Oral Care


Akamai’s Oral Care system is rooted in the preventive/biological approach to oral health.

Everything you need to optimize oral health, holistically and is rooted in the ancient healing practices of ayurvedic medicine which recognizes the connection between oral health and overall well-being.

Every ingredient they use is 100% natural & delivers real results — great for your mouth, body & our planet

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Mineral Toothpaste Powder

Forget everything you thought you knew about what defines a toothpaste. This gray-tinted, foamless toothpowder will seem weird at first — but that’s part of its beauty.

We’re so used to sweet and minty kinds of toothpaste that we don’t even think about whether or not it’s cleaning our teeth as well as it should. When you use the Akamai mineral toothpowder, you have no choice but to think about it! The strong taste from the clove oil might catch you off guard at first — but know that its bitter flavor is pivotal in killing bacteria and preventing plaque buildup.

Plus, it’s great for sensitive teeth — so you can skip the fake stuff in favor of this mineral-packed, all-natural alternative..

HormoneBalance20 for 20% off orders $35 and over