You take probiotics to balance your gut bacteria, why should your home be any different? Homebiotic restores the balance of bacteria and fungi in your home, protecting your home from mold and musty odors.
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Mold, mildew, musty odors — nobody wants to deal with this in their homes. Fortunately, we’ve found a secret weapon: Homebiotic. This clinically-researched and tested probiotic spray restores the balance of healthy bacteria in your home, just as a probiotic might in your gut.

Homebiotic also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, helps eliminate the cause of musty odors, and reduces the need for chemical cleaners and air fresheners.

You’d think a specialty treatment like that would require tons of time, money, and effort, but using Homebiotic couldn’t be simpler. Just spritz any surfaces with mold growth potential for seven days, then weekly, as needed.

Worried about exposure to your kids or pets? Homebiotic is made from healthy soil bacteria; it’s 100 percent safe for kids, pets, and your whole family. Plus, it’s clear and odourless, so there’s no need to worry about allergy-inducing irritants.


For the first week, apply homebiotic once daily on any surface that concerns you after your usual cleaning routine. Apply weekly thereafter.

You’ll want to use homebiotic on the usual places mold might occur, like washing machines, sink areas, shower areas, and more.

Homebiotic is safe on any surface that can withstand a bit of moisture. Each spray covers 2 to 4 square feet.


Any pre-existing mold should be treated and cleaned before spraying Homebiotic on a surface. Homebiotic prevents the return of mold.


If spraying bacteria throughout your home sounds strange to you, let us explain. No matter what measures you take to sterilize your home, you will always have microbes in your home.

The problem lies in the balance of microbes; in a natural, balanced environment, good and bad microbes coexist harmoniously. When a surface is bombarded by antibacterials, most microbes are wiped out, but the bad ones return much faster.

This creates an environment where mostly bad microbes thrive. Homebiotic introduces healthy microbes to restore that balance, blocking mold spore growth and improving musty scents in your home.

In fact, Homebiotic’s defense against mold spore growth is clinically proven. Tested with the toughest mold test available — the ASTM D-3273 Mold Prevention Standard by MicroStar+, an independent accredited microbiology lab — Homebiotic successfully prevented mold growth, while control samples were completely consumed by mold.