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The Hormones Balance 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The Hormones Balance Holiday 2019 Figt Guide

I know how tricky it can be to find the perfect gift for a loved one or a good friend. This becomes even more difficult when you search for clean, no B.S. products that really promote health.

I take great care in choosing the products and items I bring into my life, and this is especially true when I gift them to a friend or loved one. All of the products on this list have been personally tested and loved by myself or members of my team, so you can feel good about gifting them this holiday season.

In fact, we love these products so much, we compile them at All Things We Love. All of these products and the ones you’ll find at All Things We Love follow strict principles, like:

  • They’re truly clean products, from companies that give a damn about your health.
  • They’re not only not harmful, but healthful – no greenwashing here. No B.S. either.
  • They’re loved and tested by myself and my team.

I recommend these gifts from a very personal place, and there’s an added benefit to you shopping small. In doing so, you vote with your dollar, making these products and others of their kind more accessible in years to come.

From a natural wine subscription to an incredible skincare line (great for people who want to avoid toxins), these gifts are especially chosen with specific loved ones in mind. I hope you find who you’re looking for on the list, and a gift that’s perfect for them.

For the Sweet Tooth: Elements Truffles

Elements truffles

Why I Gift It

Adaptogens meet cacao in these just-sweet-enough Elements Truffles chocolates and drinking mixes. This curated collection makes the perfect gift for my friends who love sweets, but they also get the benefit of cacao infused with Ayurvedic superfoods and pure essential oils.

Get Adaptogens Meet Cacao (Elements Truffles) here.

For the “Never Miss a Farmer’s Market” Shopper: Net Zero

Net Zero Reusable Bags

Why I Gift It

These Net Zero eco-friendly, reusable bags are eco-chic. I mean that they’re really adorable, and they’re good for the environment. These bags are great for anyone who loves a Farmer’s Market Sunday, or just wants to skip the plastic at the grocery store. They’ll be well-stocked with a bundle of produce bags, muslin bags, and a double-handled tote.

Get the Net Zero Farmer’s Market Shopping Bag Bundle here.

For the Tidy One: Branch Basics

Why I Gift It

Imagine replacing all of your home cleaning products with just one product. That’s what Branch Basics has done with their Home Cleaning Kit, providing you a concentrate and all the bottles you’ll need to clean your dishes, hands, bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry. Yes, it’s really effective for all of those messes! Plus, your clean and tidy-loving friend will also love its plant and mineral-based formula.

Combine this with Homebiotic, a probiotic spray to prevent mold, and Air Doctor, the ultimate in Air Purification systems, to keep your home healthy, clean, and safe.

Get Branch Basics Home Cleaning Kit here.

Get Homebiotic here, and Air Doctor here.

For the Skin Care Addict: AnneMarie Gianni

Winter Skin Care Kit

Why I Gift It

I’ve never met a clean skin care lover who wasn’t excited to try out more clean products, so I gift my skincare loving friends this: Annmarie Gianni’s 7-Day Trial. Gift this, and they’ll receive a full week’s worth of clean skincare gems like an aloe herb cleanser, anti-aging serum and facial oil, and a kaolin micro-exfoliant.

Get Annmarie Gianni 7-Day Trial here.

For the Healthy Hair Goddess: Morrocco Method

woman standing outside in the sun

Why I Gift It

If you know someone looking for natural, effective hair products made with wildcrafted, clean ingredients, get them Morrocco Method’s Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. The shampoo doesn’t lather, but it does stimulate the scalp and leave the hair naturally clean and healthy.

Get Morrocco Method’s Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo here.

For the Foodie: Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil, Tiger Butter, BrothMasters

Why I Gift It

For my friends who love the highest quality foods, I gift these three things: a subscription to the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club, a delicious jar of nut-free Tiger Butter, and rich bone broth from BrothMasters. With the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club, they’ll enjoy quarterly deliveries of the best quality olive oil available, while Tiger Butter satisfies a peanut butter craving without any nuts (great for allergies). Meanwhile, BrothMasters deliver small-batch, nutrient-dense and artisanal bone broth that’s good to the last drop.

Get the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club here.
Get Tiger Butter here.
Get BrothMasters here.

Meet the No BS Gift Guide to Clean, Better-for-You Gifts

For the Tea Lover: Pique Tea, The Tea Spot

Why I Gift It

Whether it’s a calming elixir made with reishi mushrooms, or the world’s finest, primordial Pu’er tea distilled into crystals, Pique Tea is my go-to for tea lovers. Their tea crystals make brewing tea a cinch, but there’s no sacrifice in flavor or health benefits.

