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MUD\WTR is fundamentally a ritual-building company.

We started with a mission to change the way people wake up and start their days.

Our flagship product, is a low-caffeine coffee alternative made from adaptogenic mushrooms, masala chai, and cacao.

With our new nighttime blend, we encourage consumers to find a new evening ritual, emphasizing the importance of sleep along the way.

We’re more than just our products, though. We empower our customers to think—and live—differently.



MUDWTR’s Morning Ritual blend is a coffee alternative made from adaptogenic mushrooms, masala chai and cacao.

With just a fraction of the caffeine of coffee, it gives you focus, energy and immune support without the jitters, crash or dependency.

There Evening Ritual blend is a caffeine-free
evening brew created to promote a state of

Made with rooibos chai, turmeric, cinnamon
and a dream team of functional adaptogens
and herbs, it helps you get the kind of sleep
that will make you want to high-five your


Consider there creamer the topsoil to your mug. Plant-based, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free. It’s
made with coconut milk powder and MCT
oil, and makes any drink taste good
enough to build a ritual around.


MUD/WTRs sweetener is the least bad sweetener money can buy. It’s made from two parts coconut palm sugar and one part lucuma fruit powder. Looking to
sweeten your mug? This is a match made
in superfood heaven.


MUDWTR’s products are made with USDA-certified organic ingredients. Our mushrooms are grown locally in the

U.S.A., and we use both the mycelial biomass and fruiting bodies of the mushrooms, allowing them to complete their full growth cycle.


We weren’t made at coffee, just disappointed. So we made something different.

When our founder set out to ditch coffee, he wanted to keep the ritual. So he began to experiment mixing different adaptogens and herbs with masala chai and cacao Eventually, that drink became MUDWTR … or as we like to call it, mud.

Four years later, we’ve helped hundreds of
thousands of Americans reevaluate their
relationship with coffee, sleep and stress. And
we’re just getting started.


Each cup of mud Each cup of mud has just 1/7th the caffeine in a cup of coffee, leaving you focused and alert during the day, while allowing you to access deep sleep at night.