NATUREPEDIC Organic Mattresses


From luxurious fabrics to fluffy fill, Naturepedic uses organic cotton throughout its products. Organic wool is also used for its comfortable moisture wicking properties and splendid natural bounce. Organic latex provides pressure point relief and a smooth luxurious feel, while PLA, a high-performance fiber made from non-GMO sugarcane, adds resiliency and improved moisture wicking. These sought after materials work together to create a symphony of comfort and offer an excellent alternative to traditional fabrics and foams.


Featuring smart natural designs, Naturepedic completely eliminates all flame retardant chemicals and barriers from its products while still passing all government flammability standards. Naturepedic also eliminates many other harmful chemicals found in mattresses. This means safer, healthier sleep.


All Naturepedic products follow these principles and priorities:

Priority #1: No harmful chemicals.

Priority #2: Natural, organic and renewable materials.

Priority #3: Intense focus on comfort and customization.

Priority #4: Quality construction built to last

Priority #5: Third party testing and verification.