store or online (we don’t sell them).

#3: Remove stress and have a plan

   Did you see the 10 toxins section or attend my workshop? It can get overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out. I will help you create a plan to prioritize toxin removal.

   Get planning tools that will help you commit, and see the path to a less toxic life and happier thyroid.

#4: Focus on the thyroid and hormone support

   We do not use any raw cruciferous vegetables (like kale) in our recipes. Most detox program do, as they do not specialize in thyroid health.

   Learn how the thyroid is connected to our hormones and how to support it with food.

#5: No set dates!  Do it at your own pace

   Start the program when you are ready.

   No stress to follow our agenda.

   Re-do the program whenever you like (many people repeat it once or twice per year).

#6: Holistic approach

   Most programs focus on the food and the physiological aspects of a detox. I take it further, as I believe that it is equally important to detox yourself from stress, negative patterns, beliefs, clutter and toxic people.

   You will learn exercises to receive goodness, let go of negative emotions and create a vision for your health.

“Magdalena is extremely knowledgeable about Hashimoto’s and is amazing at guiding others in implementing nutritional and lifestyle changes necessary to start feeling better.”

– Dr Izabella Wentz, Thyroid Pharmacist, author of New York Times best selling “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause”

12-Day Thyroid Detox Program

Join us for the program: $57 LIMITED TIME OFFER

How Does Thyroid Detox Work?

The 12 days are divided into:

What is the difference between Gentle and Deep Detox options?

Gentle = consists of steamed vegetables, juices, and water

Deep = consists only of juices and water

However, we will guide you on how to listen to your body and switch between these two options depending on how you feel.

What is Included in the Step-by-Step Guided Program?


Kick-off Coaching Call (pre-recorded)
Thyroid Detox Starter Kit

Pre-detox Meal Plan
Pre-detox Recipes
Shopping List

Daily Support Emails
Online support and community

Thyroid-Liver-Adrenal-Gut Guide
Soothing Pack (meditation techniques, face masks, music & gentle exercise ideas)
Healing Journals
Thyroid Food In/Out Guide
Toxins in Cleaners and DIY Recipes
Recommended Water Filter Brands

DETOX: DAYS 6 to 10

Coaching Call (pre-recorded)

Gentle Detox Recipes (solid foods + juicing + broth)
Deep Detox Recipes (juicing + broth)
Meal Plans (for both)
Shopping List (for both)

Daily affirmations
Daily emails

Juicing Recipes
Safe Skincare Brands
DIY Skincare Recipes
Guide to Parasite Treatments


Coaching Call (pre-recorded)

Post-detox Meal Plan
Post-detox Recipes

Liver Flush and Colonics Guide

Some of the Food and Drink Recipes During the 12-Day Detox

and many more juice and smoothie recipes.

All Recipes and Meal Plans Are:

And very low in sugar!

12-Day Thyroid Detox Program

Join us for the program: $57 LIMITED TIME OFFER


What To Expect

  More energy and zest for life


  Confidence in your own body and food choices

  Mental clarity

  Sharper Intuition

  Saved money on excessive supplements, gimmicks, and fees you pay because you are in pain today

  Save money on future medical expenses as well

  Community and connection to like-minded women

What Other Participants Are Saying

What other participants are saying

“Magdalena was there for me when I was out of my depth.”

For years I have had doctors try and explain to me why I was so tired, and why I was getting sick, all the time. Finally, a naturopath diagnosed me with hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue and sensitivity to 8 foods (most were my favorite). I came home that day feeling REALLY daunted; “Oh my god, what do I eat now!?” Enter Magdalena. She taught me about my blood tests, pointed me to the best online resources, showed me how to cook yummy allergy-friendly meals, took me grocery shopping and opened my eyes to all of the amazing foods I didn’t know even existed! Six months later, I am in the best shape of my life (I lost 10 pounds), feeling the best I have EVER felt, and eating some of the yummiest food – with new dishes inspiring me every day. Thank you, Magdalena. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Blair Fillingham, Senior PR Manager at Microsoft, Seattle, WA

“Reduced medication for the first time in 10 years.”

