Paleovalley NeuroEffect

Paleovalley NeuroEffect


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Boost Your Focus, Memory, and Mental Clarity With a Blend of 8 Organic Mushrooms In Paleovalley NeuroEffect.


Simply take 4 capsules with water. Easy as that!


With eight different mushrooms, each with their own benefits, along with organic coffee fruit, your brain will be supercharged. Unlike virtually all other mushroom products, NeuroEffect is made from real, whole mushrooms containing the medicinal qualities you need to take advantage of their brain enhancing, immune boosting, health properties.*


  •  Made from all Medicinal Mushrooms with Zero Grains!
  • ​Improve Memory, Mental Clarity & Focus
  • ​Contains organic coffee fruit for added brain benefits
  • ​Stimulates BDNF production (for brain health and learning)