B. Powered

Time to toss out your plastic honey bear. B. Powered includes all those super healthy bee products often removed from the final honey product, like royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis for an all-natural energy boost.



Beekeeper’s Naturals founder Carly Stein believes that our medicine cabinet needs reinventing — and we couldn’t agree more. With artificial over-the-counter drugs delivering a host of side effects and few therapeutic benefits, it’s time to turn to nature for a new remedy.

Just a teaspoon of B. Powered is filled with healthy antioxidants for sustained energy and mental clarity — without the crash you might typically experience from coffee or other sugary drinks.

As a bonus, it’s great for your skin as well. Apply it right on your face as a restorative mask that brings out your natural glowing beauty.


  • Raw enzymatic honey
  • Royal jelly 
  • Raw bee pollen 
  • Bee propolis extract


You only need a teaspoon of B. Powered a day to reap the benefits. Take it straight, add it to your tea or smoothies, or drizzle it over toast or pancakes.


You can also use B. Powered as a beautifying face mask. Simply mix a spoonful with a splash of water, and apply to your freshly cleansed face. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse and pat dry.


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Raw honey is filled with vitamins and powerful antibacterial properties, but it usually doesn’t contain important other bee products that can amp up your health even further. B. Powered also offers key bee products that you often have to purchase separately, like royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis — all containing their own special list of health benefits.

Royal jelly is a special vitamin-packed substance fed to the queen bee. It’s filled with protein, healthy fat and B vitamins like niacin, which is a major ingredient in most energy products. Royal jelly is filled with potent antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. In terms of hormone health, studies show that royal jelly can help type 2 diabetics manage their weight and blood sugar levels. An animal study found that royal jelly might also be able to manage stress hormones.

Bee pollen is another nourishing source of energy. It is produced when bees collect plant flower pollen, and is mixed with nectar or bee saliva. It is known as the “life-giving dust” as it’s filled with vitamins and minerals like niacin, thiamine, biotin, and folic acid. It also contains immune-boosting polyphenols and antioxidants, and shows promising activity against inflammation, bacteria, and fungi.

Propolis is essentially the glue that seals the cracks in the beehive. While that might sound strange, propolis is very healthy for humans to consume. It’s filled with energy-boosting B vitamins, and research shows that it can help fight infection.