Farmers Market Shopping Bag Bundle

Farmers Market Shopping Bag Bundle


This handy assortment of super chic tote bags, drawstring muslin bags and mesh produce bags help reduce waste while making you look good, too


There seems to be a plastic bag for everything at grocery stores, from small produce bags to large bags at checkout. Unfortunately, all that plastic isn’t kind to Mother Earth.

Instead, ditch the toxic plastic and bring these cute eco-friendly bags to the grocery store or farmer’s market. They’re reusable, smart, and best of all, they are much kinder on the environment.

What you get: 1 Double Handle Cotton Net Market Bag, 2 Large Canvas Tote Bags with pockets, 10 Pack Cotton Mesh Produce Bags, and a variety of 10 Muslin Bags with handy drawstrings (so you can easily pack up loose herbs, bagels, or whatever else your heart desires).

Pro tip: Bring one or two of these Muslin bags damp, so you can keep fresh greens hydrated between the trip from the store to your fridge.


  • Double Handle Cotton Net Market Bag
  • 2 Large Canvas Tote Bags with Pockets (Polar Bear and Turtle Designs)
  • 10 Pack Cotton Muslin Produce Bags with Drawstrings


The insides of these bags will probably get dirty after just one trip to the farmer’s market. No worries — just toss them in the washing machine to clean.


The muslin bags have a tag that reports its tare weight, so be sure to let the cashier know to deduct the weight of the bag!


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Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of cutting back on plastic and paper waste, reusable bags can also benefit your hormonal health.

Research shows that most plastic products release chemicals that act like estrogen. Even BPA-free plastic bags contain detectable amounts of estrogenic activity that can cause problems like early premature puberty in females, lower sperm counts, obesity, altered sex-
specific behaviors, and even increased rates of certain cancers.

As a quick refresher, BPA (or bisphenol A) is a chemical found in canned goods, food containers and even baby bottles that can disrupt your endocrine system. Eliminated plastic bags from your everyday life will help you reduce your exposure, but be aware that BPA could be lurking in other places around your kitchen!

Simple lifestyle changes like using these canvas and other eco-friendly, reusable bags can help limit your exposure to toxins like BPA, so your hormones can function the way nature intended.