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Why I created this program

Healthy Weight

Rebalance your estrogen levels, lower inflammation and see visible changes every week – by reducing stubborn belly and hip fat.


Reset your estrogen levels, gut and liver to regain your natural day-long energy without stimulants and gimmicky products.

Mental Clarity

Kiss brain fog goodbye, get back your sharp mind and good mood by nourishing your body and reducing inflammation – to start feeling better after just a few days.

Hot Flashes

Get rid of annoying hot flashes and night sweats by balancing your estrogen levels and tweaking your diet.

Skin and Hair

Learn about food and estrogen that can help plump up, smoothen and even out the skin on your face and body, and revive hair growth and thickness.


Get Done-for-You nutritional and hormonal protocols (for each condition) and meal plans; so you don’t have to spend the time to research and run into confusion and contradictions.

Natural Healing

Rebalance your estrogen levels naturally – using food, herbs and supplements, and know when to use and not use bioidentical hormones.


Become pain-free by removing food triggers and toxins and maximize your movement and family time.

Never Fear Again

Stop living in fear of symptoms returning; dial in and commit to a protocol that will set you free from worrying by taking control over your health.


Get support and inspiration from our 4000+ active members (past participants) who have gone through your issues and are here to help and listen.

Kitchen Fun

Learn mouth-watering and simple recipes (most under 30 minutes) and a 2-week meal plan that nourishes your body and soul; helping to reset your estrogen levels.

Save Money

Save on doctor visits, unnecessary supplements and treatments by using natural methods as medicine – so you can be free of chronic conditions.

70% of women experience
Estrogen Dominance
at some point in their lives and 90%
don’t realize that’s what they have.

Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

You are not alone

  • 70% of women experience Estrogen Dominance at some point in their lives and 90% don’t realize that’s what they have.
  • 1 in 7 women in US women will develop breast cancer.
  • 80% of breast cancers are estrogenic (estrogen-receptor positive) and therefore preventable.
  • 250,000 gallbladder removals are performed every year in the United States – most are preventable and avoidable. Many lead to estrogen dominance in months after surgery.
  • 75% of women experience PMS – which is completely preventable.
  • 40% of women experience hormonal insomnia.
  • 600,000 hysterectomies are performed annually in the United States, and approximately 20 million American women have had a hysterectomy. Many of them are preventable.
  • Most American women will develop fibroids at some point in their lives. One study found that, by age 50, 70 percent of whites and 80 percent of African Americans had fibroids. Similarly, these are preventable and manageable.
  • 85% of women suffer from some degree of hormonal imbalances at least once in their lifetime.

There is hope for you…

1. All of the above conditions are reversible

2. The right food, herbs and supplements can
help you rebalance your estrogen levels.

Who is this program for?

Anyone suffering from:
Fibroids • Endometriosis • Breast lumps and fibrocystic breasts
Hot Flashes • Amenorrhea (lack of periods) • Irregular periods
Dysmenorrhea & PMS • Menorrhagia (heavy periods)
Thyroid nodules • Infertility • Hip fat and cellulite
Breast Cancer (ER+) • High testosterone (PCOS)

What experts are saying

As doctors, we don’t have the time to teach our patients how to eat, let alone for hormone health. This program is so comprehensive and helpful for my patients dealing with estrogen dominance but also for us, practitioners who want to support our patients.

Dr. Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD

America’s Holistic Gynecologist and Author of Contraception Deception

I am so grateful to have Magdalena’s Estrogen Reset program as a resource for my patients who are experiencing estrogen dominance and hormonal challenges. She empowers women with the science of the food hormone connection and her Estrogen Reset program provides a wide array of tasty recipes that make restoring hormonal balance easy and fun.

Dr. Alan Hopkins, MD

Integrative Physician and Founder,

This program empowers women with the science behind food and hormones, and the art of simple, delectable recipes that will become your everyday go-to meals.

Estrogen dominance is a condition I see most women struggle with and it’s unnecessary. In her program, Magdalena clearly lays out in her to-do protocols how to deal with the many life changing symptoms of estrogen dominance – I highly recommend it.

Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, Ob/Gyn

Author of best selling book The Hormone Fix

The Way Out of Hormonal Problems is Through Them

Every day I encounter women who believe “it must be their hormones”. They are right, but the hormones they blame usually aren’t the ones at fault. It isn’t just one hormone, it’s the orchestra and the conductor. That conductor is estrogen.

Estrogen dominance is a veritable epidemic, and Magdalena is doing groundbreaking work shifting the attention where it truly needs to be. That is on the estrogen dominance naturally or artificially occurring in our bodies. She is helping millions of women out there that are struggling with their “hormone problems” to set things right once and for all.

