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The essence of pure natural wine infused with wild botanicals.


Mindfully low alcohol (6-9% ABV), rich in plant-based herbal benefits, created with your health & the planet’s in mind. Organic, sugar-free, lab tested for purity,

vegan and paleo friendly. There’s never been a product quite like this before. It’s raw. It’s wild. It’s rare. And dare we say, magical?


Our limited edition, first-release bolixirs were inspired by our Austrian Elderflower Natural Wine from 2019. We are excited to offer 4 unique infusions grown by the same grower, Julie-Ann Hoch: 2 still and 2 sparkling: 


Dandelion White  – Natural white wine from organically grown Grüner Veltliner and Gelber Muskateller infused with Organic mint, dandelion, nettle, and hops.

Lavender Red – Natural red wine from organically grown Zweigelt & St. Laurent infused with Organic lavender, rose, and nettle. 

Elderflower Bubbles – Natural sparkling white wine from organically grown Grüner Veltliner infused with Organic elderflower. 

Rose Blossom Bubbles – Natural sparkling rosé wine from organically grown Zweigelt infused with Organic rose blossom.




All four of these infusions have been co-created with natural wine grower and herbalist, Julie-Anne Hoch. Julie-Anne and her husband Christoph have been producing exquisite natural wines in their hometown of Kremstal, Austria for the last five years. 


Julie came up with the idea for herbal-infused natural wine one hot summer day working in the vineyard, and she began experimenting with different herbal infusions like nettle, elderflower, rose, and lavender. These four bottles of bolixir reflect Julie and Christoph’s expertise in natural winemaking, and Julie’s love and passion for herbalism! 


All four infusions are made with pure natural wine from the Hoch-family vineyards, as well as hand-harvested herbs from their property & neighboring vineyards. 


You can read the full story of how this first release of bolixir came to be on our lifestyle blog, A Matter Of Taste:


 Each of the herbs in our bolixir infusions were chosen for their unique flavor and herbal properties: 


  • Elderflower – an anti-inflammatory queen, with immune boosting qualities, and a light floral flavor.  
  • Rose – supports the heart, soothes the nerves, and adds a sensual touch. 
  • Lavender –  an herbal chill pill with a noticeably sweet fragrance.
  • Dandelion – helps the body detox & digest. 
  • Nettle – nature’s powerful multivitamin. 
  • Mint – crisp & refreshing palate cleanser. 
  • Hops – promotes relaxation & restful sleep. 



With all of the above properties in mind we do encourage drinking bolixir in moderation. We are not scientists or doctors and we suggest that you speak to your physician if you have a specific medical condition.


bolixir has been intentionally crafted to be “mindfully low-alcohol,” between 6-8.5% ABV. Each variation has been lab tested to ensure its exact alcohol level, which you can find on the back label of your bottle. 


We insist on lab testing because technically, according to US alcohol laws, the labels on wine (and wine-based products) do not have to state the exact percentage, which is information we believe any consumer should have the right to know.