Welcome to Circle

I’m very happy to hear that you will be coming on this new great nourishing journey with us.

A few things to do for us to get started:

STEP 1. Fill in the Health Assessment Form

Please download the Health Assessment Form, fill it in, re-save it and email it to  at least 24 hours before our Kickoff session.

Please do not hand write. It’s best for you to fill in the Word document.

Women’s Health Assessment Form

STEP 2. Provide Additional Information

Also, please:

2.1 email a list of drugs, HRT, creams and supplements you are currently taking, or you have been asked to take. Please include the brand names and dosage.

2.2 email a copy of latest blood test reports you can share, covering your thyroid or other tests like sugar, vitamin levels, etc

2.3 whatever else you think I should know about.

STEP 3. Set up FMP Journal

To get the most from our sessions, it’s best that you set up your Food-Mood-Poop Journal as soon as possible. It is recommended (but optional) to email 5-10 days of your journal before we start. You will also be asked to keep the journal on an ongoing basis.

Download the FMP Journal here. 

STEP 4. Set up an appointment  

The session will be 1.5 hours. To book your appointment, please use this online calendar link. The available time slots will appear in your local time, so no need to crack your head. 🙂

If you need to cancel or move the appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

STEP 5. Take a Nutritional self-assessment and do your first assignment 

Please watch the Self-Assessment Video (35 minutes) and let’s discuss in our KickOff how you plan to start incorporating these changes into your life.

STEP 6. Decide how would you like to connect

If on Skype, please add me to your contacts as HormonesBalance.

If on the phone, the number to call is +1.646.580.0121.

Please let me know prior to our appointment which way do you prefer to meet. 

 STEP 7: Join HORMONE THRIVERS on Facebook

This is a closed and clients-only page to ask questions, post recipes, share, vent and encourage each other. Please join us at Hormone Thrivers Facebook page. Once you request to join, I will approve you as soon as I can.

If your user name on Facebook is different than your name on the invoice, please email and let us know that it’s you on Facebook! 🙂


I look forward to meeting you and getting started!