Magdalena lives and breathes the words of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I have always struggled in my clinical practice to outline clear dietetic strategies, where Magdalena has pioneered this work in her programs. She expertly outlines how to implement healthy food strategies into your daily practice that taste amazing. She skillfully helps you navigate the journey to a legendary life. I would recommend this and any of Magdalena’s other programs and books as the best tools and resources for hormonal balance.

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, BA, ND, QOTT

Naturopathic Doctor and Queen of the Thrones™

This is me, your host,

And my story with
estrogen dominance.

For a long time, I’ve had a great deal of interest in estrogen dominance (ED), which turned into a passion. On one hand, it was because I struggled with it for years and spent years researching it so I could help myself. On the other, I quickly realized that even though this is such a common hormonal imbalance, information about ED is sparse and fragmented; and nobody has put a program together in a comprehensive, practical and easy-to-understand fashion.

I’ve had estrogen dominance as far as I remember.

The unforgiving periods when I would lay on the floor in a fetal position with two types of painkillers, debilitated and having to skip school and, later, work. Heavy periods with significant clotting, which I thought were normal.

In my twenties, I would often find lumps on my breasts – and that would send terror throughout my body – “Is it cancer?”

In my thirties came horrendous mood swings that would tarnish many precious relationships. Then, came the thyroid nodules and hair loss.

I never made the connection that my negative reaction to birth control pills was an early sign of my body struggling to metabolize estrogen.

If you ask me what’s my biggest fear in life, the answer is: “getting breast cancer.” (Most breast cancers are due to Estrogen Dominance).

You see, the women in my family have a genetic predisposition to estrogenic cancers beyond breast cancer: many of them over 50 no longer have a uterus due to uterine cancer or other Estrogen Dominance issues like fibroids, etc.

I’m telling you this story not because I feel like a victim or I want you to feel sorry for me. On the contrary; I’ve created a thriving online platform for women like us to balance our hormones in the most natural ways, using food, herbs, and supplements.

My name is Magdalena Wszelaki and my life with Estrogen Dominance has taken me on a whirlwind but also resulted in becoming a hormonal nutrition coach, chef, certified herbalist, and an author; the latest book titled Overcoming Estrogen Dominance – a book I dedicated to all women riding this hormonal roller coaster.

Is Estrogen Dominance the root cause of your problems? Perhaps. I invite you to take the Estrogen Dominance Quiz and see for yourself. 

Age 13 and already showing signs of thyroid and digestive issues – thin hair, feeling cold and always bloated. This was taken at a British high school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wearing a thick sweatshirt in a tropical country – a sign of low thyroid function.

“Ripped” and seemingly healthy – yet, I felt anything but. This photo was taken at a holiday in Spain after quitting my job in China because I felt so sick. May 2009.

Trying to resolve each symptom was like fighting a losing battle.

What I realized early on in this journey is that:

  • Trying to resolve each symptom becomes a tiring, endless, frustrating and expensive battle that I won’t win. Just look at the number of things that went on.
  • Instead, I need to go upstream and figure out how my estrogens are metabolized in the liver and gut, and fix these.

My love for good, clean food extends to camping as well. We camped at a volcano in Iceland.

And this is exactly what I did. I stopped chasing each symptom and decided to lay the foundation for solid health, the way a gardener always starts with the soil before planting a garden.

How frustrating when my diet is already so clean!

I was your proverbial “good eater” and that’s probably you, too. The problem is: It’s not about “good or healthy food” in generic terms but about what your body does with the food you are eating, even the good food. I took my health into my own hands by drastically changing my diet and adjusting it to what it loves and heals with. This resulted in bringing Hashimoto’s disease into remission, and reversing adrenal issues and estrogen dominance.


Today I’m living a symptom-free life and I’m on a mission to help YOU do the same.

I didn’t come from a family of foodies and chefs. And, in all honesty: I don’t even like to spend too much time in the kitchen. Therefore, my meals are simple and quick.

Given my Eastern European roots, then having lived in South East Asia and China for most of my adult life and later in beautiful Iceland, California and Colorado, you might find my perspective on food, its preparations and flavors to be a refreshing change in your own kitchen.

I’m a certified herbalist, certified nutrition coach, and published author with Harper Collins.

This breakfast gives me energy like no other food.

I’m beyond excited to guide you on

this culinary and healing journey.

Program closed

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Learn More About
Estrogen Reset Superfoods




















Healing Stories


“I’ve gotten my cooking mojo back! I started cooking again and really enjoying it and finding lots of inspiration in all of these wonderful recipes.”


“The first week was amazing, my pain was disappearing.”