Without a doubt, I would recommend investing in your health with Magdalena. I started the six-month VIP 1:1 Coaching plan and for the first time in 10 years I’ve seen a drop in my medication dosage! I feel way better, my thyroid nodules are gone, the goiter is almost invisible now and have more energy than ever. Your health is your life and I am very happy I have made that investment and commitment. I have learned a lot about my thyroid and how good nutrition plays a critical role in getting my health back. I vote you as one of the most influential women in my life. Thank you, Magdalena!

Lillian Hilliard, Special Education Teacher, Long Island, New York

“I’m finally on track to solving my health mystery.”

I met Magdalena at the Healthy Thyroid Meetup she organizes each month in NYC and I had a feeling that she might give me a new direction to restore my health. I’ve been suffering from thyroid and adrenal issues for the past 20 years but no doctor, naturopath or healer was truly able to help me. I already have a deep knowledge of the thyroid and the lifestyle that goes with it so this program re-emphasized on what my next steps should be. I’m so much closer now to solving my health mystery and I thank you for that, Magdalena.

Stacy Dilieto, Physical Therapist, New York City

12-Day Thyroid Detox Program

Join us for the program: $57 LIMITED TIME OFFER


Q: Can I refund the purchase?

Because this is a mega deal, there is no refund with this offer. If you follow us for a while you know that our programs are high quality and help women who apply the teachings.

Q: Can I do the detox while I’m working?
Yes, you can. I’ve designed the program so that you can maintain your daily routine. However, I advise that you slow your pace and take some time off to reap the full benefits. This program is not just about the physical, but is also an emotional detoxification.
Q: Would this program help me if I lost my thyroid?
Yes, it definitely would. About 30% of our participants have no thyroid. Your body still depends on the health of your gut and liver to metabolize the thyroid replacement hormone you are taking (such as Synthroid, Naturethroid, and Armour).
Q: Can I detox when pregnant or breastfeeding?
No, I do not recommend that you do that. You can begin the detox once you are finished breastfeeding.
Q: Does this detox fit with a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle?
Yes, it absolutely does.
Q: Do you use gluten or dairy in the detox recipes?
No, this program is free of gluten, all grains, dairy, soy, corn, eggs and nightshades (tomato, eggplant, potato and peppers).
Q: Is this program Paleo?
Yes, it is. We do not use grains or dairy. It is not AIP-compliant, though, as we use moderate amounts of nuts and seeds.
Q: Can I do the program if I have a lot of digestive issues?
This program has helped many women who have suffered from chronic bloating, constipation, acid reflux and digestive pain. Having said that, if you have already eliminated highly inflammatory foods, such as gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn and sugar, and are still suffering from digestive issues, then I recommend seeking the help of a skilled functional practitioner.
Q: Can I do the program if I’m very sick?
No, I do not recommend that.
Q: Will I have access to the content for later?
Yes, you will have access for life.
Q: Will I get live access to Magdalena?
I am available to answer your questions on our online forum from Monday to Friday every week (unless I’m on holidays).
Q: When does the program begin?
The program does not have a start date; you can therefore begin whenever you are ready.
Q: What do I eat after the detox is over?
We will give you guidance on what to eat toward the end of the program. The detox creates an opportunity for you to re-introduce some of the suspect foods and observe how your body responds to them.
Q: Can I do the detox before getting pregnant?
Yes, you can, and many women have done that before. The health of your thyroid is very important in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Many women have reported a reduction of their antibodies, which is important before getting pregnant.
Q: Can I do the program if I don’t have a thyroid problem?
Yes, you definitely can, and you will feel the benefits as well.
Will the program help other hormonal imbalances?
Yes, it very well might. Many women have reported experiencing fewer PMS symptoms and mood swings, better sleep, and elimination of food cravings.