Pique Tea Fermented Pu’er Tea

Pique Tea Fermented Pu’er Tea


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Wild-harvested from 250 year old tea trees in western China, Pique Tea’s fermented pu’er green and black teas are made with leaves with the highest concentration of antioxidant polyphenols of any tea leaf out there.


Curious what the top one percent of tea tastes like? Pique Tea’s fermented pu’er green and black teas come from 250 year old tea trees in a primordial forest in China, and these trees have deep, deep roots.

That means you’re sipping on the richest concentration of polyphenols in any tea varietal, as well as trace minerals and nutrients from those roots. Plus, thanks to fermentation from naturally occurring microbes, these living teas deliver a healthy dose of gut-healthy probiotics.

Sip on the pu’er green tea, and you’ll enjoy a lively kick thanks to continued fermentation in crystal form, delivering catechins, amino acids, theaflavin, and probiotics. The pu’er black tea is ripe and fully fermented, supplying your body with theaflavins, thearubigins, and GABA, known for its calming effect on the nervous system.

We love the luxurious tea-drinking experience that comes with sipping on this Pu’er tea varieties, but we also love that Pique Tea doesn’t cut corners. That means the tea crystals are organic, loose leaf grade, sugar-free, and totally keto and Paleo-friendly.


Pu’er green tea: Organic and wild-harvested Pu’er green tea (camellia sinensis assamica)
Pu’er black tea: Organic and wild-harvested Pu’er ripe tea (camellia sinensis assamica)


Because it is fermented, Pu’er tea boasts a healthy bacterial diversity that can enhance digestion and all-around keep your gut healthy. More than that, Pu’er tea is also chock full of antioxidants (remember, it’s the richest source of polyphenols in tea), helping your body ward off oxidative damage and stress.

Thanks to its GABA content, Pu’er tea has a noted calming effect on the nervous system. In fact, the GABA in Pu’er tea has been shown in animal studies to offer a profound neuroprotective effect against excitotoxins — a class of chemicals that overstimulate neuron receptors. This means there might even be clinical applications for Pu’er tea in epilepsy.

Pu’er tea is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature. In short, this fermented tea is full of health benefits, and delivers potent health impact with each sip.


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