“I didn’t have any cramping before my cycle and no more hot flashes!”

What You Will Get

Recipes + 2-week Meal
Plan + Shopping List

PDF Download

Estrogen Superfoods
and Anti-foods Lists


Fibroids • Endometriosis • Breast lumps and fibrocystic breasts • Hot flashes
Amenorrhea (lack of periods) • Irregular periods • Dysmenorrhea & PMS
Menorrhagia (Heavy periods) • Thyroid nodules • Infertility
Hip fat and cellulite • Breast cancer • High testosterone (PCOS)

Lectures (video, MP3,
PDF and transcripts)

Estrogen Dominance

Support From Other

Video & Checklist

Program closed

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All recipes are free of

Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Eggs and Nightshade Vegetables.

They are highly anti-inflammatory and low in sugar.

Recipe Library Sneak Peek

Sea Vegetable Soup with Cod

Chicken with Fennel & Red Cabbage

Salmon Salad Nori Wraps

Simple Tahini Dressing

Hemp Halvah Bites

Chimichurri Sauce

Mushroom Cacao Latte

Healing Bone Broth

Fisherman’s Breakfast

Portabella Mushroom Sandwich

Surf N' Turf Cauliflower Steak with Salmon & Asparagus

Turmeric Golden Milk Latte

I fully believe that when you invest in Estrogen Reset Live that you will see life-changing results. I know you can do this because I’ve led hundreds of women through this same program with transformative results—and I’m here to empower, support and encourage you to do the same. 

If you decide, for whatever reason, that the Estrogen Reset Live program is not a good fit for you and you want a refund, all you have to do is reach out to our customer service team within 60 days of your purchase date.

There are hundreds of women starting this program and I invite you to join us. It’s a transformative journey and I don’t want you to miss out on the amazing results you will experience in just 4 weeks’ time.


When are the dates of the program?

Estrogen Reset LIVE is a 6 week program. The Spring 2022 dates are May 2nd to June 13th. There will be a final Live Q&As on June 13th to close the program.

What is the format of the program?

Estrogen Reset LIVE was created so that you won’t have to be alone on this journey. We’re doing it together. The LIVE program is guided over 6 weeks.

Weeks 1-2 are “Prep Weeks.” These weeks are designed to ease you into the program and set you up for success with the meal plan. You’ll have plenty of time to stock up on food, herbs, and supplements, and start cooking hormone balancing recipes from the meal plan.

Weeks 2-4 will open the Foundational Protocols and follow the 2-week meal plan completely.

Weeks 5-6 will finish up the Foundational Protocols and introduce you to the Add-On Protocols for specific hormonal health conditions. We’ll repeat the 2-week meal plan.

Throughout the program, new content will be opened every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to pace things and prevent overwhelm. You’ll receive an email when the content is opened and can view the content at any time that works best for you. Once content is open, it stays open – and you’ll have access to the program for 6 months, to revisit when needed.

How do I access the lectures?

All lectures and content are delivered online, through the Membership Site on The content is delivered in the form of online videos, PDFs, MP3s, and web pages. You will also receive daily emails and attend a live Q&A with Magdalena each week on Zoom (or receive a recording if you can’t make it live).

You can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to view the content. All you need is internet access and a browser to watch them from a link we send you.

Do I have to be in the US to participate?

Because the program is online, you can partake from anywhere in the world. All live Q&As with me will be recorded to watch later if the time doesn’t work for you. If certain foods, herbs, or supplements aren’t available in your country, please post online for substitution suggestions.

What is the difference between the book (Overcoming Estrogen Dominance) and this program?

Estrogen Reset LIVE is based on the book so the content is largely the same although the recipes are 90% different. The biggest difference is the experience. Some women are DIY-ers and others are not. Some need support, guidance, encouragement, and a step-by-step approach to succeed. The LIVE program gives you the opportunity to get off the fence and do it.

Within the LIVE program, you will have access to many resources not contained within the book. This includes multiple PDFs to support you in meal preparation, as well as dedicated live support within the private program group on Facebook and weekly Live Q&As with Magdalena and Dr. Stephanie Preston, a naturopathic doctor on the Hormones Balance team who specializes in women’s health.

As a member of the LIVE program, you will have access to the entire Estrogen Reset LIVE Membership Site for 6 months, so you can return to the materials as often as you need.

How different is this program from last year (Fall 2021)?

Based on the participants’ feedback, we’ve changed the program from the previous 4 weeks to 6 weeks – giving our participants more time to implement the meal plan, adapt to changes, and watch the video lectures. We also invited Dr. Stephanie Preston, a naturopathic doctor who specializes in women’s health, to join our live Q&As, and are expanding support and accountability in a private Facebook group.

