Women’s Empowerment Affirmation Cards by Renegade Mama

Women’s Empowerment Affirmation Cards by Renegade Mama


Make space for self-love with these gorgeously-illustrated but down-to-earth affirmation cards. Keep them in your car, perched in your bathroom mirror, or in your wallet for a precious moment of self-care.


We’ll be honest: quote cards and decor aren’t always our thing. But these women’s empowerment affirmation cards aren’t cheesy or gimmicky — they promote self-love with powerful, affirming words. Plus, the cards are so beautiful we can’t stop looking at them.

Established in 2014, Renegade Mama is the collective effort of Lauren Tannehill, Shayna Sharke, and Elise Kirkpatrick, who put out artful and impactful affirmation cards. They channel their work from personal experiences and the hope to empower women the world over. Some of their affirmation card packs include mindful parenting, kid-centric packs, and, of course, women’s empowerment.

We love the latter because of the on-point messaging for the modern woman. The pack includes affirmations for financial freedom, mindful communication, just-for-you fitness, and major ambitions, among other topics.

We recommend keeping the cards that really speak to you on hand for those moments when you need to break a negative thought spiral. The 3.5” x 5.75” cards are super portable and convenient. Plus, they make for a thoughtful gift!


These cards aren’t just pretty — there’s solid science to back the concept of positive psychology and affirmations. Practicing self-affirmations lights up areas of your brain associated with reward, and they motivate you, with studies showing a decrease in sedentary behavior after using affirmations.

Another study reveals that self-affirmation boosts your problem-solving skills under pressure, meaning affirmations can really aid in difficult times. It’s also been shown to enhance performance and make us more alert when it comes to making mistakes.

So, voicing affirmations aloud may feel a smidge awkward at first, but there’s no arguing with the evidence: it works. Get these handy affirmation cards to establish a solid self-affirmation habit.


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