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Drink Ghia

Drink Ghia

Ghia is a new, spirit-free aperitif made with pure extracts, potent plants, herbs, and botanicals combined to keep you calm and connected.


With a signature flavor that is both bright and bitter with hints of citrus & florals, Ghia is simultaneously adaptable and has a point of view, just like your best friend. Inspired by Mediterranean aperitivo culture and formulated as the first true social tonic, Ghia is meant to be enjoyed as you wish—on ice, spritzed, mixed, spiked, or straight.


The signature flavor profile is bright and bitter with hints of florals and citrus from gentian root, orange peel, elderflower, lemon balm, yuzu, ginger, and rosemary. 

Ingredient break down

  • White grapes — dry  |  Riesling offers a heady aromatic flavor with a dry base as dry as the Mojave 
  • Gentian Root — bitter  |  Beautifully bitter,  this earthy power plant preps the palate sans suga
  • Fig — sweet & tangy  |  Fig brings a gentle touch of tang and a brush of sweetness
  • Ginger — biting  |  Spice is nice, warm, and comforting
  • Orange Peel — invigorating  |  Like Italian disco
  • Yuzu — refreshing  |  Zesty, tart, and sour with a savory finish
  • Lemon Balm — calming  | A natural mood-enhancer to help allay temporary stress [*the only ingredient we can make a general claim on]
  • Elderflower — floral | The flower of the elderberry, tastes of pink dusk and positivity
  • Rosemary — awakening  | Our favorite Mediterranean aromatic

To enjoy, hold the cap and shake well. Tips to sip:

Apéritif: One of the founder’s favorite recipes is Ghia Soda and includes 2oz Ghia, 2oz sparkling water, a sprig of rosemary, and an orange twist. Ghia also designed a cocktail book with 20+ recipes to inspire creativity with recipes.

Le Spritz: The only rule is to sip Ghia’s Spritz chilled. For the ideal temperature pop your cans in the fridge or on ice an hour before serving. Shortcut—pour over ice.


Ghia was designed to be safe for everyone, however, we advise checking with your doctor before consuming if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, looking to conceive, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

Ghia Apéritif is good to drink for 3 weeks after opening! Refrigeration is not required but recommended for the longest-lasting bottle.


Ghia was designed for flavor, not function (they’re not here to buzz you!). They focus on using ingredients in their purest form, so there is SOME plant power: lemon balm for stress relief, rosemary for immunity. Nothing that will keep you up or make you snooze.


Recycle & Upcycle: Ghia packaging uses either biodegradable or recyclable materials. The shippers are made from 70% recycled content and water-based biodegradable inks. The glass bottles can be upcycled for water or used for a flower vase, while the hand-painted natural wood and natural cork tops can be saved as a keepsake from a moment Ghia hopes you’ll remember.


Ghia won the Esquire’s 2020 “Drink of the Year” Award— the first time in history an NA beverage received the accolade.