Why do it Live and not DIY in my own time?

You can most definitely do both or either format. You know yourself best; some people need a live program to stay accountable and motivated to make changes. Others can DIY them. Women who do it live find it easier to stick to making changes, feel more supported, and motivated.

How much time will I need each week to cook?

I’m not a fan of spending too much time in the kitchen. The recipes we developed should take less than 30 minutes of active cooking time, and over the course of the program you’ll learn how to make nutritious meals in less than an hour per day.

Do I need any special equipment?

If your kitchen has the basics such as a few pots and pans, knives, sieves, and mixing bowls, you’re all set. Many recipes use the Instant Pot because that’s how you can save a lot of cooking time. However, the same recipes offer stovetop recipes using regular pans, too; therefore owning an Instant Pot is optional.

Where do I get an Instant Pot from?

You can order an Instant Pot from Amazon, and many local kitchen goods stores carry them. The recipes were developed using an 8-quart Instant Pot, and I own and use both the mini 3-quart and the 8-quart models. Many recipes use the Instant Pot because that’s how you can save a lot of cooking time, but there will always be instructions for stovetop cooking, too.

What if I don’t know how to cook?

The recipes in Estrogen Reset LIVE use very basic cooking skills – more putting food together than cooking, per se. Remember, I’m not a professional chef either so if I can do it, so can you!

If you really don’t know how to cook, I highly recommend learning how to. Cooking is a life skill. Relying on eating out or severely processed foods will limit your health improvement. Think about either taking a basic cooking class, asking a friend for help, watching some YouTube videos, or just try by following the recipes.

Will this program help me if I had a hysterectomy, mastectomy, or oophorectomy?

Yes, absolutely. Just because an organ is removed, it does not mean that Estrogen Dominance stopped existing. This is why many patients after hysterectomy (for example) develop other estrogenic conditions, such as breast lumps, thyroid nodules, etc.

Can this program help me if I have thyroid nodules, breast lumps, and ovarian cysts?

Absolutely! I’ve developed this program to specifically help you deal and resolve as many symptoms of estrogen dominance as possible.

Can I be in menopause and still experience Estrogen Dominance?

Yes. Estrogen Dominance occurs when your body either breaks down the estrogens into “dirty” estrogens (or antagonistic metabolites), or your estradiol-to-progesterone ratio is off (typically you have more estradiol and too little progesterone). This can happen at any stage of life; perimenopause and menopause won’t keep you from estrogen dominance. This is why women in menopause are the highest demographic when it comes to breast cancer; in spite of low estrogen, they develop ER+ breast cancer which is largely caused by estrogen dominance.

Will I need to buy any protein powders or additional supplements?

The program focuses on real, whole foods – no special products are necessary. Supplements are optional: I will explain how to identify top quality supplements and introduce you to our Wellena brand. You will learn how to take supplements (not too many, and the right ones). You’ll also get an exclusive $30 coupon to use in the Wellena shop.

Is Estrogen Reset suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

About 70% of the recipes are vegetarian and vegan. However, I do not focus or promote this way of eating as I’ve found that only a small percentage of people thrive as vegans or vegetarians. I, therefore, recommend eating small amounts of animal protein from pasture-raised meat and wild fish.

Are the meals in Estrogen Reset suitable for families and men?

Yes, they are. The meal plan is designed for 2 people. The recipes contain the minerals and nutrients needed to restore hormonal balance for both women and men, and no trigger foods (they are all free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and eggs). Everyone can benefit from these healthy recipes.

How long will I have access to these materials?

Estrogen Reset LIVE was created to give you the tools you need for success and live support from our team over 6 weeks. To get the most out of the program, you’ll want to participate daily during the 6 weeks. You’ll have access to the content for 6 months after the live portion of the program ends.

What other support will I get?

You’ll join a private online community of women who are also participating in this program at the same time as you. Some will be right where you are on your journey, and some have already overcome their struggles with Estrogen Dominance. We all support each other and I go there on a frequent basis to answer questions and share new information and education. Both Dr. Stephanie ND and I will both be there supporting you.

In addition to the private Estrogen Reset LIVE Facebook group, you also have the option to join Hormone Thrivers, a private Facebook community open to anyone in the Hormones Balance community, where you’ll find many vibrant women who have done a number of my programs or have read my books.

I bought the Estrogen Reset program in the past. Can I access Estrogen Reset LIVE at no cost?

No. If you want to participate live and receive the bonuses, resources, weekly live Q&As, and live support throughout the program, you will need to purchase Estrogen Reset LIVE as a separate program. When you register as a Super Early Bird, the program price ($87) is an investment of about $2 per day.

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