If the tea lover in your life prefers traditionally brewed tea, gifts from The Tea Spot will be well-loved, like their gorgeous short stack tea pot or an urban tea tumbler that infuses as you go.

Get Pique Tea Reishi Calm Elixir here, or their Fermented Pu’er Tea here.
Get The Tea Spot Short Stack Tea Pot here, or their Urban Tea Tumbler here.

For the Eco-Conscious: Z Wraps

Why I Gift It

If you’ve got an eco-conscious friend doing their best to avoid single-use plastic, these Z wraps make the perfect gift. Made from organic cotton, these sustainable wraps are handcrafted with organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin.

Get Z wraps multi-pack here.

For the Techie: Spectra479

Why I Gift It

Do you have a tech lover in your life? Protect their eyes from late nights spent at the computer with blue-blocking night shades from Spectra479. These wraparound shades allow as much non-blue light to pass through as possible, so it’s not like wearing a pair of polarized shades at night. They’ll enjoy the benefit of healthier eyes and better sleep without a constant drone of blue light.

Get Spectra479 Night Shades here.

For the Bee Lover: Beekeeper’s Naturals

Why I Gift It

Harness the power of bees with Beekeeper’s Naturals products. If you’ve got a friend who swears by the healing benefits of honey, or loves a bit of bee pollen, introduce them to Beekeeper’s Naturals B.LXR Brain Fuel for nootropic fuel to fight brain fog, or boost their immune system with propolis spray.

Get Beekeeper’s Natural’s B.LXR Brain Fuel here, and their Propolis Spray here.

For The Traveler: Manta Sleep Mask

Why I Gift It

There’s no gift I could give that’s better than better sleep, because better sleep means better everything. We all know how hard it is to catch quality shut eye on long flights, but the Manta Sleep Mask is a gamechanger. It delivers 100 percent blackout coverage, with an infinitely adjustable design, so your loved one can get the best sleep ever, even in a cramped airplane seat.

For those looking to freshen up their travel kits, I recommend Akamai toothpaste. It’s radically different, packed with powerful ingredients that help remove toxins and remineralize teeth. Plus, it’s a thoughtful gift for those travelers who always forget to bring toothpaste on a trip.

Get the Manta Sleep Mask here and Akamai toothpaste here.

For the Hostess: Dry Farm Wines

Why I Gift It

If you have friends who are excellent at entertaining, like some of mine, gift them a subscription to Dry Farm Wines. These all-natural wines are free from sugar, sulfites, and additives. They’re much less likely to cause a wine headache or hangover for these reasons – because nobody wants a hangover for the holidays.

Get Dry Farm Wines here.

For the Super Foodie: Mighty Maca

Why I Gift It

When I’ve got a friend who’s obsessed with loading up on superfoods, I gift the Mighty Maca powder by Dr. Anna Cabeca. Loaded with over 40 superfoods – like maca, acerola, turmeric, spirulina, kelp, and milk thistle – you just can’t find a more nutrient-dense powder than this one. It’s perfect for smoothies and elixirs.

Get Mighty Maca here.

For the Mantra-Lover: Renegade Mama

Why I Gift It

These women’s empowerment affirmation cards from Renegade Mama deliver powerful mantras in gorgeous card form. I don’t like cheesy quotes, but these cards are anything but, with a solid empowerment message at their core. I’d gift them to any friend who could use a boost of empowerment (honestly, who doesn’t?).

Get Renegade Mama Women’s Empowerment Affirmation Cards here.

For the Mama: Queen of the Thrones Organic Castor Oil Pack

Why I Gift It

The period of adjusting to new motherhood is a taxing time for women’s hormonal health. These organic castor oil packs from Queen of the Thrones promote hormonal balance, with benefits like lower stress levels, alleviated bathroom issues, and less inflammation. It’s a mess-free experience, with organic cotton compresses that are uber-comfy to wear.

Get Queen of the Thrones Organic Castor Oil Pack here.

For the Coffee Lover: Rasa

Why I Gift It

Coffee makes a great gift for those who love it, but we all know what excessive coffee consumption leads to: overtaxed adrenals, jitters, headaches when you miss a cup. Help your friend find balance with Rasa Koffee, an herbal, adaptogenic blend that makes an excellent coffee substitute. They’ll get all the warm comfort and energy of a cup of Joe, sans caffeine.

PS: You can use HAPPYHORMONES for 20% off through 12/31. Drink up.

Get Rasa Koffee Original here.

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